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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

AVB learns a hard lesson.

 You wait ages for an away goal.
Then three come along together
The JimmyG2 Column
Well it's quite like old times at Chez Totterham after we were comprehensively beaten, or thrashed as some put it, by an allegedly poor  W.Ham team at White Hart Lane. They threw three bricks through our brief window of optimism and confidence.

Just as we were settling down to a period of wide horizons and sunlit upland vistas with our newly assembled team of high fliers (courtesy of Gareth Bale Enterprises in partnership with Real Madrid Inc) Sam bloody Allardyce punctures the Hotspur Blimp and we drift gently back towards the ground.

The only one to escape and flutter down to the real world safely was young Townsend who did his England hopes no harm by constantly beating his full back and crossing into the middle hoping to locate Soldado who unfortunately had been left on the bench.

Man of the moment: Andros Townsend
(Courtesy of @balesleftpeg Spurs Community)

The 'What does little Jermain have to do to get a chance after his sterling work in the Europa League' lobby had won the day. He not only failed to score but hesitated and missed a gilt edged chance to put us one up. AVB won't be trying that again any time soon.

But I predicted that he wouldn't even start, imagining that AVB had noticed Soldado' importance to the play even when he wasn't scoring. Perhaps if he had played in the Europa against a succession of weak opponents he might have equalled or bettered Defoe's tally.

Whether we are in for a hard landing outside the top four or even in the arid wastes of the Wilderness of Midtable or whether we manage to dump some of the Sandbags of Despair and gain height after the International break remains to be seen.

At half-time I was sure that I had seen this film before and if I remembered correctly it wasn't a happy ending. I didn't realise at that point that it was to be a full blown Shakespearean tragedy, and not a one handkerchief love story where the heroine dies in the last frame of a broken heart.

Of course multiple factions emerge; from the 'Bad day at the office, just a blip' faction and the 'Woe is me, thrice woe,we are all doomed' lobby. I have hovered between the two since Sunday teatime. Setbacks though are normal and all our rivals have had them so far this season.

Actually we've had two and a half curiously all to London teams but let's not quibble. The loss to W.Ham was unexpected and severe. We have pretencions to CL and they were occupying a place in the relegation zone. They hadn't scored a goal away from home this season.

 Like London buses they wait ages for an away goal and then three come along together. They hadn't won at WHL for seventeen years. Well they have now so start the clock again on that one. This is going to haunt me for ever but there I go heading for the Doomsday scenario again

Were we overconfident? Did we fall for our own hype? Our build up was certainly too slow and despite the presence of Eriksen we made few chances against a packed defence. Townsend ran riot down the right so why he tweeted an apology after the game is beyond me.

Was it just a bad day at the office? I think not. The Office Manager filled the fire extinguisher with petrol; locked the windows and doors and then started a fire in the filing cabinet. This was a train crash of immense dimensions and AVB must take a lot of the blame.

He dropped Soldado; persisted with a clearly unfit or unwell Walker instead of switching Naughton to right back where he belongs, putting Vertonghen at left back and bringing on Chichires. He made his substitutions too late once again.

Siggy and Eriksen were struggling and he crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. This is not a winning strategy. Mourinho showed him the way last week with the early introduction of Mata when things weren't working.

What sort of title challenging team cannot replace an injured player? What sort of top team consistently plays an inexperienced right back at left back. Naughton is doing his creditable best and was by no means the worst defender.

Dawson is not the best centre half in the world, or England, or even Spurs and will be replaced by Chiriches when he is ready. Or by Kaboul when he is fully fit which he might not be in the near future. Vertonghen is not much better than him this season.

The slow motion lateral passing between him and Dawson allows the opposition plenty of time to put the bus through the washing facility, fill up the tank and reverse carefully into position. His lack of pace was exposed by Morrison on Sunday and he no longer carries the ball out of defence as he did so effectively when he first arrived

This team is a work in progress with Lamela and Eriksen both young and new to the Premiership. The expectations are high but just a little premature.With seven incomers this team will take time to settle. A title challenge is far more likely next year than this.

I stick with my original prediction of a 5th place finish despite our best start in 50 years The game against W.Ham might be the end of the world for some but only temporarily. It highlights some problems about AVB's learning process and our weaknesses in certain positions but nothing that can't be resolved.

The W.Ham game was a hard lesson for AVB, the team and the fans but let's learn the lesson and move on.

Watch out Villa a more determined Spurs might be coming. 

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Element of luck about the first two, Vertonghen was certainly pushed but Reid is quick to react. Lloris a little unfortunate for the second. But the third is a gem. Vertonghen and Dawson left standing and Jan too slow to even professionally foul him. I think the commentator is a W.Ham fan.


Anonymous said...

Messed up my weekend. Paid £85.00 for a 'stub hub' ticket and between that, travel and a few beers, had no change out of £150.00 and for what. A 3-0 thrashing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmyg2,
Agree wholeheartedly with your take off this debacle. AVB
has been outsmarted by Mourinho (that I CAN take) but my goodness surely not Sam the Man? I am seiously concerned for Spurs as after spending £100m plus the team is still the same old Spurs. Get rolled over at the Lane by teams we MUST beat. Three London derbies reap 2 defeats and one draw- does this sound familiar to you? Hope for better after the Inter break. Enjoy your blog very much!!

Graham Perrem said...

You are on the money Jim , i hope Andre reads this .
Glad your'e still standing , great memories of you in the Spurs shirt .

Anonymous said...

Defoe took 52 shots between Jan and April last season before scoring a single goal.
He is fine for starting against a 3rd rate team like Tromso, Sherriff or Villa's reserves, or for sitting on the bench, but Defoe must NOT be a starter in any important match for us.
He's inability to score in big matches like 1-1 against Chelsea and against WHU when thru on goal (and I could name so so many others) is proven. He must never start any more games for us, unless it is a game we expect to make more than 20 chances.
I am sick to death of seeing him getting caught offside; you would have thought with all his experience he would have learnt how to stay onside occasionally, but I would wager he is Spurs all time record holder for the offense.
When you compare the movement of Soldado to Defoe, you will realise why we were so benign on Sunday. Soldado is constantly on the move, drawing defenders away from their comfort zones and creating space for others; Defoe has no movement, and has not made one near pst run in 2 seasons...bearing in mind he is never going to win a header due to his size, this is unforgivable....for heavens sake please please please sell him in January, he adds nothing, and detracts from our squad.

Lbanu said...

Unbelievable AVB playing Naughton as left full back. He'd make a very good right full back if given the chance. Defoe as a lone striker was almost as bad but Dawson being his first choice as a center back takes the biscuit! It reminds me of Siggy as a left winger. Like Naughton for all his efforts and they are admirable enough. how on earth is Siggy supposed to play left side.?How indeed is Holtby supposed to? Siggy is slower than Huddlestone was.

Does the manager not learn by mistakes so evident last season on the left side that one would have thought bringing in seven players would have assured us that such nonsense would never again be indulged?
Yet he does the same now?????

Looking back on it all the West Ham result should come as no surprise at all given the team selection. Last season Tottenham were saved much embarrassment because Bale happened to score an extra ordinary number of face saving goals. Otherwise, Bale didn't often help the team much either like he used to when that left side was balanced and he teamed up with Benny there. And why did he loan Benny to QPR and seemingly shun Adebayor, till he had to change even that madness? Is he media sensitive or something? He'd better change his approach rapidly and stop kidding himself with comments about how well Tottenham have been doing. I hope he does as I would like to feel more supportive of him. He has been making that difficult and has been riding his luck so far.

In any event, I wish him and Tottenham good luck and success this season but have little confidence so far that AVB has the guts and courage required to bring back Glory days. Let's hope he changes these inexplicable persistent selection mistakes once and for all. If eh does he has a good chance. Otherwise be prepared to suffer another painful season as a Tottenham supporter.

Good blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

I agree Jim with everything you said.It was a selection disaster from the start.Where was Sandro? All the "rested" players who did not travel to Moscow were left on the bench and those who traveled and played looked heavy and tired.Very hard to understand what AVB was thinking but he certainly got it wrong this time.He will get it right next time as we are better that what we showed on Sunday.

TMWNN said...

I hope I'm proved wrong, but my finely tuned bullshit radar beeps like mad whenever AVB opens his mouth. Talks a great game, rarely produces one. What if this set of players can't play the only way he knows, what then?
Perhaps the chav players had a point after all.

Playing Defoe as a lone striker? Does he have shit in his eyes?

That game was an absolute disgrace, AVB needs a slap round the head to wake him up a bit.

Forget the Losers' Cup unless you want to be a loser.

TMWNN said...

There's so much foreplay where AVB is concerned that the birds go wild and stick it in the wrong end themselves!

Get on with it man! Penetrate!

JimmyG2 said...

Seem to have stirred up a bed of resentment here.
I like AVB and think he will turn it round but he went off the rails on Sunday. Not sure why. Made a whole series of misjudgments startuing on the previous Thursday. as Anon 22:13 says.

Problem is there is much goes on behind the scenes that we can only guess at.
Ade, Benny for example.

First Anon:
Christ! Feel like having a whip round but not sure this lot have got any money.

Graham Perrem
He wont go anywhere Spurs blogs if he's got any sense

Centre half is a bit problematical at the moment with injuries at the moment. Daws has served us proud lately and I like the boy. Not the greatest admittedly.

Anonymous said...

AVB made a mess of this game selection and substitution wise. Every player was poor except Townsend. Why do the players keep sending the ball at the back when there are unmarked players up front? They should learn to move the ball up faster. With a bit of imagination, Defoe could have scored by lobbing the West Ham goal keeper. Defoe cannot play effectively as a lone striker. It was madness to leave Soldado on the bench.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Though if Defoe had scored a highly presentable chance at the start of the second half we might have gotten away with it! AVB did stuff up his thinking in the EL in the week and Sunday. It was a real muddle, surprisingly and disappointingly, as I hoped he'd ironed out the EL/PL kink last season.

There's a very good side in that squad but I'm not sure AVB's components are the right ones.

I like AVB and remain fully behind him. It might also be worth pointing out that he ran all over Mourinho tactically in the first 45 mins. To be fair.

Anonymous said...

avb has no brians at all and he does not known the game

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