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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Concern over Kaboul.

 Looks good on and off the pitch'
But looks aren't everything.
The JimmyG2 Column
Napoleon  beat us by a shade over 200 yrs to the gates of Moscow, but the result was the same: a victory in the cold. What happened next in 1812 was the long retreat whereas we took the points and a private jet home.

As far as I can make out our opponents on Thursday, Anzhi  Mackhachkala, are based in Dagestan a thousand miles away from where they actually train and live due to armed insurrections in their local area. However we played the fixture at a different stadium in Moscow because where they play their home games is not up to European competition standards. Keep up.

Most of the Russian crowd supported Spurs because they don't like the Dagestanis or their oligarch owner Souleyman Kerimov who is feeling the strain because despite some initial eye watering investment his team isn't doing very well.

This despite hiring Eto, now at Chelsea, for £350,000 a week and Willian, also now at Chelsea, Guus Hiddink, and Roberto Carlo both now left. Carlos received a bonus payment of  £1.2 million in the shape of a Bugatti Veyron. Nice work if you can get it.

Kerimov then lost a fortune in some cartel scam involving fertiliser ingredients and has now pulled the plug on his investment after just three years. So Russian oligarchs are not necessarily for life but the chances of Abramovic going the same way and taking Chelsea with him look as remote as some of our Europa destinations.

So now you are up to speed on the background which to be fair is considerably more interesting than the match. I received  AVB's email outlining the itinerary for the trip by mistake. It read quite succinctly I thought: ' Fly in; keep warm; score a couple; stay safe; fly out.'

And basically we did just that on a pitch that even Hackney Marshes would have declared unfit. Holtby and Sandro showed some positivity; Chiriches still frightens me more than he does the opposition and against better teams will get caught out sooner rather than later.

Kaboul didn't last the course and might be more likely to feature more on the treatment table than the pitch this season. The chances of him appearing with Vertonghen regularly seem to me to be slight. Dawson who has just signed a new 3yr contract is likely to make more appearances.

Lamela looks good on and off the pitch but as my Gran used to say, ' Don't worry Jimmy, looks aren't everything'. Not sure why she used to say that. He is destined to become a Spurs favourite and possible legend. It might just take a little longer than some expected and we all hoped.

He was too casual and slow on the ball although the pitch could well have been a factor. Chadli set up by Walker who is becoming a much more responsible citizen at last, popped up with another goal. Defoe set us on our way after Holtby once again had found him clear on goal.

We didn't force a single corner whilst they had eight. They almost matched us for shots too so it was not as one-sided as our 66% possession might suggest. Lloris kept our 9th clean sheet in 11 games. In the event he was only called on once to make a save.

In deference to the pitch the pace was slow bordering on lethargic and ranks among my top ten of all time worst games. It certainly didn't help Dembele's attempt to run with ball and he was caught in possession several times.

But another win puts us top and clear in our group so take the points and move on. Certainly a bunch of banana skins avoided by our Europa squad leaving most of the main force ready and rested for W.Ham on Sunday. What they call a controlled professional performance

Rose could be back; Lloris Vertonghen, Dawson, Paulinho, Dembele, Soldado,Townsend, Siggy, and Eriksen will all start and perhaps Naughton for Walker although being fit and strong he might thrive on regular gallops.

There  is a mounting demand for Defoe to start  tomorrow as he plays well against his previous clubs but that would do nothing for Soldado's confidence and I can't see AVB even considering it as Defoe played the full 90 minutes on Thursday.

W.Ham are now in the relegation zone and we should win: Spurs 3-0

Jimmy's Video Spot :
Let's hear it for Kyle Walker. It didn't all go smoothly last season for the boy dubbed 'The English Roberto Carlos' in 2012. But he's steadied down this season, he's in the England squad and things are looking up.


Anonymous said...

All the usual suspects won today. I can't see Arsenal or Chelsea not winning tomorrow so we must win ourselves.

I agree with the author about Defoe, but in my wisdom I would start him due to the fact he always scores against West Ham, as he pointed out.

Difficult decisions but AVB is paid well enough to make them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe soldado if given a chance will always score against west ham aswell ..

Anonymous said...

Defoe was it only one goal last season in the league after Christmas, so he should start ahead of Soldado. Someone must have a hangover!

JD DUCKETT said...


JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
See the points made by the next two Anons.

Next Anon.
Nicely put.

JD Ducket.
Hmm not a great lover of 'Instant'.
Coffee, knee jerk opinions, potato,.
Well see.

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