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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dawson threatened.

Vlad on the rise.
The JimmyG2 Column.

 Another Thursday night; another Europa game somewhere several thousand miles away: another clean sheet; another Defoe goal; another no show by Lamela. We have almost qualified for the next stage. Yet another clean sheet will do nicely.

Unfortunately Sheriff FC, Tiraspol, Transnisnia, Moldova hadn't read the script. They were much livelier than we imagined and almost caught us out on a couple or three occasions. Chichires made a desperately excellent save covering for our sweeper keeper who had temporarily mislaid his broom.

If they had taken their chances they might even have won and ruined our defensive record in the process. But let the history books record that Vertonghen put us ahead following a corner after 12 minutes and Defoe made his own scoring history with a deflected shot to make the game safe on 75minutes.

He is now on a par with Martin Chivers for European goals. Both were/are with us for just under nine years, in Jermain's case off and on, and have very similar scoring and appearance figures. Around 100 goals in just under 300 appearances.

Chivers looks amazingly like Harry Kane or is it the other way round? But this is merely an observation, no insinuations are being insinuated. Harry wasn't even taken to Tiraspol let alone given a run out but on the other hand Soldado was. Neither he nor Adebayor got to take their tracksuits off.

I can understand why AVB is messing Ade about but what's Bobby done? Perhaps he's saving up his air miles for something for his Mum for Xmas. I thought Harry Kane played rather well last time out. Well he does look a bit like Big Martin Chivers. Oh yes he does.

Lamela who is from South America and who has played in Italy did not prosper under the sub zero temperatures. Eriksen who is from colder climes was better and engineered a superb back heel which set Lennon up for a certain goal which he missed.

AVB's favoured high line against speedy opposition with a slow back line should have come unstuck but poor finishing, the linesman, Lloris just about, and Chiriches conspired to spoil their night. Naughton , a right back, was better on the left after Fryers went off injured but not really impressive at either.

I though that Sandro was again pretty good but assume he won't start against Hull after two recent outings. I think they call that rotation but I don't want to get too technical for you. The defence on the whole were better than the rest and indeed a defender scored.

Chadli made an impact when he came on, better than Lamala on the left and possibly better than Sigurdsson but I doubt AVB will see it that way. Lennon made one or two runs early on but eventually gave up taking on his full back and lapsed into negativity. Aaron and Vlad didn't quite get it together.

So our usual Europa clean sheet, more dogged persistence than scintillating dominance. Vlad Chichires is starting to establish himself as a possible first choice and his quirky style is beginning to tickle the fancy of the fans. I might have to upgrade my opinion of him. We like a tackle and a character at Spurs.

One cheeky but eye-catching overhead change of direction showed Vlad's skill and his willingness to run out defence with the ball might just prove a useful antidote to the mind numbing back four interpassing.

 Vertonghen used to do it and Kaboul too but they are clearly under orders to lay the ball off to a midfielder. Generally speaking I approve, especially when Daws has the ball, but it becomes as predictable as when we used to lump it to Crouchy.

Variety is the spice of life and the key to unlocking defences.Vlad's rise might herald the demise of Dawson as soon as Kaboul is fully fit, if he ever is. AVB once again might remain loyal which can be a positive rather than a negative.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
I was looking for some footage of 'Lionheart' Dawson but all I could find was a minute or so made by someone else who couldn't find any footage. This is mainly of him scoring goals which is not exactly his thing.

I like the boy and he has fought off being transferred once already and reclaimed his place. He has served us very well and if he is to leave we should remember him with affection and thanks. (10 goals in 294 appearances over aperiod of 9yrs years.) Not the greatest footballer but a true Spur and every club needs its Dawsons.

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Morgan said...

Chiriches has been a liability so far. He made a class clearance in the last game but.....It was as usual, from one of his mistakes. He isnt good enough, isnt strong enough and causes too many problems. I hope this changes but as for now. He only just makes it to the bench.

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