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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Problems for Spurs: On and Off the Pitch.

 At some grounds the crowd makes its own entertainment.
At White Hart Lane we just doze off.
The JimmyG2 Column

Who's complaining? Back up to fourth; another clean sheet; yet another penalty coolly dispatched, our third in nine games; what's not to like? Well there's the quality of the football for a start and, according to AVB, the home supporters.

AVB seems to have picked a fight with the fans he can't win contrary to the advice of all known military strategists. Not all fans will disagree with him though. But the culprits if culprits there be will reply that we will cheer up when you give us a bit more to cheer about. Apart from the results of course.

Reminds me of the psychiatric patient who responded 'It's about sexual intercourse' when presented with drawings of a square, a circle and a triangle by his doctor. 'You are sexually obsessed' his therapist pronounced. 'Me?' replied the patient. 'It's you that's drawing the dirty pictures'.

Face up to it Andres if the result was all that mattered then the fans could stay at home or if things get really desperate go shopping with the wife and kids and check the result when they get home. The point of sport is pleasure and inspiration.

Cups, league positions, points, prizes are all incidental add-ons though they seem to have become its sole purpose. They are a distraction. The game itself and the way it is played is the point. Good football and success are not alternatives.

 The old, 'Which would you rather do: win playing badly or lose playing well' is a false theoretical dilemma. It's a mind game We should aim to win playing well and if we fail pleasure and inspiration  will have been shared by players and fans alike.

We are playing too methodically, too ponderously, too cautiously and it's not good to watch which defeats the point of the whole enterprise in the first place. Another game with over 60% possession but very few chances created.

 I thought the build up was quicker mainly due to Chiriches bringing the ball out rather than playing the ball sideways, very slowly. Very very slowly. Kaboul and Vertonghen used to do that but it seems to have been ruled out of late.

So another great result at the end of a so-so performance. Yes they parked the bus, but with the talent available we aught to be able to hot wire the offending vehicle and drive it off the park. Well they're not going to give us the keys voluntarily are they.

Hud had his chance for glory in the closing minutes to complete the script we had all written but he blazed the ball wide. Once a Tottenham man always a Tottenham man. He looked good but in a very ordinary side intent on defending which is not his strong suit.

Townsend did a dramatic disappearing trick at the end to crown a busy but largely ineffectual afternoon. His spirit in insisting that he return to the pitch despite having been knocked unconscious would put some prima donnas we could name to shame. He managed to take out a cameraman as he went over the hoarding.

Anyway the ref, God bless him, was a homer and Soldado was coolness personified as he scored the only goal of the game from the penalty spot for the third time in 9 games this season. Extraordinary when you consider that we didn't get a single penalty last season.

Welcome to the World of Top Team Perks. Some believe that it doesn't even itself up over time. This is one in the eye for them. Of course it does, it just depends on your time frame. Thank you Gods for waiting until Soldado signed before you gave the scales a nudge.

Nobody was outstanding except for Sandro who was outstandingly bad. All of his worst features were on prominent display and Dembele was a reassuring substitution after half time. Chiriches who is a breath of fresh air with a faint whiff of imminent disaster was one of the more enterprising performers.

 Anyway it's the same again on Wednesday in the Capital 1 Cup. Did Hull bother to go home I wonder. Lamela, Erikson, Siggy, Chadli and Defoe might start and the rumour is that Adebayor might make an appearance. Not sure how AVB will fit them all in but go out and enjoy yourselves anyway lads.

AVB will have one eye on the Cup, one eye on Sunday when we travel to Everton and another eye on the crowd. Give us a wave Andres and some entertainment. It's not just about winning as the man once said.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The crowd certainly woke up at this point. The Ice Man Cometh and Scoreth. I wouldn't have given it but I saw this one given. It did prevent the cross and its hard to sympathise with Hull. If you play most of the game in your own penalty area nasty things can happen.

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