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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spurs enjoying Life In The Fast Lane.

 Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No it's SuperAndros.
The JimmyG2 Column
Congratulations to both our our boys on Friday night. Townsend was the star on his debut but Walker played well except for a silly foul that puts him out of the Poland game on Tuesday. Credit Roy for a bold move and expect Harry to claim all the credit before this piece sees the light of day.

Walker was caught out badly once but they didn't capitalise. If you expect your full backs to bomb down the wing then contingency plans have to be made to cover them when they do. You can't be in two places at once, though Walker is often criticised for exactly that.

Credit Roy for thinking the unthinkable, outside the box, boldly going and all that but it's hardly rocket science when you need to win a game by playing Andros the man in form who has the ability to change the game.

Better than a tedious alternative like Milner who might be fine when you need to protect a winning position. Actually, thinking about it, not even then. Andros was offered a chance and seized it with both legs. It would be nice to think that AVB will take a leaf out of Roy's tactic sheet and be a bit bolder too.

I can't remember enjoying an England game as much for a long time. Winning is a pleasant surprise of course but mainly because of Kyle and Andros. As good a debut performance as you might ever see and it will give a boost to the boy's confidence. Heavens preserve us.

Fast, Faster and fastest could apply to Andros, Aaron and Kyle. A race between the three of them would hardly be worth watching. It would be over before the starter's gun had sounded. On you marks; set; whoaaa!

If the one thing that defenders fear is pace then we have a trio of frighteners of  Kray Gang proportions. There must be something in the water at the new training ground. Townsend has the advantage over his rivals and that includes Walcott because he has better ball control.

He has the advantage over Lennon that he has goals in his repertoire and I can't see Aaron displacing him until he has recovered fully and served some time in the secondary competitions. Nor can I see the logic of playing them both together as we seem to have invested in quite a number of expensive foreign artifacts who will only find temptations on the High Street if under-employed.

Of course there is the school of thought that says that says Townsend can't be any good because he didn't cost us anything. But that's the Consumer Society for you. We know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I tend to go the other way and give more wriggle room to our own to our own boys in the hope that they will show more dedication and loyalty to the club. Go the extra pitch length as it were. The Ledley King effect as it is known. And at its best its a two way self perpetuating process.

If Andros can keep walking straight past betting shops and politely refusing anything in a plastic bag offered by Kyle then his career looks to have taken off in style. Rumours are afoot that he will be offered a new contract at three times his current salary.

This is in an effort to tie him down for an additional two years on top of his current contract which has three years to run. A pity that Montenegro didn't think of that. It might have been the only effective way to stop him.

Theo Walcott is generally reckoned to be the fastest player in the Premiership but that's without the ball, Aaron Lennon is usually rated second, Kyle Walker gets a mention and Gareth of recent memory, but Andros is coming up fast in this category. Coming up fast! Oh please yourselves.

As the Eagles memorably sang in the 70's  it's 'Life in the Fast Lane' at Spurs these days. As long as the boys heed the warnings in the song and don't burn out before their time. Just a sample:

Life in the fast lane / Surely make you lose your mind / Life in the fast lane, everything all the time
Life in the fast lane, uh huh / Blowin' and burnin', blinded by thirst / They didn't see the stop sign,
took a turn for the worse.

Jimmy's Video Spot:

Can you guess what's coming up for the video? Hands up all those who thought it was going to be 'The Eagles'. No it's 'No dross in Andros', as the commentary says Couldn't have put it better myself. It's a little generous as we Spurs fans know but let it go in the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Well G2 we have another express train at the lane and young McVoy could be next one beep beep road runner. I don't agree with your logic on both cant play because these two can play on either flank. I was from the old school of thought you should be able to play all positions on the pitch something i did admirably till a disease something like Bales finished me before i become a pro age 16. I said 2 seasons agao Bale could play striker and i would be so bold has to say Andros could also play in the middle behind Soldado or other strikers. I cant wait to see us play the old way in certain games two fast wingers supplying crosses to Saldado and co because at the moment we like a bird with one wing and spoiling the Townsend affect with slow build up high line and leaving a massive gap between Lloris and our defense. The last few games our first team under 21 under 18 have been found out by teams i know play with a lot of body's behind the ball and hit on the break. How they do this is open for debate but i no the way we are playing West ham first team 18 and Liverpool under 21 exploited it to the maximum. I wont bore you with how i knew big Sam would beat us but the only thing shocked me was 3-0 I fear if we don't alter our slow high line way of playing we will struggle at both ends because our high line is leaving our attack with no room packed area. We can have a great season if AVB learns the hidden secret to half time top ups in energy levels so they can invite teams to attack then exploit the space left behind. This is a simple tactic but one i no is fueled by energy supplements what i call the equalizer. Davspurs

Anonymous said...

You've been blogging on other sites about this 'energy supplements' stuff and accusing a lot of teams of taking whatever potions you are referring to. Why don't you report this to the FA or UEFA and have the practice exposed properly. Or are you joking!!!

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome Davspurs, long time no post. THe obsessed man plows a lonely furrow as Musings often says, but it's good to hear from you.

Anon 00:02
I've given him that advice many times but he hasn't done yet. His hearts in the right place.

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