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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Spurs Stars Under Early Pressure to Perform..

  What do you mean, 'It's not all about me'?
The JimmyG2 Column.

Game of two halves, mate, game of two halves. Classic, textbook stuff. Mourinho got it wrong by leaving out Mata but is not so stubborn that he would sacrifice a match simply to make a point. So he brought him on and AVB didn't respond effectively.

Perhaps he thought that that we would cope as we were, or froze in awe of his master, or just simply made some wrong calls. Chadli might well have tightened up the right hand side; Sandro may not be fully recovered; Townsend might have been carrying a knock. We don't really know.

His substitutions when he made them were aimed at solving problems that didn't exist and not addressing the one that did. Mata. We played well for most of the first half, and went ahead courtesy once again of the holy trinity: Eriksen, Soldado and Sigurdsson.

AVB got it right initially and Jose trumped his ace in the second half and got the equaliser through a poorly defended free kick which ended with Dog Terry scoring. Then there was the bizarre post Torres red card interlude when we might have nicked it.

Game of two halves and ten minutes at the end then. Lloris made two brave and vital blocks to keep us in it and both Defoe and Siggy might have snatched it. If Paulinho had squared the ball to Soldado when he hit the outside of the post just before half time it might have been a different story.

The blame for the goal was the familiar game of pass the parcel. As usual Dawson was left holding the baby when the music stopped. Vertonghen gave away the free kick and Dembele allowed himself to be pushed back by Ivanovich thus playing everyone onside.

But last year we lost this fixture 4-2, Mata scoring two goals, so progress is undoubtedly being made. A glance at the Premiership reveals that Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, and Everton are all below us and Liverpool only ahead of us in second alphabetically.

Lamala didn't even get on let alone start despite Musings efforts on his behalf. Nor did Sandro which might have addressed the midfield problems. Dembele played very well and was the world and his dog's MOM. Townsend was a threat once again but was mysteriously subbed.

There was plenty to admire in terms of individual skill and effort and the neutrals, sad sad people that they are, were entertained in style. The fact that we are a little distressed at not having won is another measure of our progress and expectations.

They struggled with our attacking play in the first half and we struggled with theirs in the second. Then Torres, who should have been sent off for the scratch to the face deliberately inflicted on Vertonghen got carried away. He may well get a three game ban for the original offence.

Jan Vertonghen the centre of attention  against Chelsea.
(Graphic courtesy of @balesleftpeg:  from Spurs Community)

Vertonghen should not have allowed himself to be drawn in but passions run high in this sort of fixture and he was sorely provoked. Mourinho trying to distract attention by putting the blame on Jan showed himself to be a prize idiot but he won the tactical battle in the end if not the match.

Mutterings are surfacing about Eriksen who faded as did most others as Chelsea pressed in the second half, and Soldado who has yet to score in open play in the Premiership.

Some people are saying that Christian was cheap and available because he gained a reputation at Ajax for disappearing in the crucial games and that Roberto is not the type of player we need and at 28 was too expensive and won't be able to adapt.

Now I enjoy an early panic as much as the next man but six games in after our best start since the 1961/2 season when we won our first 11 games and drew the twelfth is a little early even for me. Six games  for chrissake people. Even if we were bottom of the league it would make no sense.

You can't have too many good players as the man once said and these two are certainly top class. I don't think that Soldado should play against Anzhi to help him gain confidence or that Defoe should start against W.Ham because he is on fire. How will that give Soldado confidence?

And I don't think that AVB will do so. On Thursday it's a 4000 mile round trip and the squad should comprise anyone not required for the weekend or who needs pitch time like Sandro, Chiriches, Kaboul, Chadli, Naughton, Lamala, Defoe, Kane. and Rose. That's what squads are for.

So nobody over the Moon or as sick as a Parrot, except Jose but then he is a bit of an avian hypochondriac as we all know. In the long run a decent and valuable point.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
The trip earned Torres a yellow card but the scratch was not seen and went unpunished.. Red card in anybody's book except Mourinho's. It gets nastier on every viewing.
(Update: No further action to be taken. Vertonghen banned till end of season for putting his face in the way of Torres nails. I'm joking, I'm joking about the last bit anyway)


Anonymous said...

Sensible not to panic just yet but in two key fixtures we have not beaten either arsenal or chelsea who will be big challengers for the european spots. I ama big fan of soldado and as yet he has not got the necessary service because of the way we play.we need to play the ball forward quickly to unsettle teams as we have the pace. Is it the right formation.consider Sturridge and Suarez who are areal handful and put teams on thebackfoot. Still worried if we play a highline against those type of forwards we will be caught out at bothleft back and centrehalf ie dawson we need a lukaku type ?

Brian Draycott said...

when we come to meet those two in return games our new guys will hopefully have settled in and we will do them over!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spot on mate. AVB made a gross error in tactics. This was obvious to everyone – when the coach saw that Spurs were struggling in midfield, AVB should have corrected that defect. At least he should have brought in Holtby(who he introduced when too late), not Chadli.
However, my main disappointment with AVB is that he is too cautious in introducing his summer signings. I mean he bought such class players as Lamela, Chiriches, Chadli , Holtby – only to leave them on the bench, substitutes to inferior quality players. Chiriches better than Dawson; Chadli better than Siggy; Lamela better than Townsend; Holtby better than Dembele. For me, he should have played them all against Chelsea – and not ending up using them in the EL, and RISKING injuries to them in a secondary competition!!??!!

mystic arnold said...

no ban what a surprise what hold do Chelsea have over the FA just wait for the mocking comments to start

Anonymous said...

How do u know chiriches is better than Dawson & chadlis,s better than sig or lamela,s better than whoever .. U must be an expert on European football . To say holtby is better than dembele is laughable .. Totally diff types of player .. You should prob start following a diff sport because you haven't really grasped this football lark ..

Anonymous said...

anonymous: Chadli better than Sigurdsson?!. Why in the earth would you think this? because he was bought this summer?

Look at the stats mate. Sigurdsson has scored half of the team goals in the prem.

how many deluded fans are out there.

JimmyG2 said...

!st Anon.
Arguable that Ozil was the signing of the transfer window. His goal last night was brilliant.
Agrre that playing the ball forward more quickly sonetunes. will bring out the best of Soldado.

Brian Draycott:
Thinking ahead. i like it.

Anon 16:36
Same caution he exercised over Lloris and Friedel and that's worked out fine. Needs to keep everyone on board.

Anon 20:31
Bit harsh friend. We are all you tube experts now.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

First half good, second half a little chastening. The squad we have means that there is little or no (perhaps an upgrade or two imo) drop in quality when changes are made. The weight of the squad will make its presence felt in the second half of the season, and I'll be disappointed not to reach top 5 and a cup final ... though not surprised!

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