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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Why Siggy keeps his place.

Whadya mean you left it?
You missed it!

The JimmyG2 Column

OK folks move on, nothing to see here. Reports of a nuclear disaster leading to a total meltdown have been grossly exaggerated. West Ham safely put behind us, health and safety standards rigidly enforced and a clean bill of health certificate issued in triplicate.

Aston Villa 0: Tottenham Hotspur 2.Sorted, relax, last week just a blip obviously; bad day at the office confirmed ; no redundancy notices issued. Same again Sunday at Hull and we will have forgotten all about whoever it was.

In fact it gave AVB an excuse to ring a few changes: Holtby for Eriksen; Soldado back up front; Chiriches in the middle and Verts at left back; Sandro for Dembele. Actually for the cautious AVB that was quite a lot and the W. Ham display gave him the opportunity.

Clearly a blessing in disguise. He's like a man climbing a vertical rock face: doesn't let go until he has secured the next safe hand-hold. Which is why Siggy kept his place; why Lamela didn't start; why Lloris took weeks to become our number one keeper; why Chiriches is being introduced so gently. 

Siggy is probably not as good a player as Lamela or Erikson or even as good as Chadli. But he is a known quantity. A known known. He works hard, does what he asked to, he's Premiership proven, and takes his chances well enough. He has proved himself and AVB is loyal to players that have performed well for him.

The newcomers are known unknowns. As soon as they prove themselves as Paulinho has they will become first choices.There are no revealing e-mails or compromising photographs involved.

It might not be exciting stuff at the moment but it sure is effective. Many if not most Spurs fans would take effective over exciting any day for the time being anyway.  But I have to ask; what's the point? And don't pretend to yourselves that having made the top four we would revert to our legendary stylish former selves.

Why would we? If tedious, predictable and slow is effective, why change? Three points off top place; 4th consecutive away clean sheet; still our best Premiership start and AVB now our top ranked manager based on points per game.

Some, including me, might wonder: 'What's the point of winning dull or ugly?' I suppose there's no mileage in raking over the ashes of all that old, 'It's not about winning' stuff is there? All that 'glory' and doing it in style and with a flourish' malarkey and not boring the opposition, and the fans Mr. Blanchflower, and the fans, to death.

Yesterday's second half at least provided a little more cheer with Soldado's superbly taken goal to prove that he does just what it said on the tin when we bought him. It followed good work by Holtby and a subtle first time lay off by Paulinho who also managed later to avoid touching the ball let alone scoring from 2yds out.

Sandro was a force all game; Townsend put in another crackerjack performance and got the opener which was undeniably fortunate but the high spot of the first half apart from the smoke bomb. Guzan made two excellent saves to deny Paulinho and Townsend and it wasn't anywhere as close as Lambert likes to pretend.

We had an early scare when Agbonlahor blazed over. After that Lloris kept himself amused by trying to conjure up some action with some dodgy distribution. It didn't work and he was a virtual spectator again.

Welcome back. Could start on Thursday. As a senior pro.
 he took one for the team  after Andros was upended.
(Graphic by @alon berg from Spurs Community)

Chiriches was bloodied and survived virtually unscathed. The combination with Dawson is not designed for peaceful nights but they coped pretty well until Benteke came on. Verts may not like left back but he's not bad at it and was preferred to Naughton playing out of position or Fryers.

Both of these may find themselves on the long trip to Moldova, near Ukraine, on Thursday, along with Lennon, Defoe, Eriksen, Friedel, Dembele, Kane, Ade and a couple or three volunteers from the treatment room.

 Anyone who didn't play a full game against Villa and who isn't first choice for Hull should be enough. We could play three up front and still leave Soldado at home. Striker shortage? Not at Spurs.

In fact the Villa game was essentially a breeze. But we are such compulsive doom merchants that we assume in our paranoid uncertainty that what can go wrong, will go wrong. On Sunday it didn't, unlike the Sunday before. Sorry Jimmy that account is closed, totally withdrawn from the memory bank, remember?

Chatter in the treetops:
Roy Hodgson played in S.Africa in 1972/3 during the sporting ban of the Apartheid era. Interesting autobiographical fact of no relevance, or clue to his underlying attitudes  Racist Roy or Hapless Hodgson?

Andros amongst others was upset or at least confused over the 'Feed the Monkey' remark which had to be subsequently explained (away) but opted for the quiet life in view of his hope to go to Brazil. At least one other did not. It'll come out eventually.

Holtby. Did he duck or did he miss?
Andros admits it was a cross; Holtby claims he judged its flight perfectly. Andros say 'Yeh right!'

Smoke bomb.
A two stage rocket apparently. How did the original thrower smuggle the thing in? Why didn't he throw it 5 minutes earlier when it would have been a welcome distraction?
The second thrower says he was just trying to get rid after it landed at his feet. I believe him because he couldn't have hit the linesman if he'd been actually trying.
No doubt he will face a ban along with the first fan who deserves whatever he gets.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Transnistria: the country that doesn't exist. For those traveling on Thursday for the FC Sheriff game a 3 minute guide.


obat herbal stroke said...

very nice post
two thumb up for you ^___^

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It is much too slow and ponderous, too often for my liking, though even quite decent home sides are not coming out to play against us these days, which is a compliment I guess. I'm not sure AVB wants them to play this slow, it's just hard to get up a head of steam against such tactics. We'll have to find a way though.

Villa were supine in the extreme for a home side first half. I get Benteke being unable to start is a big blow, but Kovak has played for Lazio and is first choice for the Czech Rep. He scored a well taken goal for them away to Italy and narrowly missed another good try and played well (I watched the game). He's no fool. If Villa had given him the support they did Benteke when he came on he'd have been more of a threat.

More fool Villa, and a good second half and welcome 3 pts for us.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Kozak not Kovak, she was in Vertigo. Which is what we'll be feeling with a top 4 place come May ...

JimmyG2 said...

obat herbal stroke.
Have no idea what your name indicates or what
^-----^ means.
But thanks anyway..

Vertigo, like it.
Is that for definate?

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