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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

AVB to stay

 There that should fix it. Oops!
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well I've given it the full 24hrs as per Musings rules about blogging too soon after a defeat. In fact before this hits the streets it will be 48 hrs or more. You know, just to give it a bit of perspective, to allow the blood to cool; and the hackles to settle.

So far it hasn't helped. This was more than a pasting; if we were wallpaper we would have slid right off the wall. It was more than a beating; omelets have contained eggs less shaken up. We were humiliatingly pulverized. Perspective and time is not making it easier to take. Once again we had more possession but did nothing with it. City plundered goals at will.

Four consecutive games without a Premiership goal and now we can't even boast about our defensive record. We were more than just casual, we were slack and showed too little concern for the result and our reputation. Vertonghen's inept and half hearted attempt to clear for their sixth sums it up.

Digging deep for the positives: Lennon had a bright half hour; Sandro never gave up; Dembele was reassuringly strong and composed; Walker was positive and kept his head up; Lloris didn't go completely to pieces, and that's about it. If your desperate for a little brightness you could say that we were reasonably competitive for the half hour after we conceded but that is to ignore the other five goals.

Analysis by the pundits shows that we were totally unprepared mentally at kick off and within ten seconds the ball was back with Hugo for the fatal kick. From our own kick off, I ask you. And Hugo has form on poor distribution.

People have been crying out for Lamela to start. He did and though clearly a talent and not given to hiding he produced very little. Adebayor is not the answer to whatever the question might be. Kaboul is just not ready; Dawson was cruelly exposed; Holtby buzzed but didn't sting.

A depressing end to our fine statistical start especially after W.Ham and Newcastle. Four consecutive Premiership games without a goal and little sign of the expected gelling yet to appear. We are playing like a team overburdened with tactical analysis, playing without joy.

There must be a happy medium between the alleged Redknapp 'Just go on and fuckin run about a bit' and the 70 page manual stuff ascribed to AVB. Something that would release the multiple talents of this squad and still preserve some of the new-found defensive competence.

Rumours of dressing room conflict and the usual tabloid nonsense about losing the dressing room are rife. Vertonghen who has issues of his own about his role is the chief denier of such stories. He probably wouldn't have noticed anyway given his catatonic response to Walker's Halloween scare stunt. (See Video Spot)

So that all is not well at Tottenham cannot be denied but it is nowhere as bad as is painted nor as dire as the wrist slashing tendency amongst the Spurs faithless would have us believe. Sacking the Manager is simply throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It raises more questions than it solves and pushes the whole  shooting match back another couple of years. Any new manager would have exactly the same problems to solve: Premiership inexperience, Soldado and our pattern of play, left back, Adebayor, lack of balance in the side. Add your own why don't you.

For me the greatest problem is the lack of invention and excitement in our of football and this may well be down to AVB. He needs to let their creative juices rip just a little. Lamela needs to play on the right or in the centre while Eriksen is injured and Townsend on the left. Dembele looks to have played himself back into form.

We signed too many new players in the Summer, 9 if you include Rose and Townsend, and they will all take some settling in. Even in the face of this we are not doing too badly, 2 points off Champions' League places and 3 points better off after 12 games than last season. It's  hardly a catastrophe.

Next weekend AVB has the opportunity to put things right against Man. Utd. On Thursday the Europa tie against Tromso should be the start of a change in fortunes. By next week the Man.City game won't be forgotten but could be put behind us.

Those calling for the sacking of AVB will look like the hysterics they surely are and the ship will have weathered the storm and be sailing in calmer waters. Keep the faith, keep your heads and trust that this choppy passage will have focused minds and attitudes at all levels in the club from Levy to the youngest fan.

Latest betting: Villas Boas 10/11 to be the next manager sacked. Save your money folks, it ain't gonna happen.Too expensive for Dan Levy to start with and lack of available and suitable replacements at this stage of the season. Give the man a break and the players too.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
In case you missed it: the Halloween stunt. Six minutes of fun from happier times just a month ago.The reactions of the players is spot on according to their characters as revealed on the pitch. See what I mean about Jan. What the hell is it with mobile phones?


Anonymous said...

just wait another couple of weeks mate, when we slip further down the league and see what you think then! faithless eh more like we are sick and tired of waiting for some GLORY, idiot

Chris Spurs said...

More importantly, wait a couple of weeks and see what Levy thinks. We spent 100 million (yes we did) and with that comes expectation from fans and the board alike. Pretty much lowest goalscorers in the league is pathetic.

Lincspur said...

This article is the best I have seen after that thrashing. No AVB won't go etc and Mr Anon above "fans" like you should really support someone else. Guess you are one of those idiots Redcrapp referred to a while back

yidfan77 said...

Stubborn,rigid, no plan b, players played out of position, a 3 0 loss at home to a team with no strikers, 9 goals scored in 12 games, blaming the fans when clearly the tactics and the formation are wrong, no heart or passion from the team, looks like no man Managment something that reddcrap was master at, inexperienced, naive and not good enough!, yeah lets keep him....

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Jimmy that it's too soon to start panicking and we should support the manager, at least outwardly as we need the WHL roar at home matches. We all want to win but I am concerned that this isn't progressing very well. I hope the fans show their support at home to United to give the players and the manager a 'leg up' on Sunday and hopefully he'll turn around our fortunes. I remember when United lost 6-1 and the Gooners 8-2 and in both occasions it turned their fortunes around. If we are still regressing come 31st December then I would like to see a change, but not now. I think Levy will pull the plug before the transfer window if we don't change our fortunes by then.

Anonymous said...

If you need anymore indication that our support is terminally stupid, just look at the calls for Redknapp to return. I can see the frustration with AVB, I can, but Redknapp - he just got QPR relegated after spending (and spending mark you, not spurs spending where we make more money on sales than we spend) absolutely loads. People seem to forget some of the turgid fare Redknapp served up - if plan A (much mentioned running about) didnt work, or we had an injury, it was a shambles. AVB is trying something else - it's not really working, and we will see if he can fix it, but he deserves more time with this team. That said I think Curbishley is available, so there's that.

Anonymous said...

I love the Lamela bashing I've read... he's started a couple of games now, hasn't been incredible therefore must be shit. Morons.

Anonymous said...

i suppose we have got used to losing over the years but that doesn;t make us all losers unless of course your LINESPUR

Anonymous said...

HR had a few weeks to turn the game around but with Spurs he had longer and gave us CL
Give ABV time, he has had 18 months and done nothing apart from taking us two steps forward and a dozen back
No wander Chelsea got rid of him and the quicker he goes the better as he will only blame us the supporters or the players will be to blame as his shit doesn't stink

yidfan,77 said...

He deserves 3 more PL games, the next 2 are at home, man united I am expecting at least a performance and a battling point, if its the same, if we play the same way, he is not delivering enough then love him, hate him, want him to stay or want him to go I think Levy and Lewis will step in, I thought he would be able to imprint his method on the team, and for a man paid £3 million a year, he should have at least an Idea of his best 11, he doesn't seem to know, to learn, or to adapt, believe it or not i thought chelski were to hasty to out him, and felt given a chance he could do a good job, Gareth bale saved his blushes last season, he has had a year in the job, and ok ok 7 new players, but come on lets be realistic bottom line, fact, reality, the cold light of day, however you want to word it, look at it, keep faith with it, or dress it up anyway you want its not good enough! No player is bigger than the club, no manager is either levy and Lewis know it, so support him, or call fot his head, his fate is with them TTID!!!

Anonymous said...

This comment is not knee jerk but a comment since AVB took over.last year bale individual performances masked our deficiencies however 100 mill was given to address them.Presumably AVB had a say in buying the players and obviuosly picks the team week in week out.Dawson we were going to sell but didnt-he is too slow to play a high lineKaboul a long period of injury and not yet ready.Our best centre half played at left back which was a disaster.Too many midfieders of the same ilk with no creativity or goalscoring.Why no Benteke to add to belgian contingent in a world cup year?soldado obviously a fox i the box thesame as defoe but nobody to provide service.Dont be fooled about Townsend as eventually he will be found out as speedy with no goals -much the same asLennon.Lamela confidence must be shoft and he is an Argentine international.12 games we cant defend and we cant score.New players who train most days.Believe me the problem is deeper than we think-

Anonymous said...

You had me until the 'faithless' comment. AVB has till Christmas.

It isn't going to improve either. This isn't about a 'tweak' this is about fundamentally flawed tactics and approach to the dressing room.

Maybe, just maybe Chelsea had it right.

Anonymous said...

AVB should go now he is a complete dud PLEASE MR LEVY LAUDROP in now before he completely destroys the club

Anonymous said...

you only have to watch BaSLE PLAY TO SE WHAT BASIC TACTICS AND MOTIVATION CAN DO TO A GOOD TEAM IMAGINE WHAT THIS WOULD DO TO A TALENTED ONE SUCH AS OURS. AVB mentality is abnormal and both the players and fans know it. Hellthe Chelsea players new it within days. Only Bale kept that secret until he was exposed

Anonymous said...

Gus! Farkin! Hiddink!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'm with you Jimmy. Sober, rational and insightful analysis and very timely ... as I have been a bit hysterical of late Spurs wise.

JimmyG2 said...

Bit of a Marmite situation at the moment. I think, like AVB, we need to focus and not be distracted by what's going on in the Press.
Some of your responses are completely over the top.
There is no guarantee that another manager whatever his credential would improve our position in the short or medium term.
We keep on selling our best players and are constantly rebuilding.
Sacking the manager every 18 months didn't work in the decade before Martin Jol and it won't work now.
Let's see this through and have another look at the end of the season.

Thankyou for your responses.
Sacking the Manager .

Anonymous said...

you are, jimmy, what is known as the establishment. you will cling to the established order till it falls around your ears and then you will pronounce everlasting fealty to the new regime that replaces it: the king is dead, long live the king! every institution has people like you, even needs them but you will never be remembered for your commentary because you're way behind the curve. your conservatism, timidity, trust and love for the established order, call it what you will, all make you that way,

the dogs in the street can tell you that AVB is in deep do-do and will be very lucky to survive. he is running out of excuses and serious character deficiencies are very visible, not least an arrogance and stubborness. why can't you, why won't you see that? because you're establishment jimmy. that's what you do. very sad even if you are entertaining.

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