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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Can AVB stand the Pressure?

We can only live in hope.
But it will probably get worse before it gets better.
 The JimmyG2 Column.
Missed the game: family matters. Seen the highlights; read all the reports, the blogs, the fan sites; Krul blow; Krul result; Krul afternoon's work, November is the Krulest month, 'Don't be Krul' and so on and. I get the picture.

So the game is filed under the usual heading: Spurs half asleep; go behind; dominate the game; keeper plays a blinder; manager under fire; apocalypse looms. Label that:  'same old, same old' then. At least it sounds more exciting than of late.

Andros was even more head down and fire at will than usual. Will was apparently seated in row Z unfortunately. Sorry, old joke but appropriate in the circumstances. A frustrating indigestible lunchtime meal and a good game to miss by all accounts.

The reaction is quite alarming though. Not quite 'AVB out' but pretty damn near in some quarters. Not starting Lamela can be laid at his door; the persistence with inverted wingers which doesn't seem to be working and not firing the boys up for a home game again are all correctly placed in his in tray.

But the poor performance of Siggy, Townsend, Defoe, Dembele and the poor tackle by Paulinho which led to their goal cannot. That's the trouble with losing just before a break, it gives us all too much time to gnaw the meat off the bones of failure.

The Lloris incident has given the Press the opportunity to return to their attack on AVB. Like a cat with a mouse they wander off onto some other fall guy, Jol,or whoever and then at the slightest pretext return to a previous victim.

However we are still only 2 points off second and a win which we should have achieved on the run of play
would have taken us to 2 points off top. Knee jerking is by definition a tad premature. If we are mid-table at Easter then perhaps some grumbling might be understandable.

Speculation is even rife as to who might replace AVB if he were to be sacked. Laudrop is the most mentioned. But how long would you give him? Longer than Andres presumably. More disruption more changes more transition.

 Musings predicts that he won't be sacked in any event but the pressure may get worse before it gets better. Tinkering and fine tuning is required rather than a complete overhaul.

We have practically a new team to integrate under a newish manager feeling his way. To consider further disruption is madness. I have said all along that we might have to be content with 5th this season in the light of the considerable changes already made.

If we make top four we should be more than satisfied. Would I like to see us challenging for the top spot? Of course, I'm a Spurs fan, why wouldn't I? But in the meantime I would like to see a more energetic approach, more movement, more interplay, more imagination  and less turgidity.

There are signs of this in the recent work of Chiriches, Kaboul and Vertonghen bringing the ball out from the back as opposed to playing pass the parcel along the back four. The back door is more secure than in the past so we must use this security to launch more enterprising sorties more quickly.

I am sure that this is all part of AVB's long term game plan and it must be allowed to blossom. We should trust the creative talents and energy of Eriksen, Lamela, Holtby and Paulinho to speed things up.

We don't need two defensive midfielders especially at home and Dembele is too slow and unimaginative to fulfill this kind of brief. Soldado apparently played better against Newcastle but needs  an earlier ball and quicker build up  to play to his strengths.

Being where we are while AVB works out his best team is decent enough. I would be surprised if Lamela and Eriksen don't feature in our first choice squad and Townsend too once he gets his head up, they have the creativity we are lacking.

If AVB sticks to his guns he is stubborn and if he doesn't he is weak and flippy floppy. He can't win. So Andres batten down the hatches, cancel the papers, switch off Sky and do your own thing. Sit in a darkened room and put Frank Sinatra's 'My Way on continuous loop.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The tackle that never was from Paulinho. Have a word with your fellow countryman Mr. Beast. The sort of through ball by Goufran to Remy that Soldado can only dream of at the moment. Friedel demonstrated once again that he is no Lloris. The bombardment of  Krul's goal. A minute of action that encapsulates the whole game.


Anonymous said...

When you look at how AVB diden't get the team up for the first half you have to wonder why. It's a basic error and a very big one. I know nothing about professional football, but I know, as a local football coach in a small community that geeing the team up is as important as fitness. AVB has been guilty of this more than once. He spoke about how nice it would be to have 16 points going into the last International break and W.H. thrashed us. It's amateur and nonprofessional to put out a team without preparing them, especially when he goes on TV and blames the fans for being quiet. It's all right for him to send out a 'quiet' team, but when the crowd go quiet HE moans. I think he is a bit aloof and doesn't like explaining himself, but if we lose the next few games (which is highly possible) Levy won't sit on his hands for too long. Personally, I think he'll carry on until May, finish 6th or 7th and then find pastures new.
I certainly won't lose any sleep if he does.

Anonymous said...

Having to change his ideals is what AVB can't stand. Despite his many qualities, his 'plan A' isn't working. Look at Liverpool From abysmal to whipping teams 3, 4 nil at Anfield on a regular basis as we head towards Xmas. We're shit. We struggle to win tin-pot games at The Lane, regularly. Slow. Boring. Predictable. All whilst we have two teams of very high quality. Why buy Soldado and use him like we are? Why let BAE go? Ade, I can understand. He missed that penalty last season on purpose. Fkn c nut. AVB isn't Tottenham. Can't get the crowd going -often doesn't get the players going. Knows nowt about us. Plays a high-line with Daws, Vert and Chiriches - none are quick. Two signed in his reign. The other made captain, but won't accommodate them adequately. Played all 3 the other day and chucks Friedel behind them to boot... That's mental. When Gomes, for all his faults, he knocks our defenders out regularly, yes, but comes for the ball. Newc midfield are massive - we start with Paulinho and Dembele. Both big, but girls compared to Sandro ans Capoue. THEY'RE the meat-heads. The others alongside one is a big, powerful midfield but you need an enforcer in there. The first two are not that. There was a window for Lamela to spark. We not only missed it, but lost the game easily. AVB is textbook. Does everything right. The players do everything right, the opposition do everything right = 0-0. Only this time we finally got punished early on. No last minute 'pens'. No Bale wonderstrike. For all the cruel stops, only two were world-class, the others routine. Keep practicing the 'keeper' and he'll work up to a blinder, it's a given. The writing's been on the wall for so long I'm thinking Banksy must've done it. We've been opened up and got lucky on many occasions already this season. A good handful more goals should've been scored against us. Sitters. Slow. Boring. Crap at home. This ain't Tottenham.

Cheshuntboy said...

The above comment is spot on - no one seriously thinks AVB will take us down, but it's very hard to see real progress from where Spurs were two or three years ago (under Redknapp, dare I say?), and Levy no doubt expected better from the scatter gun splurge of the Bale money. I don't think AVB will get the sack, but I don't think he's up to the job, and, like the above poster, reckon we're in for more mediocrity before he takes his talents elsewhere. On the other hand, another multi-million payoff to match what he got from Chelsea probably wouldn't go amiss to AVB, so maybe there will some unpleasantness to come. And he MIGHT even get it right - you never know!

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Poster.
But then we have to start all over again and there is no
guarantee of success. Since Wenger took over at Arsenal we have something like 15 managers.
AVB needs time now.

Second Poster.
I don't agree with all of this but it is certainly a stylish rant. No new manager can be as Spurs as us Spurs fans.It's like players kissing the page.They are all just passing through. It's not as bad as you paint it and I believe it will get better.

Cheshuntboy said...

PS I pretty much agree with 'Anonymous 2', but my 'hear hear' above was aimed at 'Anonymous 1' - why can't people post under something more specific than 'anonymous'?

Anonymous said...

Apologies. Posted as anon with intention of adding name under 'stylish rant - anon2'
It's NOT as bad as I painted and we could've gone 2nd if we'd beat Newcastle, yes, but we didn't... AVB acknowledges the importance of the crowd, but not HIS role in getting them noisy. We were fantastic 1st half against Everton. Away. We have the players. They're restrained. Thats what I dislike. English footie is known for it's raw, fast, buzzy nature, different from most, if not all the rest of the world. It's like World-Cup Weekend now. I do like AVB, want him to succeed, got lots more class than Harry, buys better players, got better ethos (mostly). But concerned despite controlling games, still struggling against mid-range outfits, and the issues seem obvious. Won't repeat them and I hope it's not me dishing out the 'i told u so' speech in two months time, but I fear we've swapped with Liverpool. And if we don't sort it we'll be no better than 7th, 8th come may. Look at Everton? Look at Southampton? New managers, players, league. Look at us AT Everton? We can do it. It's on a plate for AVB. Just serve it! Just tweak a couple've things and we'll tear the place down. Come on AVB. Come on Spurs! Stop labouring. Start Daring.

JimmyG2 said...

Cheshunt Boy.
'He might even be right'. He might just be.He has a cunning plan which needs time. I agree about posting a nameat the end of the piece. I think we are in a better place than we were two years ago

Thanks, nice to know who one is disagreeeing with.Not only if we had beaten Newcastle but on the run of play we could and should have done. I think the loss at home to W.Ham is preying on our minds too.
I try to avoid 'I told you sos even when \Im right and I'm not always wrong.It's in there somewhere but struggling to get out at the moment.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I agree wholeheartedly Jimmy.

Dembele used to cut swathes through sides for Fulham and scores goals. Beats me.

Come on you lilywhites!

Anonymous said...

OK,... I'm gonn try and keep this concise as its easy for the mind to wander and to end up writing like you're foaming at the mouth,. I.. Have a lot of time for AVB,. As someone alluded to earlier, he does have some class and intelligence with the mdeia which I'm a real fan of,. (Even if the mdeia are'nt!)

For me, we have just a few issues to address, but, he does seem to struggle in seeing them/being prepared to adapt,. Also! -.. Its not all his fault! without further ado,..

Full Back:
1) Walker needs compo, surely this should be Naughton?
2) Rose has been a HUGE loss. I would speculate that Contreao was an EVEN BIGGER loss!!!

AVB's preferred system relies on FB's providing the width, this allows for the inveretd wingers to become 2nd strikers, leading to outnumbering their CB's,.

This doesn't work when your FB's either dont have the quality/brain to make the right decision (Walker) or are just clearly not able to play on their given flank. (Naughton)


Siggurdson. Is not a winger.
Siggurdson. Is definitely not a bl***y left winger!

You JUST CANNOT get away with both the Wgr and FB (Siggy n Naughton) cutting in. You JUST CANT!! - Is it any wonder Townsend is triple marked?! - We only have 1 wing!!

BY ALL MEANS... Have a winger cutting in, but have the other one on the touch-line! - VARIATION.

Let them swap sides, let them saty on the same side and give em 20 mins of cutting in and going wide, then swap again... Just vary it!! -

I run my local team and my lads are aware of these things!! - How can you expect different results if you do the same thing over and over?!?!?!?!?...Breathe again,....

Phew,.. I feel,.. That Townsend should be given a rest, that Siggy should moved from the wing,...

Eriksen looks terrified and just down-right annonymous at times! - Hes about 4 foot 8" and getting swallowed up! - Maybe swap him to the wing and Siggy in the hole?! - Just till he settles, that will give Eriksen more time and space than sat with a hairy arsed CB and DM ready to squash him straight away,...

(In the 9 mins that Chadli played against Hull, in the hole, he actually attempted 3 through balls!!! He looks like he has the vision, as well as the frame to play in there)

Back 4 - - Lets move on from Dawson,..

Abuse me all you like, its the same as Defoe, neither are good enough, I don't care what anyone thinks,. Shut up mate 'Defoe's a lej, blah blah blah, a great striker,.. NO. HE IS REALLY NOT!

Frmo the small glimpses I have seen of Harry Kane, I would already put him in the matchday squad ahead of Defoe. Movement awareness and link-up play is already above what Defoe has ever had.

Breathe again,.... phew,....

Right,.. I suppose, like everyone else, I am just disappointed, we should not have lost to WHU or Newcastle. The Newcastle game was a chance to go 3rd.. It was very hard to take.

I am going to the WHU cup game (as I did the lge game, which was 'orrible) and I will cheer my boys and AVB on for the full 90 like I did last time!! - I just hope that some of the kinks get worked out and we start to fulfill the HUGE POTENTIAL this squad has!!!!-


JimmyG2 said...

Last poster.
Phew it's a bit much when the responses are longer than the original blog.
But I appreciate the time and trouble taken and you are very welcome to vent or even foam on here.
Erikson,Siggy and Lamela have the necessary creative juices.
Like us you are not always wrong.
Agree about Harry Kane.
And about need for variation in our game.
Signs that the slow build up is diminishing.
Chadli is injured.
Townsend should be based on the left.
The chronic lack of cover at left back is a crime against humanity.
Vertonghen should shut up and play where we need him.

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