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Monday, 2 December 2013

AVB and Spurs take offence

Until Wednesday anyway.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 So not only Spurs but AVB came out fighting on Sunday. And not before time you might think. We've been stuck in the trenches for long enough. Being nice to the press doesn't actually work either. Just ask Harry. It didn't secure the England job for him or stop him going down with QPR. It's the football stupid.

AVB for whom English is a second or third language had to point out to a couple of daily hacks ( I nearly typed 'hackers' there) that when he says 'we' he includes himself and is not referring solely to the players. If he had been he would have said 'they'.

So journalists put back in their boxes, for now, and Man.Utd all but put back in theirs. Except for a couple of soft gifts we would have beaten a fairly ordinary opposition. This was more like it. A livelier, quicker more determined performance all round.

Walker showed both sides of his abilities by scoring the opener with a free kick which went under the wall, crossing with almost Beckamesque quality, delivering pretty decent dead ball kicks throughout the game and then failing to clear a cross and setting up Rooney by mistake.

Sandro added to a fine performance with a stunning 25 yarder after thoroughly bamboozling Cleverly. Then Lloris brought down Welbeck To give Rooney a chance to equalise from the penalty spot. A much better all round effort and no signs that AVB had lost the dressing room as has been widely alleged.

Lennon fizzed for an hour and was substituted for Townsend which was greeted with boos by the footballing illiterati at the Lane. Andros quickly demonstrated that he is a deserved understudy to Aaron with a completely ineffective performance.

Defoe did the same for Soldado who looked much more lively and combined well with Paulinho on a couple of occasions. He certainly missed a decent opportunity but Defoe did nothing in his twenty minutes to suggest that he should rate above him.

Walker and Sandro stole the honours but nobody played badly during Operation Fightback. Not even Daws who got skinned by Welbeck a couple of times but who always brings his unique enthusiasm, as does Walker. The sort of invaluable spirit which we need to show more of.

Not that we have any choice: Kaboul is not currently available and Verts is needed at left back until Rose returns. So the heat is off until at least Wednesday night when we face Fulham at The Cottage who have a Jol shaped hole where their manager used to be.

The starting eleven should be very similar and three points would not just lower the temperature but might even turn the gas off completely. But beware wounded journalists licking their wounds and sucking their pencils in the undergrowth.. Stick it to them again Andre.

Most fans agreed that the spirit shown on Sunday has given Andre a breathing space in their eyes whose main complaint was the style of football being played. But in truth the pressure was largely an artificial confection, the result in Andres eyes of a vendetta by the Press.

After all the season is barely a  third completed; we qualified for the next stage of the Europa at the head of our group without conceding a goal. We have progressed in all competitions and despite being down in ninth place we are only one win away from a CL place.

Making hay while Ronaldo is injured. A perfect hat-trick at the weekend which seems to have won over not only the fans but the partisan Spanish press. It has taken Bale only 13 games to score his first perfect hat-trick one, a feat that took Ronaldo 62 games to achieve and which Messi never has.

The only other British player to do the treble was our very own Garry Lineker for Barcelona against Real 25 yrs ago.  Bale in Spanish can mean 'worth or 'value' and it seems as if the Real fans have had to agree that he is.

 I wish him a long and successful career in Madrid partly from pride in the boys progress which I hope you all share and because we don't want him back in the Premiership any time soon.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
'Made in Tottenham' you might say. In the last six games Bale has scored 8 and provided six assists. This one was not a thing of great beauty but certainly confident and effective.


Anonymous said...

There's a rumour about Hoddle coming back, which I think would make us the laughing stock of the PL, but would warm the cockles of the Little Englanders at the red tops given their dislike of European immigrants. Anyway, attention seems to be turning towards Rodger's summer outlay in agents' fees. No doubt, Samuel and Ashton will be rooting around in the mud for more AVB stories. Ashton apparently does opinions in the same manner that Samuel does cakes.

Cheshuntboy said...

'The pressure was largely an artificial confection'? So nothing about Spurs performances or AVB's management this season warranted criticism? It's all a 'press vendetta'? I know you value loyalty over everything else, but surely even you must acknowledge that there are legitimate grounds for doubting that AVB is the real deal, and blaming everything on the supposedly hostile press is pretty cheap.

JimmyG2 said...


After all the season is barely a third completed; we qualified for the next stage of the Europa at the head of our group without conceding a goal. We have progressed in all competitions and despite being down in ninth place we are only one win away from a CL place.
Which bit of this do you disagree with?
I certainly don't value loyalty over everything else but I certainly don't want the manager sacked, even if the Press do after 13 games.
My main complaint is that the football is too turgid but it will improve.

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