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Friday, 13 December 2013

AVB Tearing the wings off butterflies.

Step away Andre. That's how it's meant to fly.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Better. Much better. Much better than better in fact. Have we turned the corner? Or is this just another twist in the maze? Liverpool will tell us much more of course than a dead rubber in the Europa but there seems to be more than just the Three Steps to Heaven for Spurs on Thursday.

Step one: we attacked Anji with more pace, determination and flair.
Step two: Soldado's hat trick was excellent news, not only for us. Class will out.
Step three: Danny Rose and Eriksen returned without too much apparent stress.
Step Four: Even with a makeshift defence we coped pretty well.
Step five: Youngsters started and came on and did OK. In Ryan Frederick's case more than OK.

Was Friedel was at fault for the first goal? Hugo has spoilt us and might have cut it out. Naughton was wrestling with his man and not concentrating on the ball. But this overall performance was better than medicine for me. Keep taking the tablets.

The jury is still out on Erik Lamela who shows talent in patches but has yet to put in a complete performance. Perhaps that's the nature of the beast. He was unlucky not to score with a header and had a shot well saved. He found Soldado for the second with an incisive pass.

The Jury however has returned and its verdict on Soldado is, as we said from the start, this man is quality. As soon as we got the ball quickly into the box he was alert and alive. With Townsend on the left and Lamela or Lennon on the right he will thrive.

Townsend and Rose combined well in the first half and why Townsend and Lamela were swapped is a mystery. If it ain't broke Andre, if it ain't broke. I bet AVB used to tear the wings off butterflies as a kid to see if it made them fly better.

Holtby's goal was a thing of beauty, clever and brave. He almost stole the show but Bobby's hat-trick takes the honours. Dembele was strong again and it was a pity he couldn't have been rested for Sunday.

Capoue is clearly destined for stardom and even out of position at centre back alongside Fryers looked composed and moves the ball quickly out of defence. Once or twice he forgot that it was Brad in goal and forced him out of his comfort zone.

The arrival of Fredericks was a real tonic. I do like to see a youngun on and a good youngun is a bonus. By Walker's Delight out of Townsend's Folly this boy has pace and spirit. Where do we find them? Coulthirst needed longer to make his mark but I liked the look of him.

Will Bobby Soldier start on Sunday? I think he should but I am not convinced that AVB will see it that way. There's no logic in dropping him for Defoe who might be better used against W. Ham in midweek. What are hat-tricks for after all if not to secure a starting place.

Liverpool are struggling with the loss of key players especially Gerrard and we have enough quality to see them off at home. The turnaround since City will be complete and normal service restored. Crisis ? What crisis?

Beating Liverpool would be the easy way to demonstrate our credentials. Easy way. Spurs. Not three words that go easily into a sentence. Come on Tottenham help me through the run-up to Xmas with a bit of seasonal footballing therapy cheer. You can only stand so much shopping.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
All the goals against Anzhi. Two quality assists from Lamela and Townsend. A cheeky Klinsmann dive from his half compatriot Holtby. A penalty that never was though I'm not sure it was a dive by young Ryan. Soldado arm wrestles his way for the headed opener. The second is what we pay him for: one touch and bingo.

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