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Monday, 23 December 2013

Back to the Future with Tim.

Two steps back, three steps forward at Southampton.
Progress in a Retro kind of way.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Gung Ho, Gung Ho,
As up the league we go.
Andres out; it's Sherwood's shout
Gung Ho, Gung Ho.

As the early doubters of aeroplanes said, 'It can't possibly fly'. But it did and landed too with its landing gear more or less intact. It shouldn't have: 442 away from home; Adebayor restored to the starting team; all creative guns firing, Bentaleb debuting ahead of Capoue and Holtby. What's going on?

Tim has to impress Levy and curry some favour with the fans and muy pronto or he'll be out by New Year's Day. So this was the Anything but the AVB Show. Quick build up; Lamela, Eriksen and Soldado starting together for the first time, no established defensive mid.

If he were dead AVB would be turning in his grave. But we got away with it thanks to another MOM performance by Adebayor and the fact that Southampton, a team on the slide, were not that good. However if we win on Boxing Day I and many others could get to quite like the man. The past is history. Fact.

Sherwood is not a well loved man at Spurs, dark mutterings of behind the scenes muggings on ABV and quite public demolition of Hoddle's efforts, as well as not being one of our favourite performers make a high wall of resistance to him ever becoming full time manager.

But it might suit Levy's plans for him to have enough success to leave him in place until the end of the season when more suitable long term candidates will become available. All this speculation after one game but Tim's porthole of opportunity is a very small one.

If he can transform himself from one of the Three Ugly Sisters into Cinderella by the turn of the year then the Tottenham Pantomime will be a Box Office success. Oh yes it will. But look out Tim, Levy's behind you and a couple of losses and the Final Curtain will come down in the middle of Act 1.

So yet another away win; three Premiership goals for the first time this season; another promising Academy graduate bloodied in some style; Mr. Sherwood you are spoiling us. He has two winnable games to come before the going gets really tough so he's going for it.

It's all a bit Redknapp-lite  and has a comforting retro feeling about it and although the approach might appeal in theory to most Spurs fans it is a little lacking in sophistication and very high risk. A bit like Tim himself with his unshaven look and chopped off sentences and thoughts.

But fans, like Levy himself, are mainly interested in results at the moment and if they can be achieved in a more swash-buckling style then he will please all parties. Suddenly 442 is the new 433. Soldado certainly benefited although he didn't take any of the chances presented. But he did get chances.

He and Ade belied their years and galloped like yearlings turned out in new green pastures. If Sherwood can retain the commitment of Adebayor and the confidence of the wider squad he has more than a fighting chance of getting the job. 

I don't think Sherwood will improve on what AVB might have and already had achieved  and his sacking was an act of bad faith. But if Tim becomes our new manager I will support the him through the team. So far what's not to like?

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Roberto Soldado. Lest we forget. Where did Ade learn those dramatic volleys? From watching old Soldado videos obviously. If he doesn't score 20+ goals this season I'll eat this blog! The dynamic duo might just be very good for each other and Spurs.


Brian Draycott said...

Sherwood demands a "long" contract & is supposedly an Ahole supporter - not the best start for someone who hasn't even got their badges. He's not interested in helping spurs out by staying until the summer like Glenn - he has said publicly he loves spurs and would do anything to help them - no brainer for me!!!

John Murphy said...

haha " A bit like Tim himself with his unshaven look and chopped off sentences and thoughts." As much as I hate the teenage acronyms, that made me LOL.
Good write, good read.

JimmyG2 said...

Brian Draycott;
All water under the bridge now friend. Tim's got the job for 18months.Premature and risky in my opinion but Levy can always sack him and probably will.

Merry Christmas Tim (and good luck) and to all our readers.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one JG2, the guy makes my skin crawl when he opens his gob, but I'll suck it up like the next guy if we get the results and are in the mix for at least a CL spot going forward. He has previous for political activity and will all his nous in that dept dealing with an Italian DoF that is often dining at the table of Mr round of imports will be interesting, but like many I'm thrilled to see some of our yoof being given the chance to shine, great to see...anyway a qaulity Blog JG2, Merry Xmas to you and all your chums...

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