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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Is Levy the real culprit at Spurs.

Merry Xmas AVB
The JimmyG2 Column.
Looking for warmth and affection? Mince pies, comfort and joy on this miserable day. Try the Salvation Army there's nothing for you at the Musings. I do not believe that AVB should have been sacked and if we finish higher than we are now I will donate substantial monies to Charity.

Best points per game record than any other manager since the century before last; qualified for next stage of the Europa unbeaten; in the quarter finals of the league cup; trying to make sense of an unbalanced scattergun influx courtesy of the Bale inheritance and Baldini.

Three poor performances and some dreary football agreed but still only five points off Champions' League places. More disruption; more turmoil; another period of instability. Once again Spurs head off into the unknown without a compass, a map or a sextant.

This is knee jerk of the highest order by the King of Knee Jerk Mr. Daniel Levy who appointed Andres Villas Boas in the first place. Sherwood will fill in until a permanent candidate is selected unless he does well, which I hope he does.

Many hats will be in the ring including that of Glen Hoddle who has stepped up and offered to help us out. Thanks Glen I can't see that one flying. Baldini's chum Capello is available. Thanks but no thanks. Basel manager Murat Yakin has apparently been contacted and so it goes on.

We will see. Most of the desirable candidates like Laudrop will be difficult to prise away from their current employers so it may be after Xmas before things take shape.

It was ironic that it was Liverpool who executed the coup de grace when Spurs fans have spent so much energy lately ridiculing the club and in particular their manager Brendan Rogers. Perhaps a little humility is in order.

Next up W.Ham in the League Cup and Dnipra in the Europ under the guidance of another victim of Levy's short attention span, Juande Ramos. Revenge time Juande, revenge time. I have no great hopes for the immediate future: it might be different  but it's not likely to be any better.

Changing managers is statistically not a proven method of improving results. Research shows that over the medium term it makes no significant difference after the first few games. But never let facts get in the way of a good sacking.

A juicy piece of red meat thrown to the fans who like guard dogs distracted by the bait focus their attention on a new manager and take their eyes of the main culprit, a Mr D. Levy. A serial offender still at large.If you have to sack them every 18 months perhaps you shouldn't have appointed them in the first place.

Nine managers in the 15 years that Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal. Around 18 months each. On what basis are they appointed? Who does the due diligence or is it all seat of the pants stuff? I liked AVB in all his geekiness and thought it would come right.

A thoughtful, passionate, intense, serious football man who had done and was doing pretty well. We'll never know now. The football would have improved as the squad gelled but Levy once again has pulled the plug before the project had time to get off the ground.

AVB is not blameless of course. A high line with Michael Dawson in it is a disaster waiting to happen. Falling out with key players in positions where we have little or no cover is not advisable. The football has been turgid on the whole and he has been slow to adapt.

However landing a manager with seven newcomers from several different leagues, with varying competence in English and no Premiership experience and then complaining that he hasn't managed to integrate them all into the squad playing sparkling football is adding insult to injury.

So good luck Andres. We took a chance when you were cast out by Chelsea but didn't have the nerve to stay the course. Time and Dan Levy wait for no man. The common factor in all our recent disasters is not the managers but the Chairman who obviously fancies himself as a chip of the old Abramovich block.

 So here we go again. A sad week for Spurs and its reputation and another hefty compensation pay out dribbled into the sand.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Let's remember happier times. If you keep selling your best players and sacking your managers progress is going to be a little uncertain. to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I must say I am sitting here with mixed feelings I have supported AVB right from the off check if you want under smudger14 I have watched and waited for the football to get better a slight improvement in the Europa and yes the team are starting to gel then back to boring pass up to about 30 yards out from there goal oh no don't pass sideways or back to late wheres the runners to help soldado . The football ball was shit to say the least I understand win ugly but we struggled to do that even against the bottom teams . Now don't get me wrong I want spurs to win but I don't mind losing supporter since 1980 so I'm used to that but I want to see us play some good football . After the Liverpool game even I struggled to back AVB .. now his gone and I wish him well but tim and les are now in so let's back them and the team that we all claim to love ...COYS

JimmyG2 said...

Hi smudger 14
Of course now we will never know.
On Musings we have always stress perormance before success. We believe that one leads to the other.
We get like a poor mans Chelsea every day.

Peter Agathangelou said...

Levy has made some really stupid decisions that have put Spurs back many years
1. Sacking Graham in FA Cup semi -final week
2. Sacking Hoddle and leaving Spurs with a caretaker manager for a year
3. Sacking Santini after 40 odd days
4. Undermining and sacking Jol
5. Terrible January transfer window, letting Pav, Corluka and Kranjcar to go bringing in Saha and Nelson on a free blowing big lead and finishing 4th.
6. Sacking Redknapp for finishing 4th
7. Poor January transfer window no striker bought. Blow lead and finish 5th
8. Persist with DOF role

Anonymous said...

No, Levy has taken us from mid-table nobodies to a top 4 club, AVB was taking us back to mid-table.

Peter Agathangelou said...

My point being, who hired AVB, Why sack Redknapp, Why sack Jol for that matter ... poor decisions in transfer market. At some point the guy who makes these calls has to accept some responsibility. Yes Levy and Enic light years better than Sugar days but having made strategic decisions he needs to be able to see things through ...

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I think AVB has struggled badly to integrate so many new players. While I was happy at the time as all these good young and up & coming players were on their way, I was wrong and a more judicious 3-4 in areas where they were most needed would have been better.

I think he needed more time and hoped he would get it, though Sunday was such a return to bad habits I was wobbling a great deal. But, obviously, the dwindling support for him within the club made it unlikely he would have the conditions to do this, even if he could adapt some of his ways. Which he needed to.

Sherwood was a player I could not abide when at Spurs, one of the very few in 40 years of support. But he has my full support and I hope he is still there in 3 seasons time as it means we will have been successful

Though reports of Sherwood's manoeuvrings behind the scenes are disappointing. As is the tendency of Levy to get rattled and lose his nerve at the first sign of sustained difficulty.

Time to put up or shut up Iago Sherwood.

I trust your convalescence is coming along Jimmy.

Louie naidoo said...

I honestly think that rednapp is the man for the job

Louie Naidoo said...

I also think that Dawson should be transferred free of charge because I can clearly see he's being messing up from the time he got back in the last few games

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 08:38.
Well mid-table is a damn near certainty now, but I obviously hope not.

Louie Nadou:
Who could we have played instead of Daws? He was 4th choice after Verts,Kaboul and Chiriches all injured.
Levy won't re-appoint someone he's sacked and that includes Hoddle.

Yes thank you. I'm in better shape than Spurs at the moment. Another fine shambles. Agree about Sherwood but wish him well. Good chance to make his mark tonight.

mitch said...

I am a fan of LFC, but always been a sympathetic with spurs. i believe good-bye to AVB was a great step. spurs play (for a few months!) unwatchable football with little passion, lack of ideas and little football quality. look at the table: 17 games played, scored 18 goals, allowed 23??? it is a pure luck they are standing at 7th place and i am absolutely sure they will go down and down with this sort of display. this is not about "Three poor performances", my dear. this is about 25 poor preformances out of 30. but you know that, you are just trying to be pathetic...

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