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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sherwood could get lucky.

 Mr. Scapegoat's waiting outside Mr. Levy.
It's Tim Sherwood Sir. 
The JimmyG2 Column. 
 Where to start? This is the kind of a mess, not totally unfamiliar to Spurs fans, that needs a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow rather than a dustpan and brush to clear up. Timothy Sherwood has been given the unenviable task of bailing out Dan Levy from his latest hasty misjudgment.

But this is a totally cynical appointment which serves only to buy him a little time. If Tim succeeds in whatever terms were agreed between them then Levy is a bold and wise Chairman. And if he doesn't then he can appoint a new and prestigious candidate who might have become available by the end of the season.

Win, win for Levy as it always seems to be. A shedload of total bollocks will be spoken in the aftermath as Tim keeps us more or less where we are now, slightly worse off than when AVB left. Silver linings are being desperately searched for already.

After all Tim is an insider and knows the club; he is  an experienced player at the top level; has a knowledge of the youngsters which has already seen Benteleb on the pitch; perhaps Fredericks will start against Stoke; more swash and buckle. Give the fans what they are alleged to want.

Meanwhile we will slip lower and lower down the league as the headless chicken approach fails to deliver against all but the most inept Premiership clubs. Slip too far and he will be sacked at the end of the season or even before. The AVB baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.

Do I want him to fail? Why would I? He has the privilege of being in charge of the team I have followed for over half a century.. But the signs are not good. Pinning your hopes on a revitalised Adebayor is a short cut to Nowheresville as W. Brom. showed.

Against W.Brom in the absence of Sandro and Paulinho ignoring a seasoned defensive midfielder like Capoue was suicidal. Playing Siggy on the wing and Chadli on the wrong wing was perverse. Leaving Lamela too long on the bench is self defeating.

Tim has to cram years of managerial experience into an extremely short time frame and while he learns from his mistakes the Premiership rolls relentlessly on. Mid-table beckons and it's not entirely his fault. Appointing him shows how little Levy knows about the supporters.

Promoted above his pay grade with an injury ravaged defence would be a test for a seasoned manager let alone a novice who has yet to complete his coaching badges. But he willingly put his head on the block and should not be surprised if the guillotine falls.

If I had any sorrow left over from the plight of THFC I would almost feel sorry for him. Almost. He is Levy's human shield and will take the fall for him when the time comes. He is keeping the seat warm for yet another continental name and faced with an impossible task.

 If only he wasn't so cocky and objectionable. Of course he may get lucky. Sandro, Kaboul and Vertonghen may ride over the hill with colours flying and bugles sounding. Soldado might find his scoring mojo; Adebayor might find a rich vein of form; Lamela may fulfil his potential and price tag.

A stream of youngsters could be fed into the system; the football might come together in a more expansive but controlled way. But it's a big ask and in many ways an unfair one. If Sherwood asked for the job then Levy should have politely shown him the door with consoling words.

Glen Hoddle would have been a willing stop gap and might not only have had more chance of success but could have stood the inevitable fall with less dire consequences to his already shaky managerial reputation. Tim may never recover.

 Spurs  will, eventually as the wheel of fortune slowly turns. But it may suit Levy to have a willing and temporary scapegoat who can rise and fall without trace, a Trivial Pursuits footnote in the history of the once mighty Spurs. This could  end in tears for all concerned.

And that includes the fans who are mere observers with no say or influence. We are watching on with horror, hoping for the best, clinging on to our love of Tottenham as time and time again ridiculous decisions at boardroom level are made and managers ignore the blindingly obvious.

We will be back to mid-table once again for this and probably next season as we lose our best players again and desperately try to stabilise and re-build. The best we can hope for is some good football and for some of our young talent to make it into the squad.

These are the only positives I can see from this cynical and desperate appointment. Come on Tim, surprise us all. I'm not holding my breath.

Happy New Year everyone after all, as the man said, it's not a matter of life and death.

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Anonymous said...

Another blogger ready to be the voice of doom and gloom - thought you were above that Jimmy.

If you ask me, working at the clib for 5 years is better experience than sitting in a TV studio, so I'd like to know what basis you think Hoddle would have been better? A few certificates on the wall does not make him the messiah.

Call it arrogance if you like, but it would have been a bit self defeating if Tim has slipped apologetically into the role talking the talk of a man out of his depth. He made
his play and deserves his chance - we all know he'll be out if we finish mid table, and if we win a bit of silverware and finish 4th - even a close 5th - maybe a few more bloggers would feel like getting onside.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yuletide felicitations Jimmy.

My feeling is that Levy really really rates Sherwood. He was very firm about keeping Blackburn's mitts off him.

Given that Sherwood was overseeing coaching and development at the club and held such divergent views on football from the Head Coach the whole situation is a little strange. Maybe Levy is right and Tim will show us ... Maybe he earmarked him as a future Spurs manager all along.

I don't think Sherwood's stuff is particularly entertaining, much less effective, thus far. Like AVB he might find it easier away from home. Any decently organised premier league side defending deep is going to find it pretty easy to dampen our ardour at the Lane if we don't score in the first 15-20.

Still early days and still much to play for ... More fool us.

keano said...

Well it was very obvious to me that Levy has hit his ceiling. He is in way over his head when he sold Steven Caulker that was the last straw. We are hit with injuries in the back and this sale was as dumb as it gets.
Everything else that has happened since them follows suit.
Just dumb.

Anonymous said...

Our Midfield against WBA wouldn't worry anybody. Leaving Coupe and Lamela on the bench for Siggy and Holtby was stupid.

Anonymous said...

so levy rates sherwood highly, what the fuck does that money grabbing little prick know! He has had 12 years without success and has made us a laughing stock.sherwood definitely is not the man to take us forward i think he makes avb look good

Anonymous said...

You lot make me cry laughing first avb was crap because of chelski then the football was crap and boring now levy is mad for appointing sherwood stop keep finding fault and support the club . Levy ain't perfect but his a lot better than the other chairman that we have had . As a spurs supporter for 35 years I have learned to live with our defeats out of wins and I really don't mind as long as we play well and with some pride and effort I would prefer to win but not at all costs . It's better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low .so win lose or draw the team will always have my support . AVB had my support right up to the Liverpool thrashing then my faith wained not because of the score but because there was no effort or pride in our play and that's not my spurs . By the way I loved the ossie era 5 forwards we didn't win a lot but what entertainment . COME ON YOU SPURS

JimmyG2 said...

1st Anon
We tell it as we see it on Musings not as we would like it to be or how we hope it might turn out.
I have tried to cover what positives there are but honestly think this will turn out badly.
Obviously I hope I am wrong.

IknowAlan Gizean.
And the same to you. Don't agree about Levy and Tim.
Levy is an opportunist and covers his backside. Sherwood is a convenient fall guy who might turn out to surprise us all.
But I doubt it.

Selling Caulker was very odd I agree especially as he tried to sell Dawson at the time. Left themselves with no cover at left back and thin at centre half.

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