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Friday, 20 December 2013

Spurs Options Shrinking by the Day.

Been there, done that 
and now that nice Mr. Levy has bought us the t shirt.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it got worse. A second loss to relegation aspirants W.Ham at home within a month. If Sherwood is the answer it's a damn funny question. Though to write him off after one game would be unfair. But life is just that at the moment.

Levy will give him just enough rope to do that for himself. Lose to Southampton on Sunday and it's the velvet drapes pretty soon after if we can get anyone decent at this time of the season. Or anyone half decent for that matter.

I assume that emissaries are bush beating the undergrowth as we speak. Some who haven't even been invited have already made their apologies. They have other places to go or more important people to see. If it wasn't all so grimly familiar it might even be amusing.

Brendan Rogers says today that he turned us down because of Levy and our record of turning over managers. He might have a point and it might apply to others this time round. People like Martinez and Rogers that we turned their noses up last time round are not available now.

We actually improved on last time out against W.Ham only losing 2-1. One up with ten minutes to go and losing has a familiar ring to it. At least AVB seemed to have put a stop to that kind of carry on. Andres has left the building Jimmy; let it go.

The retro 1990's feel to the side, 442, wide wingers worked for a time but we slowly ran out of pace and ideas. Then, having learned nothing over 18 months, Sherwood inverted the wingers and substituted Adebayor our best player and the rest is whatsit.

His options were limited due to injuries and another game on Sunday but we got the dead cat rather than the proverbial new Manager bounce. Playing Siggy and Dembele as a midfield two without a defensive protector was hopeful to say the least. Neither played well.

Rose made a welcome return. Capoue is not central defender, and Lloris is understandably losing his authority behind a constantly changing and inexperienced central defence. The much maligned Michael Dawson might even have been effective against Carlton Cole if he had been available.

Playing and persisting with offside specialist Defoe was like writing his own P45. Let's just hope that the Canadians were out shooting elk or ducks in a barrel and didn't notice. Townsend is out for a month or so with hamstrings which at the moment is probably a lucky break for all concerned.

We couldn't score in the crowded bus park in a hectic opening 20 minutes despite having at least three good opportunities. And we couldn't defend when the Fat Controller gave the green light at the end. I don't suppose AVB is laughing somewhere but a grim smile might be in order. Move on Jim.

New Manager.

Frank de Boer heads the new manager sweepstake at 2/1. Leaving Ajax at this stage seems unlikely and getting through unscathed to the end of the season would seem to be a priority. Sherwood is around 4/1 ahead of Hoddle (6/1) and Laudrop  (8/1). Both de Boer and Laudrop have already ruled themselves out but let's not spoil the fun.

 We surely have too many points in the bank to encounter serious embarrassment. Too good to go down. But they said that about the Titanic. I'm off to have a crafty couple of bob on Capello at around 10/1. He has the experience and authority to impose himself on our demoralised squad.

He's also a mate of Baldini who seems to have escaped any consequences of the meltdown. Most importantly he's available at short notice as he hasn't signed his new Russian contract and might sign a short contract, say 18 months to bridge the consolidation period we are inevitably entering.

Perhaps Levy can pull a lively rabbit out of the hat. Trouble is he tends to shoot them before they reach puberty. The football might be more AVB than we would like but Levy won't want to burn his fingers again and Capello would be a safe pair of hands, bit like Brad.

He was at the game on Wednesday, purely by chance apparently, so he knows what he is taking on. Having managed  England he is used to nursing sick animals and lame ducks. Having been sacked at Real Madrid after winning the league he is psychologically equipped to handle the likes of Levy. 

You read it here first. At least the fans showed up against W. Ham. And not many tears were shed for you know who. I doubt whether we have finished shooting ourselves in the foot just yet.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The whole sorry story. So good they showed it twice. Master tactician Sam Allardyce at work. Defoe looks up and crosses perfectly for Adebayor to volley home.

 What a strange sentence that is on re-reading. But we were beaten by two high balls into the box. The final blow delivered by a striker who hasn't scored for a year. You just know exactly what's going to happen when you hear those words.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think Arry wants back and fancies the challenge of producing a killer team with all the new mismatched expensive talent. Bet he could too !!!

Anonymous said...

the real problem at WHL is that no candidate worth hiring will want to work under levy. he has sacked so many and, if AVB's leaks are any guide, made life so miserable for them that no-one in his right mind would want to take the job. Levy is now toxic and until or unless he goes spurs are in deep doo-doo.

Anonymous said...

No-one is reading this so I will have another go !
At last we will field a team with Ade and Soldado up front just as we should have done weeks ago, Harry would and so I hope will Tim. It really is so very obvious, the hold up man (as good as Berbe) and the soldier to put it away.

Anonymous said...

???" that we turned their noses up last time round are not available now."

Anonymous said...

Levy has done some good for the club IN THE BUSINESS SENSE.Why oh why does he feel that makes him an expert in matters pertaining to the playing side of the club? Until someone (Mr. Lewis ?) gets that matter sorted the problems of the past (now added to by GOOD manager recruitment) will continue.Oh for the life of a contented (HA!) spurs supporter.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 18:12
Levy won't invite Harry back whatever Harry would like.

Anon 18:31
Someone will want it, the money's good and if you get sacked there's the compensation.

Anon 18:34.
Agree. But not away to Southampton. Think it will be Soldado on his ownunless Tim goes gung ho again. Didn't work against W.Ham. He might have learn't his lesson.

Anon 18:55
I meant the fans. Apparently Rogers was offered it according to him.

Anon 19:23
Ha indeed. Not in my life time but then I'm knocking on.

Anonymous said...

RE 18.31...wish it was Soldado and not that muppet Defoe...I mean talk about "Back to the Future" with that line up, have to believe that Baldini is feathering the nest for cappo so you should place that 10/1 JG2 it's not a bad bet, never met an italian in Business yet that hasn't always had a 2nd political Agenda...honesty feel the only guy who could look The Board in the eye, harness the Dressing Room, and destroy any background politics (are you reading this Tim ?) is the chap that just retired at Old Trafford, what we need right now is some kind to Messiah to handle Levy/Lewis and sort it all out...442, Jeez, watch out below....

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