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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

You really don't want to know.

Me and Spurs are definitely on the right road.
The JimmyG2 Column.

So anyway there I was half way through my forensic analysis of the Fulham game when there were ambulances, flashing lights and emergency admissions. You don't want to know, trust me.

It was the usual Musings meanderings: Hugo top of AVB's Christmas Card list following his stand-out performance against Fulham; fully recovered after his bang on the head against Everton and so on. Good job I didn't have time to post that one after his efforts against Sunderland.

So anyway there I am I'm in A&E, (or had I been shifted upstairs by then?) I forget. No not that far Upstairs, not the Great Grandstand in the sky, just up to the first floor: Admissions. Anyway by 9 o/c on the Saturday Mrs JimmyG2 had phoned through the Spurs result, to assist my recovery.

So I knew the result but nothing about the game. It felt a bit like that episode of the Likely Lads. Actually that's rubbish because they didn't want to know the result. Anyway I'm in a four berth ward in the bed next to a lifelong Tottenham fan of similar vintage to my own, discussing the 60's and whether we'll ever see their like again, as you do.

He'd got one of them fancy phones with App thingies so he filled in in the details of the result against Sunderland. Since then I've watched a recording of MOTD and a download or an upload, whatever, of the complete game, courtesy of her indoors who knows about these things.

We always make a lot about the performance on Musings but it was mightily reassuring to know that the three points were safe and the Manager too for another week. In fact my fellow Spurs fans are beginning to come on board with us on that one.

 The main complaint at the moment is not the results but that the football has been dire. But we're off the sliproad and setting off on the High Road to Footballing Recovery. Things are looking up injuries excepted.

In that department it's constant good news/bad news. The bad news is that Vertonghen's out but the good news is that Rose is back for the weekend. Maybe. The bad news is that Chiriches is out but the Good news is that Capoue's back. And so it goes on.

But the Very Good News is that we've got 7/9 points since the Man.City fiasco and we lie in 6th, two points off the CL places. More importantly I think I detect signs of improvement in the actual football. Even Defoe played better, passing, running the left channel and hitting the post twice.

Defoe and Holtby closed down from the front with creditable spirit and energy. At one point Defoe turned in exasperation when he discovered that his team-mates had gone into conservation mode but had neglected to let him know. But at least the spirit is there.

But most importantly we made chances and for twenty minutes after we went ahead, courtesy of O'Shea, always liked him, we pressed and dominated and Sunderland could barely get out. On another day Sunderland might have scored 2 or 3. But on another day we might have scored 5 or 6.

Lloris gifted Johnson his first goal of the season with a pathetic punch to a cross he had ample time to catch. Fully recovered Mr Lloris? I think not. He was later grateful to Dawson for a timely clearance after another fumble. He did make one graceful catch later on.

 Naughton had his best performance at left back in place of the injured Vertonghen who may be out until the New Year; Capoue slotted in pretty well for the injured Chiriches in the back four alongside Dawson; AVB juggled his resources effectively.

Holtby started and seems to have got the nod over Siggy. Likewise Defoe over Soldado which defies logic but on the performance made sense. Walker was pretty good once again and seems to have got over his blip of last season.

Dembele was probably the pick with another forceful show. Paulinho got forward well and scored the equaliser with a sharp close in finish. Nobody played badly. Shadli got nearly a full game, he didn't do a great deal but looks comfortable and supplied a headed assist.

Sandro clearly handled but got away with it and you almost feel sorry for Sunderland. Almost. Townsend took the pressure off effectively when he came on down the left. Lennon is playing well so Lamela may have to wait though he Soldado, Siggy and anyone not required first up for the Liverpool game may get starting roles against Anji on Thursday.

AVB is difficult to second guess  but needs to go on ploughing his own furrow as spirits and performance are looking up and results too. Two wins in a week both after going 1-0 down. What's not to like? 

And no you really don't want to know. But like Spurs I'm definitely on the mend.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
This is AVB in 'happy' mode. Doesn't get carried away does he? But he must be quietly pleased with this week's performances and results.


alwyn said...

take care of yrself, Jim. age catches up with all of us.

and any truth behind that Soldado-is-leaving-in-January stuff?

JimmyG2 said...

Hi, True dat!.
Soldado? Would have thought that all concerned would want to give it longer to try to make ago of it. Especially with rumours of Defoe leaving which probably won't happen either,

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Sorry to hear you were unwell Jimmy, but pleased to hear you are on the mend. Another step forward Sat night and a big test coming up at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, great Blog....hope to God Soldado sticks with us, once this team figures out how to play together instead of trying to win matches on their own (Townsend and Defoe are you reading ?!) and start feeding him he will be a great asset....

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks. A few more performances like tonight and I'll be right as rain whatever that means.
Delighted for Soldado, showed his class.
Will he start on Sunday?

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