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Friday, 3 January 2014

How Timothy got the job.

Any idea what happened to AVB?
There's an eye, a tongue, a leg and a toe in here.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
So Dan and Joe and Tim's cunning plan bears fruit. Cue thunder and lightning and  three cloaked figures
cackling and giving the pot of intrigue a final stir.

I've studied your AVB dossier Timothy. We think you're right: we need to sack him..

Does that mean I get the job Mr.Levy?

We don't think you're quite ready Timothy but I'll get back to you when we've surveyed our options.

(3 minutes later )
Timothy how about an interim caretaker role on a rolling 3 month contract and see how it goes?

Nah, ten years minimum sir. That's the least I can accept.

Be reasonable Timothy. Walk before you can run and all that. 18 months is the absolute best we can do.

That'll do me nicely sir.

There's no money in January. With the fringe youngsters you've plenty of players.
With injuries and loans sir we're down to the bare bones.

That has a vaguely familiar ring. Who writes your scripts?

I'll need Les and and the boys with me and a big bonus if we make top four.

Never hustle a hustler Mr. Sherwood.

As discussed Mr. Lewis: short contract, no money; we can sack him if we fall into the bottom half. If he does well? Very little chance of that, it's Man.Utd. at Old Trafford next and then Arsenal in the Cup at the Emirates. Anyway we can claim the credit for it if he does. Shrewd appointment and all that.

Well if you're sure Daniel. But it's like renting your house out to someone with no references and hoping they don't chop up the furniture for fuel if the winter turns nasty. You put in the minimum games Lamela clause?

Oh sugar. I knew there was something. I'll have a word. Trust me Mr Lewis we know what we're doing. Whatever happens nothing will stick to us.

When shall we three again? When the Arsenal match is done. When the battles lost or won.

I know very few people who welcomed the announcement of Tim's appointment though many were pleased to see the back of AVB. However he has exceeded everyone's expectations, including mine. Repeating AVB's defeat of Man.Utd at Old Trafford will endear him to any wavering fans.

More importantly it takes us to within 2 points of Liverpool and the Champions League. It starts 2014 in style and will spread confidence though the squad. It will give him greater authority within the club.

Obviously the Jury is still out after only four games but 10 points out of a possible 12 is a bit of a surprise even to his most ardent supporters. But he has coached some excellent performances and restored Adebayor which has cheered up Soldado considerably.

Soldado was involved in both goals on Wednesday and set up Lennon with a gilt edged chance. Eriksen scored and assisted and played a much more crucial role. We were wasteful with the ball as Tim himself admitted early on but played with more freedom.

We rode our luck in defence. Lloris continuing his recent erratic behavior brought Young down and headed from the very edge of the area. How Smalling's early shot didn't go in is a mystery. But we gained more control if not possession. The last twenty minutes was hectic but this is not the Man.Utd of old.

Tim presents well in the media, he appears genuine and straightforward, doesn't moan or bullshit and has handled the squad well so far. We finished on Sunday with Kane and Bentaleb playing with a confidence which belies their age.

In addition due to injuries to many of our foreign stars we had another 4 English players: Dawson, Lennon, Rose and Walker. We spent all that money on imports and beat Man. Utd with a showing of 6 English players at least three of whom are young and home grown. There were two more on the bench.

I'm not saying it's a policy it's just that Sherwood who has worked with the youth and tellingly with Adebayor when he was banished by AVB last year is sticking firmly within his comfort zone. Which is probably why Lamela hasn't featured yet under the new regime.

With Lennon resurgent he may have to wait a bit longer unless Daniel sends the High Rd. Heavies into the Manager's office before the Arsenal game. Latest news is that he has a thigh injury in any case.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The man of the moment; quite witty, ' They've got hearts haven't they', composed and echoing Harry's man of the people schtick. Sounds as if he knows what he's doing even if he doesn't. What's not to like so far? He has an opportunity of huge dimensions.



Anonymous said...

Bentaleb is French. Not English.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of accuracy, we are not 2 points away from 4th and a CL spot. We would need 3 points to get into 4th place.

JimmyG2 said...

First Two Anon..
Technically you are both correct. Thankyou.
What's The Channel and goal difference between friends?

Anonymous said...

spot on. no one available of the high calibre Levy probably wants, so zero risk by putting Timmy in charge until the summer on a short contract which probably wont cost more than a week of Ade's wages to settle up.

Good luck tim, but unless you surpass massively I think you are only keeping the seat warm.

David E

Anonymous said...

Daniel Levy is Lady MacBeth, it all makes sense now.

Also well spotted, and good point:

'Sherwood who has worked with the youth and tellingly with Adebayor when he was banished by AVB last year is sticking firmly within his comfort zone. Which is probably why Lamela hasn't featured yet under the new regime.'


TMWNN said...

Lamela started against Southampton.

Just thought I'd point that out.

JimmyG2 said...

David E.
I never contradict anyone who agrees with me

Blimey you lot are very sharp today.
'featured much' I should have said.
Bloody nitpickers, You want style, grace and accuracy?
But welcome anyway. I'm going to have to sack that work experience fact checker 'tout suite' as Betaleb would have said.

Anonymous said...

It is Bentaleb not Betaleb.

Anonymous said...

AVB is an awful coach who did an awful job. I recognise enough names of posters here from other sites, who failed to grasp that fact when I pointed it out, and indeed very aggressively told me to get stuffed. Well I hope you've learned your lesson. The emporer's new clothes almost always means the emporer is naked, and in AVBs case that was always obvious.

Tim's doing a good job but no better than any half decent coach would do with. squad like this. Spurs squad is immense, it's phenomenal. It's so far ahead of anyone outside the 'big 5' (arse, Chelsea, Pool, Utd, City) that failure to beat any of those non big 5s (including Everton and Newcastle) is unforgivable. For AVB to have lost at home to sides like West Ham and Newcastle was absolute proof of his incompetence.

So Tim is doing a decent job, but he isn't really exceeding my expectations. I thought we'd beat West Brom, but draw with Utd, and win the others. so he's essentially meeting my expectations. This squad is seriously strong, playing in a league which has some 13 or 14 seriously weak sides in it. That Villa can be midtable is the worst indictment of the current state of the premier league's depth

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 21:03
I know (see main text) It's a typo!

Last Anon.
AVB was doing well in most respects. Tim is learning from AVB's mistakes and using his knowledge and experience of the club to get things back on an even keel.
I take your point about the weakness of the Premiership and there are already gaps opening up in the table between the top 9 and the rest. I expect that to widen considerably between the top six and the rest

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