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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Setback for Sherwood.

Tim's our manager until Niagara Falls freezes over. Oops!
The JimmyG2 Column.
And it was all going so well as the man in a barrel said as he went over Niagara Falls. But it's still 16 points out of 21 from the last seven games which most of us would have taken when Tim took over. And Hull away is up next so be of good cheer fellow fans.

In fact none of the next five are that terrifying at all: Hull, Everton, Newcastle, Norwich, and Cardiff. Even better three of them are away from home. Best get some points on the board before the next five though which include Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

If we are still there or somewhere close after the Liverpool game then the run in looks promising. Not that I think we will be. Even with my look on the brightside specs I can't see past 6th. Last night showed us the truth of where we are.

With any luck the Oligarchs and Sheiks will soon take themselves off to a million seater hovering super stadium in the desert near Dubai and play amongst themselves with a solid gold ball, on solid gold astroturf, for the Multi Squillionares Euro-Trophy. Solid gold naturally.

If they don't the top of the Premiership will increasingly be contested only by the finest players and officials that money can buy. Are these reflections pure sour grapes and a way of ignoring the harsh truths of last night's game? To an extent but we can't avert our gaze any longer.

If Tim had a game plan on Wednesday against City it was opaque at best and certainly didn't work out even before the incorrect decision to rule Michael Dawson's equaliser offside.When the kick was taken there were five at least City players playing him on.

Equally doubtful was the red card, penalty and sending off of Danny Rose who clearly got the ball before in any way making any contact with Dzeko. This decision will be appealed which won't change the result but will save us from Kyle Naughton at left back for the next three matches.

But even before that we were seriously second best and City might have been three or four up within half an hour. The woodwork, Hugo and wild finishing especially by Dzeko saved us until later. We rallied and 1-1 at half time may have seen us make more of a game of it but it would only have delayed the inevitable.

We showed some spirit for a time but City exploited the extra man ruthlessly to administer our second five goal defeat at home in a single season for the first time it is suggested in our history. I find that hard to believe. But it is the sort of stat. that will weigh heavily in the balance when Tim's future is discussed.

Tim's team sheet and formation sent us out with one leg tied behind our backs and it was men against boys for the most part. We had too many missing players both on and off the pitch. Bentaleb who has repaid Tim's faith in him was hopelessly out of his depth against the power and experience of City.

Dembele's one trick pony repertoire was quickly sussed and it was some relief when he was forced to go off. Capoue should have been on from the start in any case. Not as an alternative to Nabil and Moussa but as a belt to their braces. Under intense pressure our passes were going astray.

Both Siggy and Lennon contributed less than diddly. Eriksen who created mayhem with his dead ball kicks was lost in midfield and  the abandoned Adebayor who gets an A for effort struggled manfully against three or four defenders. Tim was hoping for miracles but was disappointed.

Dawson and Chiriches did their best as 3rd and 4th choice centre backs but in the circumstances even when Aguerra went off it was not quite good enough.

We did better than last time though so Tim won't get the sack this week as progress is clearly being made if only statistically. Against the likely Premiership winners it was an uphill struggle from the start and the dodgy decisions by the officials made a bad situation even worse.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Nothing available for the Dawson 'goal' but here is the red card for Danny Rose. Doesn't show Mariner awarding a corner before the linesman intervenes but clearly shows Dzeko crumbling before he is touched and Rose clearly getting the ball first. 50/50 on the appeal succeeding.

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IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Eriksen's corners and free kicks were terrific weren't they?Spurs looking dangerous at dead ball situations. At last. Shame about the open play stuff. Still, I'm hanging to the belief that beating the lesser lights will see us there or thereabouts at the season's end. Though unlike many I don't see any shame in being the EL. Though I think 6th quite likely too.

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