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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sherwood threatens to succeed.

Gone but not forgotten:
The first half against Crystal Palace.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 13 points out of 15 since Tim Sherwood took over tells the most important part of the Tottenham story this season as far as most fans are concerned. However the first half performance against Crystal Palace was as bad as I remember in many years of following Spurs.

 The bad, the worse and the truly awful. But if the poor initial attitude of the players can be laid at his door so can the revival after half time. Words were clearly said and multiple hair dryers accurately aimed.

We could have easily been 3 down at half time and might have conceded another three at corners in the last 15 minutes. The penalty was soft but Dembele's immediate reaction told it all. In the end we won and although nothing will be forgotten much will be forgiven. Bentaleb was most people's MOM not that he had any serious rivals.

It was a crucial win as all of the top seven teams won. The top four have all got a two points per game or better average. Safe from relegation on the magical 40 points; we are 3 points off a Champions' League place and a mere 8 points behind Arsenal who return to the top.

The gap between 7th and 8th is widening and the mixed blessing of Europa football looks assured. Not bad for a side that sacked its manager before the half way stage of the season in a somewhat desperate bid for Premiership salvation and appointed an unqualified insider on a short term contract.

However points on the board are what counts especially in our injury hit circumstances. So, so far so good even if some of the football is no better than under the dark days under AVB. At least the intent is there. Tim talks the talk but as yet the players are yet to fully walk the walk.

Those who accept playing badly and winning will be delighted with the Crystal Palace example. Personally they are welcome to it and it brings into question the whole point of watching Spurs or any team for that matter.

Taking the positives to emerge from Tim's brief reign to date: Eriksen has established himself as a key figure as well as Nabil Bentilab who has been preferred to the more experienced Capue.  Rumours are circulating that Sherwood is critical of the Frenchman's attitude in training.

Adebayor has been given the kiss of life; a key demand of Levy ever aware of the bottom line, and we are getting more players into the box. Play has certainly been speeded up and with this in mind Townsend has been backed for an early return.

Lamela, Sandro and Vertonghen are on the verge of returning to full training so to coin a phrase : things can only get better even if it's three steps forward, two steps back at the moment in terms of the football played. The Crystal Palace game had ugly reminders of the worst of the negativity under AVB.

Judgment on Tim is premature after five games and I have an open mind on his future. Points mean prizes but I will be surprised if we finish in the top five or much above where AVB left us, in seventh  which would be an achievement in itself.

It will be Levy's call in the final analysis and I suspect that Tim will neither clearly succeed nor obviously fail.His future will hang agonizingly in the balance when we finish outside the top four. A decent run in the Europa may stay the hangman's noose.

I predict that Sherwood will do enough to remain manager until the end of his contract and if his promotion of youngsters, Carroll and Kane in addition to Bentaleb reaps dividends this might influence Levy's decision. But he will be working in the full knowledge that Levy will be looking for an excuse to sack him as his term runs out. Or maybe sooner.

If Adebayor stays focused; Soldado finds his scoring touch; Lennon stays fit and Eriksen continues to develop his creative role then it could all come good for Tim, the team and the fans. But let's not get carried away.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Worst penalty miss ever? Well that's probable an extreme claim. Puncheon did at least send Hugo the wrong way. One nil down after 8 minutes might have been a bridge too far.


Anonymous said...

Reasonable article, would be a lot better if you could spell the name of our opponents properly though

Anonymous said...

another mug moaning about the grammer!!! ITS NOT ABOUT GRAMMER!!! its about getting his drift

Anonymous said...

more than likely a teachers pet who cleaned the blackboard and gave him or her an apple!!!

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon
Fixed, thank you, a fair point.

Second and third Anons.
Your support is most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Errrrr it's GRAMMAR... Hahaha oh how the education system has failed us!

JimmyG2 said...

He knows that!. He's just winding you up. We don't need no ejukation.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood will go end of season van gaal in levy will pay off timothy n van gaal come in 4nothing as out of contract thts my bet.

Anonymous said...

hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!!

Anonymous said...

5th, 6th, 7th it doesn't matter anything other than c/l is failure yet again, any top team needs c/l in order to attract the top players but need top players and a top manager in order to get c/l, aaaaaaaaaaah!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

There's so much more to football and Spurs watching than CL football. Luckily. I trust Sherwood will give the EL his full attention. Don't they read the signs that implore Spurs to dare and go for Glory plastered around the ground anymore?

I don't think we are especially entertaining either. It might be better than the worst of AVB's side but it isn't better than the best of AVB's side.

Still, I'm hoping Tim and the lads to get a EL spot again this season. CL would be fantastic, but there are 4-5 sides better than us this season.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

We should aim high, but enjoy the echoes of glory in the (endless) failure to reach the hallowed land.

Besides it'll be a nice surprise when we win the league next season.

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