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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Your place at five oclock to make love. If I'm late start without me.

Did Tim say Swansea
     was a two oclock start Daws?
          The JimmyG2 Column.
  Yet another nail biting start and yet another three points. I don't think Man. City will allow us the luxury of a late lie in so alarm clocks will have to be set and watches synchronised. Mind you it's an evening kick off and not till Wednesday week so we should be there on time.

As Tallulah Bankhead once said; 'I'll be at your place to make love at 5 oclock. If I'm late start without me. City won't need a second bidding and could be out of sight by half time. 'Out of sight!' Oh please yourselves.

If Bony's neat turn and powerful strike had gone in we might be discussing a whole different football game. In the end it was 'The Tale of Two Strikers' a classic that Charlie Dickens, preoccupied by trivialities like the French Revolution, never quite got around to.

Level on points with Liverpool in fourth; advancing steadily into positive goal difference territory; two clean sheets and 15 goals scored in our 6 Premiership games under Timothy; and 16 points out of 18. Not exactly a Catalogue of Horrors is it?

 Even those that have hated Tim from birth are beginning to soften in their hostility and are almost grateful that the midwife didn't drown him in the barrel with the kittens. If he's not careful he might get the job on a permanent basis and then his troubles really will begin.

Spurs fans are a difficult lot to please. I will always remember the apocryphal Jenas story after he supposedly scored a first half hatrick, headed two off the line, then went in goal and saved a penalty. 'Ah' said the long suffering Spurs supporter, 'But can he do it every week? Timothy be warned.

The Spurs midfield for the first half hour was like kids tadpoling with a large holed net. Not much was intercepted, everything passed straight through. Fortunately Swansea's admirable approach play wasn't matched by their penetration in the final third. 

Bentaleb amongst many others improved as the game progressed. In our first really menacing counter Adebayor laid the ball up to Eriksen, then sprinted 50yds while Lennon and Eriksen passed the ball amongst themselves to get on the end of a delightful curling cross from the Dane to head us into the lead on 35 minutes.

All the air went out of the Swansea balloon once Walker from the bye-line had induced Flores to put through his own net soon after half time. It  should have been 3-0 soon after but Dembele ignored Adebayor well placed for a tap in but failed to score himself when through on goal. Another  Xmas card saved.

In the end it didn't matter as Rose obliged when put through by Sigurdsson,fresh on as sub, and Adebayor scored his 6th goal in eight starts to go top scorer with Soldado who sat this one out with Defoe on the bench. Ade is equal on goals but in half the starts.

On our current form over the last six away games we are ranked top and Tim is in line for the ultimate kiss of death, the Manager of the Month award. We have lost only once in the last 10 Premiership games. Better yet the football is improving too.

All credit to Tim for varying his tactics away from home, for using his subs judiciously especially the canny introduction of Naughton for Lennon who had become increasingly peripheral. Walker went to what we used to call wing half and he may find this his eventual resting place. Shades of Gareth Bale.

So hats off to Tim, the boys are certainly playing for him and his resurrection of Adebayor has been the key and the biggest black mark against  AVB. We  know he can do it, Ade knows he can do it and Tim knows too. For how long is anybody's guess. And all over a beanie hat. I think not.

3-0 up and cruising we conceded a late goal to the impressive Bony but nothing could stop us achieving our fifth consecutive away victory for the first time since 1961. Although it should be acknowledged that the first two of these were under AVB. Give the man his due.

I expect you are tired of hearing this statistic but I mention it just in case you were on a space mission or monastic retreat at the weekend. This takes us back to the Bill Nicholson era but comparisons are not being made just yet.

You are either too young to remember The Nicholson Years or so old that you have forgotten them completely and are wondering why you are standing at the top of the stairswith a bucket and mop. But out of the recent upheavals a new optimism is emerging.

Can he do it every week? Well he has so far. Wednesday week will tell us a lot more. Will we see 442 at home to the likely Champions? He just might but he seems more flexible lately and to be honest I really don't know.

Jimmy's Video Spot:  
Christian Eriksen: Increasingly important to Tim and Spurs. Hard to pick a favourite from this sequence. Five minutes of magic from the man destined to be our playmaker hopefully for years to come. Pipped for MOM by Adebayor on Sunday, his day will surely come.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It was a worry how easily Swansea, and Palace last week, sauntered through us, even with a nominal 5 in midfield on Sunday. Still, we stayed in the game and played very well once we scored.

Some people are saying beat the average and below average sides and we should be there or thereabouts 4th at the end of the season, whatever happens against our presumed betters. I'm warmed by this view.

Though generally AVB was achieving this too. It is more exciting than under AVB at the end there, which is good as I am one of those that I think it important to enjoy watching the side. I'd liked to have seen AVB get the chance to turn things around but am happy to see Tim get some decent results playing decent football.

I don't subscribe to the view that it is especially entertaining. Indeed there is a lot of knocking it around and not going very far under Tim too. Still, we'll get a result against Manchester City. Somehow.

Is there some way I can subscribe to the blog, Jimmy? I keep making comments late this season. I don't want you to miss my pals of wisdom do I now.

Superb Tallulah Bankhead quote. On the French Rev theme, I think Tim is a lucky general, though that didn't do Napoleon and his officers much good in the end, despite some fun on the way. The long trip to Dnipro may tax us too!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Pearls of wisdom rather than pals of wisdom. I don't want you to think I have a team of script writers, though i get voices in my head sometimes. Usually Bill Nick.

JimmyG2 said...

IKnowAlan Gilzean
Newsnow are having problems with indivual bloggers so few subscribers this week. Your comments are always welcome ,early or late.Not sure about subscibers. You mean we could charge you? not a bad voice to have inyour head. I agree about the football but now that Eriksen has been given his head it's more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

We will beat city. We have very good players. What I like about tim is that he getting players, to play to their strength's. If Verts and Paulie are fit I would go with. Lloris,walker,rose, verts,vald, bentaleb or sandro, dembele, Paulie, Erickson, Lennon or Townsend, Ade.
4-1-4-1. Erickson on left or right. Paulie, dems, erickson rotating in behind Ade.

Anonymous said...

If Tim opts for anything other than a 4-2-3-1 against city next week, with a "proper" defensive midfielder, he is absolutely stark raving bonkers.

Think the boys will be super motivated though, after the trouncing we got last time out.

Anonymous said...

We need another striker. If we get an injury to Soldado or Ade young Harry's going to cover? Adequately? I don't think so. That Mr Bony looked very sharp to me...thoughts?

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