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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lamela is off.

No need. His day is coming soon.
The Greg Meyer Column.
 Lamela Is Off.

The agenda, the pace, the radar and the pitch. However you call it, he has not settled yet. AVB was a slow to learn fan. Tim Sherwood has not yet bitten the Lamela bullet. Erik Lamela, an Argentine International. Soon to play seriously for Spurs surely.

It remains the most exquisite piece of skill seen at the Lane this season. Running at pace, close control, a glide by the first opponent, closing on the penalty box, a further shoulder drop and he's past the next obstacle, a sublime caress over the ball with his left foot, too much for the next opponent and little option to bring him down for the penalty.
 Erik Lamela against FC Sheriff. Comments flowed from hardened and long time Spurs fans. The best piece of individual skill seen at the Lane for years. Seems an eternity ago.

 Eric the Enigma and Other Conspiracy Theories.


He arrived with considerable baggage most notably the tag of Tottenham's most expensive signing by a long way. Soldado signed for 13 million rising to 26 million. Hows Bobby gone ... hmm. Erik just 21 years old but seemingly with the world before him.
 A part of an Argentinian side that includes Messi, Palacio, Higuin and Lavezzi as part of the forward squad. Some competition for a 21 year old.

 The early days seemed to be ease him in gently. Albeit after that stand out game against FC Sheriff and with Newcastle in the Premier up next, Andre Villas Boas chose not to start him. The conspiracy lot would point to Andre's excessive caution. Fair point and in Andre's case a fatal one.

 To quote a Tottenham fan great...

                                               deliberately sabotaged by AVB

                                               needs time to settle

                                               needs to build up core strength

                                               needs a run of games to show his obvious wares.

 So is there any credence there. I mean Nabil Bentaleb came in and despite some poor moments does seem to have settled and improved. Mind no baggage, Bentaleb who? Still not the hardest area to settle in. The backwards, sideways and occasional frontwards pass sector. At least Nabil has started going forwards more. Leave the Dnipro game aside .. oops there's that word again.

 The settling in period for Erik was difficult. No english skills and according to the tabloids trouble with his curtains. More serious was the kidnapping of his brother Axel in South America on his the eve of his home debut for Spurs.
Erik. His last game was Stoke and he threatened to look good in a cameo. Before that Fulham very good and Southampton was also a good game. I well remember the final whistle at Stoke. Erik was in possession, whistle blew and he kicked the ball away in Argentinian disgust. Walked directly off, alone and if body language means anything then not a happy bunny.

 Thereafter the conspiracy theorists have had a field day. Injury, agent organising a move back to Italy,denied emphatically by brother Brian on Twitter, complete silence from the club, little comment from the new English manager, loan deal to Italy, not known to the new manager, mind Capoue had a similar problem ( got through that one... speaks pidgen cockney and Tim got the message), and just lately an injury threatening to keep him out for at least another month.
 The good news is the continued faith in Erik by the faithful. Yes there are the doubters and the knockers but the overwhelming majoritory are prepared to give youth a chance.
 It may be hope springing eternal, it may be sentiment but our pub just think when the dust settles we do have a superstar in and on the wings. He may not be teachers pet a la Bentaleb but we are right behind him here ...
 At A Kent Pub.
 Enjoying the results under Tim Sherwood, Cups aside. Enjoying the more expansive football. So why this nagging feeling that he is not quite a Spurs Manager. Our fervent hope is fourth and yes keep the job for another season.
 Hard to get entirely enthused about the Europa. At least the plane was not shot down en route to a war zone. Still the football did not excite..

                       " I sometimes wonder which would be nicer- a game without an interval, or an interval without a game."   apologies to Ernest Newman.

 Just about sums up the Dnipro game. Norwich tomorrow, a swansong for a former Spurs full back great? How we could do with him now on the left.
 Back to the birthday table. George Washington, Bruce Forsythe,and Chris Moyles all have anniversaries. Our favourite is Niki Lauda. The man James Hunt so famously duelled with.
 Cheers .. a win tomorrow continues an improbable quest for fourth ... Greg Meyer.    coys.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
3minutes 37 seconds of quality from the boy Erik at Roma. Same as Soldado, you don't become a poor player from one season to the next. Needs a run in the team as soon as he's fit ahead of Lennon, Townsend, Chadli and Siggy. Oi Sherwood, you listening?


spurgatso said...

Got to agree ,worst thing that happened to all our "magnificent seven was being coached? by avb.As with Ade its seems if the portoplonker didnt like you you didnt,play or got sold on.Keep up the good work Mr.T and I think we will see young Erics full potential,when fit COYS

East London Colin said...

Like to think you're right, but Ravel Morrison was going to be the next best thing thanks to a goal against us and look what's happening to him! On swallow doesn't make a summer. Unfortunately, the problem is that he's not got the speed to make it at the top in the Premier League.

Anonymous said...

Lamela has plenty of speed but doesn't beat people with pace, he does it by drawing players in and doing them with skill.

This boy WILL become one of the best players in the WORLD in the next few years - if we bottle it and sell him in the summer we'll regret it forever.

Anonymous said...

Ozil hasnt got speed but still a top player!give him chance!

Anonymous said...

Everyone expects the lad to turn it around apart from a few hack journalists who unfortunately convince a number of idiots that he's never gonna make it.

FOG -For Our Girls said...

Totally agree that you don't become a poor player suddenly. It's adjusting to a new style of play that's hindering him and soldado. Just like what happened to modric when he went to rm. Look at what he is to them now! Patience and belief from the manager. Run of games no matter how bad is important. Crowd support make him them feel supported and wanted. We will have our own messi in time to come . Coys

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt the lad has great skill, great feet and csn score great goals as footage suggests on you tube with Roma, and we all know he needs time to settle but COME ON! HOW MUCH LONGER DOES HE NEED? This boy is an Argentine international pro playing in the prem in a world cup year and as yet hasn't proved worthy of his place nor has he shown the commitment that other of his fellow country men have in the prem. I mean what's wrong with him? I have a sneeky suspicion that he doesn't want to be here and therefore isn't performing.

Anonymous said...


Lennon said...

My favourite Spurs blog. Always enjoying your posts.

JimmyG2 said...

At the moment he's injured.
Changing teams would only slow his progress at this stage.
He hasn't had enough consistent game time to assess. Hence the videos.
He needs as long as it takes, Soldado too.
He may in the end turn out to be a flop but its too soon make that judgment.
Many foreign players take time to settle.

Anonymous said...

You're all missing the "point" here. Yes, he may well become the new/xt "best player in the World" but just as the article alluded to, its all about the player's capacity to settle in a particular country an a particular league. It may be that for Lamela to become the next best player, he may have to do it in another country and another league. Acton_Spur.

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