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Monday, 3 February 2014

No tea party for Spurs.

Good afternoon Vicar.
What do mean get yer kit on? 
The JimmyG2 Column.
 You will have noticed that no ITK's are injured or even slightly maimed in the writing of Spurs Musings. Similarly we try to avoid completely invented fantasy press reports of swoops, meltdowns on or off the pitch, training ground bust ups, or reports of the progress of a new stadium at White Hart Lane and other unlikely occurrences.

So we just note with a wry smile the Daily Mirror suggestions that Levy is already tired of his latest managerial appointment on the grounds of Tim's abrasiveness and continuing selection of an inexperienced youth player ahead of more experienced recent signings.

That he has Louis Van Gaal lined up as a replacement after the world Cup is the sickest of sick jokes.  Firstly even after the limp draw at Hull Tim's record is probably beyond Levy's wildest imaginings and he clearly knows nothing about the Dutchman's history and attitudes.

The man's middle name is whatever the Dutch for 'abrasive' might be; his style confrontational and his promotion of youth players at Barcelona a standout feature of his approach. So not only is Tim 'Harry Lite' but 'Van Gaal Lite' too. An interesting mixture.

The imposition of a club style as at Ajax, Barcelona and currently Arsenal sounds like an idea whose time has come back into fashion to me. If it recaptured the Glory Glory days of pass and move, push and run,with the addition of pressing from the front then bring it on.

Anyway we have even more pressing issues at the present time. We turned up late again on Saturday but only twenty minutes this week. A goal down to an enterprising link up between Jelavic and Long, Hull's new strike force. Neither of whom would get anywhere our first team.

They caught out the ever present Dawson and the newly returned Vertonghen with only 12 minutes played. Walker wandering back from somewhere or other made a half hearted attempt to bring Shane Long down but thought better of it and he scored with aplomb, as they say in all the best Soccer Journals.

 After that we more or less bossed the game and Tim pronounced himself disappointed but judged that there was no danger of us losing the game. I'm with him on the first part but part company with him on the second.

Once again we relied on a midfielder scoring for the equaliser, this time another returnee Paulinho with a sharp finish from a Danny Rose pass or shot, just as I was beginning to fear the worst. A couple of openings and chances is not good enough for top four aspirants against Hull who had lost their last four games.

Lennon was again completely ineffective; Soldado was found wanting and Bentaleb straight back on his bike after falling off against City was as good as many and better than most. Adabeyor worked his socks off and was my MOM by default.

With Kaboul on the bench and others not far off there is no need to despair or panic. However we seem to be turning up to a Vicarage tea party with the prospect of Guess Teddies Name; How many Sweets in the Jar', and a gentle 'Crossbar Challenge' and are shocked to find we are involved in a full blown Premiership match.

'Important point at the end of the season' says Tim, I doubt that too. Arrogance, fatigue, confusion: you choose. Van Gaal has plenty of the first. And he would certainly cast out the others but in the meant-time there's the rest of the season to get through.

It might get worse before it gets better but it won't get that bad. Thursday nights loom but that means plenty of games to keep the whole squad happy, whoever's left after the next great clear out and inevitable change of manager of course.

Jaded and cynical moi? Well a little although I should be used to it by now. Yet another season or two of turmoil and transition before another splurge of spending when we sell whichever star captures someone's eye. Sandro, Lloris, Lamela, Soldado, Vertonghen, Walker: any or all of the above.

I thought I might just live to see us win the league and/or build a new stadium but it's going to be a damn close run thing for either by the looks of it.We need gel and lashings of it to make the wait attractive and interesting but I'm not holding my breath. Not at my age.

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Anonymous said...

The only logical piece I have read regarding Hull and Van Gaals 'appointment'

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you manage to remain, at heart, light hearted! - I am so disappointed in Spurs. I think we could lose a lot of players in the summer,. Im currently employed by a group that are moronic, unethical, short-sighted, greedy and generally shit. If I wasnt going to NZ soon I would be out asap, so it's not hard for me to imagine the likes of, Lloris Verts, Sandro,Lamela, Holtby, Chiriches, Paulinhio all wanting to leave!!! - Spurs at board level have spent the last few years failing to decide, how they want SPurs to pay, who wil di it, and whether they will just give up mid-plan and sell a load of players for a profit instead! - They seem to generally choose the latter and we start all over again in bloody situ, and I am fed up with it.

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome to the club.
It's only a game, not a matter of life and death as the man once said. Punching well above our weight in the past few years but not quite good enough.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'd like to see the Levy-Van Gaal relationship play out! Could be a lot of fun. Given that we wanted a long term project, hence AVB, Van Gaal is unlikely to fit the bill. Moreover, I imagine a few will be in for Van Gaal after the WC. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if Tim is kept on in the summer, partly through his own efforts, but mainly because we won't be able to get who we want.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Agree entirely on the Van Gaal thing.

From everything I've read about the man, he sounds like an arse.

If we insist on going Dutch I would sooner have De Boer, if things don't work out for Tim.

Anyhoo, great read, Jim. As ever.

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