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Friday, 21 February 2014

Soldado to stay.

 Man of the Match, Brad Friedel,
 responds to suggestions that he should retire.

The JimmyG2 Column.
 If we were trying to impress Koloyanko we went about it completely the wrong way. His agent is checking  the flights to Liverpool airport as we speak. He was the best player on the pitch except for Brad who had a 25 year start.

It didn't really  go according to plan whatever the plan was. They were livelier, more solid, robust and quicker than we anticipated although these allegedly makeweight sides always are. Like fine wines we didn't travel well and we will have to play a lot better to overcome the goal deficit at The Lane.

Let's not begrudge Juande Ramos his temporary triumph. His line that Levy is more interested in running a successful business rather than creating a winning team has the ring of truth and AVB might well agree with him. But he who laughs last Senor Ramos.

The pitch as Timothy says was diabolical but as is the custom both sides played on it. Soldado who played well overall and showed some class touches missed the proverbial  'My missis could have scored that' sitter.

It's not the first time he's shanked a chance inside the six yard area but it's coming as a volley which was deflected wide showed. Pity about the close range miss but he played with confidence and skill.

Of the rest Paulinho was the pick until Eriksen came on. The rest can fight amongst themselves for the accolade of least worst. Townsend was a one man disaster zone and he can only hope that Roy wasn't watching. Bentaleb had his worst game under Timothy but he was no worse than many others.

Of the seniors Vertonghen played as if he would rather be doing something different somewhere else and ineptly conceded the penalty. Capoue was all over the place so perhaps Tim was right in the first place. If Chadli had come off after 15 minutes he would have been MOM by a mile.

This was not our strongest squad, a sub standard pitch, a nearly 4000 mile round trip, but we showed little quality and even less 'upforitness'. When your best player is a 42 year old veteran it tells a depressing story. Watch and learn young Archer, watch and learn.

A long way to go to get beat as I said to my brother who was on a seniors cricket tour in Sri Lanka. Three crushing defeats and saved by a downpour in the final game. No such luck for Spurs. Tim has yet to win a Cup game since he took over. Curious.

On Sunday we might knock another nail in Chris Hughton's coffin and quickly have the chance to right the wrongs of Thursday night. By this time next week it could be all smiles again. Enjoy it while you can Juande. I fully expect us to win both but we will have to up our game considerably.

The inclusion of all or most of Ade, Kaboul, Dembele, Lloris, Eriksen and Walker unless some of their niggles persist will change not just the personnel but the attitude and focus too. So what we have here is just the normal Tottenham blip folks, nothing to see here. Move on.

On Sunday could the real Totenham stand up please.Townsend, Lennon or Chadli? Or none of the above? Above my pay grade. Oi Sherwood sort it.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Roberto Soldado. Form/Class. Say no more. Need to go on a goalscoring spree Bobby to scotch those Soldado to Athletico rumours.Will he stay? No question and he will start scoring goals quite soon.


Jim said...

Almost all the Soldier's goals are off the right foot, most notably the volleys. The dreadful miss Thursday skews off his left. There, in a nutshell, lies the problem: we have a one-footed soldier.

Anonymous said...

Probably the most overused word in recent weeks has been "flop". Poor Lamela who has scarcely seen the light of day in recent weeks was so castigated by various blogs. Indeed one Matthew xxx--a would be journalist at college--said the concern was over "Lamela's singing". Soldado is in the same boat everyone rushes to turf him out. Lets give them both a break and a chance--I believe both will shine next season.
The game yesterday was grim, and at best we were fortunate to get away with a 1-0 deficit. It was almost as iif they wished they were anywhere else but in the Ukraine. No doubt we will triumph at WHL but I certainly expected better.

spurgatso said...

I would thjink playing on an allotment ,temperature 0,country in turmoil,people dead.I think I might feel a bit wish I was'nt too.

Anonymous said...

The key to that volley deflected wide was the cross from Eriksen, he seems to be the only one who can cross from the right, so play him on right wing & get service to Soldado from that area & he will score.
lennon & Townsend are pointless footballers they don't create or score goals so why bother with them.
I'm sure Soldado would prefer getting crosses & through balls from Eriksen on the right than the other two paperweight footballers

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