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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Spurs lose their Tottenham Way.

 Tottenham Way?
Think they demolished it years ago love.
The JimmyG2 Column
 Play poorly and win. Spurs purists eat your heart out. It's not a choice of course. How do you set up a team to play poorly? Buy inferior players I suppose but we haven't taken that route. It's the old hoary false dichotomy question 'which would you rather: play well and lose; play poorly and win?

Over the long term, say half a season , playing with pace and invention, passing accurately and moving into space, push and run in its modern guise, will get you more points than misplacing passes, failing to close down the opposition, playing at snail's pace and generally being inept.

 Kyle Walker says that under Tim we have got back to playing the Tottenham Way. Now I like the boy and he will make us a pile of money when he finally moves on but he's too young to remember the 'Tottenham Way' and all the old videos must have finally worn out.

If that was the Tottenham way on Sunday my name's not JimmyG2. We gave them a 20 minute start once again during which time Osman alone had four shots and only Hugo's vigilance kept us at the party. After that they were the better team in midfield but actually put little goal threat together.

We won because Ade put away our only chance in the first hour, following quick thinking by Walker. Not a sentence I've ever put together before. The boy's quick but not in every department.

 Defoe doubled our shots on target with a farewell strike when he had two colleagues better placed. 'Plus ca change; plus c'est la meme chose' as Hugo remarked. He didn't even have time to put in a trademark offside just for old times sake. We may see him again anyway.

If I were Tim I'd check those starting blocks for superglue.You can't argue with the stats. We are 3rd in a league table based on the games since Tim took over from AVB. But the football is almost as uninspiring as it was under the previous regime. Almost.

Tim's inexperience shows when he says he can't work out why we start so slowly and on the back foot. He claims the team is under orders to get cracking from the get go. With such a varied international squad something must be getting lost in translation.

Tim left the ineffective and frankly uninterested Lennon on and substituted Eriksen who was at least trying to get involved. I would think that now that Townsend is recovered he will replace Aaron quite shortly. But the opening half hour malaise is still the most worrying problem.

Everton could well have done a City on us or do what Liverpool inflicted on Arsenal and be out of sight in the first half hour. Perhaps its the classic old 'keep it tight for the first 15 minutes' ploy and then gradually increase the pressure.

But even Tim must have grown out of that one especially having watched how unsuccessful it was under AVB. You hand the initiative to the opposition and good teams will destroy you. Everton might well have been two up quite quickly.

Mediocre teams will gain confidence and begin to think, 'We can do this'. They have time to refuel the bus and repaint the bays in the bus park. It doesn't do us fans any favours either. There's nothing like a quick goal to settle the nerves.

Capoue eventually got on and was within a gnat's whisker of conceding a penalty for a rash challenge. But we survived and won. Credit Tim in the end I suppose. If he could only give his half time harangue before the game things might get off to a better start.

Injury Update:
Chiriches out for six weeks. Kaboul only lasts 20 minutes. Vertonghen slowly recovering. Good job we've got Mr. Reliable, Michael Dawson. Oh and a good job we kept Capoue as he can play there too.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
'Look at life' from the early 60's. Featuring The Mighty Spurs.
Here you go Kyle best I can do. Spurs feature from one and a half minutes in. Nostalgia? Musings does good nostalgia. 'Some of these players are worth tens of thousands of pounds'.  Health and Safety should have a look at the benches in that Gym.

Look carefully I'm probably in there somewhere. I was too young for a flat cap.


Anonymous said...

Waffling piffle

Anonymous said...

For the rest of this season just winning will do.
2 big challenges in the summer:
To decide who is the permanent manager, let him make some changes to the squad, and trust we start playing better, and winning.
To buy the final pieces of the new stadium site, hoping the compulsory purchases have gone our way, and to prepare the way for the construction phase of the new stadium.

northbankin30secsaconservativeestimate said...

training ground routine cocked up and lose to city 1-0 all the same today, but oh my god the SHELF! Irving scholar has a lot to answer for just for ruining the best standing area in the world!
Shelf RIP

JimmyG2 said...

1st. Anon.
I think you mean piffling waffle.

Cheshuntboy said...

That was the dreaded stroke of half-time penalty game, which would/could have given us the championship, instead of third place, two points behind first-placed Burnley (we still had the best goal average in the division!). My first match at WHL was also against City (the 3-0 defeat in '69) but the atmosphere had already changed hugely from the cheerful cockney/Max Bygraves/Lonnie Donegan/David Kossoff/Billy Cotton sort of feel evident in the 1960 game - we had become sour and disappointed - only two FA cups and one European trophy after the Double! If we'd known what was to come we might have enjoyed it all a bit more, and I'd swap now for then any day - it didn't always rain either.

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