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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Vertonghen looking for exit after Norwich.

What we need is an aggressive Dutchman 
to clear up this mess.
The JimmyG2 column.
Norwich: Graveyard of the Stars.

The seasons over
It's time to call it a day
Chris burst Tim's pretty balloons
And they've taken the cups away

The seasons over
The floodlights flicker and dim
We danced and dreamed through the night
It seemed to be right just being with Tim.

 Now we must face up, all dreams must end
Take off your track suit, the seasons over
It's all over, my friends.

(With apologies to Comden, Green and Styne). 

We always try to be upbeat  on Musings, to find the grit in the oyster, the half eaten pork pie at the back of the fridge, the silver lining in the stormiest of clouds. But we don't shy away from ugly truths.We are not going to win the Europa and we are not going to make top four.

 The performance at Norwich brought several themes together that have been nagging away for some time. Tim is the Manager of the Mighty Spurs and has our support. The fact that he was appointed as a cheap stop-gap alternative to a properly qualified manager is beside the point.

He was invited to the party and though no-one liked him and he forgot to bring a bottle he was one of our own and we welcomed him in. He has punched above his weight as Spurs themselves have done for a decade.  As stand in DJ he started well but ran out of suitable music well before the end.

From the moment we embarked on the short term strategy of sacking even successful managers, and I include Martin Jol in this, as a short cut to the Promised Land we have shot ourselves firmly in the back of the head.

The sacking of AVB was knee jerk and amateurish and the appointment of Timothy a cynical exercise in false hopes all round. That he has almost brought it off is a shock to everyone including Mr. Levy. It has flushed out Louis Van Gaal. and Tim's survival barring miracles is doomed.

Louis and Daniel is a match made in the lower reaches of Hell and events off the field might be more exciting than those on it. An early announcement might prevent some of our players being tapped up in Brazil. I can't see Levy letting go to the extent that LVG would demand.

Norwich was a train crash at an isolated level crossing. Lennon on the left, Chadli on ahead of Eriksen, no sign of Fryers and poor displays by everyone except Lloris who was MOM by default. Bentaleb has done well, for a youth, but to keep picking him however he plays is stubborness of immense dimensions.

 Injuries have hurt us but all teams get injuries and we should have enough decent players to cope. The football has flickered from time to time mainly due to the re-emergence of Adebayor, Tim's single master-stroke, but it faded and died at Norwich.

The game was almost over before we got a shot on goal and poor control first by Dembele and then twice more by Ade  robbed us of any real chances. Soldado had a moment immediately after coming on but blazed it wide, reduced to hit and hope at the moment.

Nobody looked interested or bothered except Daws who unfortunately gets more erratic the more involved he becomes. Vertonghen is hinting that he might be off unless we make CL. which is looking a remote possibility. All four teams above us won at the weekend.

Vertonghen typifies the apparent attitude of many of the squad. 'Smiler'  hasn't added much to the gaiety of nations  or to the fortunes of Spurs lately. Too slow to be really top class, he plays as if he is doing us a favor. For the right money he can hop off.

He doesn't take any responsibility for bringing the ball out of defence which he used to do, he just passes the ball across the back line painfully slowly for Daws to deal with. He needs to have a look at himself.

Fifth would be no mean achievement after a season of turmoil but it won't save Tim's neck nor was it intended to. Tim's limitations will receive ever closer inspection and will become more apparent as the season draws to a close as will the squad's deteriorating attitude.

Are these prima donnas insulted by the appointment of rough geezer Tim. Do they not buy into or understand his vision. Does he have one? Do they fear for their World Cup hopes? All or none of the above.

It was not the fact of losing to Norwich,  that hurts but the manner of the loss and the failure of Tim to grapple with and solve the problems of selection and organisation that the season will increasingly present.

Of course the second leg on Thursday against Dnipro gives us a good opportunity to get back on some sort of track. But I said that about the Norwich game and look how well that went.

Jimmy's Video Spot. Christian Eriksen
The Forgotten man of Spurs. Didn't start either game last week and didn't even get on against Norwich. What a waste of perhaps our best creative talent.


Anonymous said...

Two losses do not a season make.

Anonymous said...

Think this is a fair summing up. Spurs need to get the manager choice right in the summer, and then back him. A few quality buys (not 7 this time), and some pruning. If we appoint LvG remember the WC final is on 13 July, and Spurs' first US tour game is on 19 July, so not much time for holidays !

Anonymous said...

Verts, and to a lesser degree, Lloris, have a right to be cheesed off ..but showing it on the pitch, as Verts did, is hard to take. I honestly thought that Verts had it in him to be our new Danny Blanchflower, and the way he used to bring the ball out was classy. But you're right, he looked involved last season but now looks frustrated as though he has no time, and simply shifts it quickly ..mostly sideways. However, it has to be hard in our defense when they look up pitch and see little happening on the creative front. In most matches this season, defense pressure has seldom been relieved by having a one, let alone two or three, goal cushion. If the team is creative (and ours ain't) then it brings the best out of our defense and our overloaded defensive midfielders. It's not (as they say) rocket science!

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JimmyG2 said...

I hope your technical expertise is better than your English.

First poster.
They do at this stage of the season and in that manner.

Anon 19:39.
Especially when our most creative player, Eriksen, is left on the bench.

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