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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Calling all true supporters.

Seasons over. Might as well make an early start down the allotment.
Never did like football much anyway.
The JimmyG2 Column
Apparently we've nothing to play for now; the season's over according to many fans and supporters. Apart from pride and reputation and the entertainment of the fans that are left of course.

 Then there's the extra money that each additional place secures. And the automatic entry into the Champions' League that the Europa winners get next season. And about time too. When are they going to stop Champions' League failures dropping down into the Europa too.

 So with nothing left to play for performance and effort are everything. Silly me but I still get the match day buzz whatever the competition and whatever our position after all these years. Sad I know.

Two spirited performances in a row. Mr. Manager you are surely spoiling us. Benfica, in anticipation of an easy victory, engaged cruise control when they went 4-1 up just after the half hour. But when the moment came for a surge up through the gears after Chadli's first they got stuck in neutral and couldn't respond.

When Chadli scored again to put us within striking distance of taking the tie into extra time they were rattled and the engine choked. Siggy and Harry Kane both had chances with headers to surprise and delight the most jaded Tottenham fan. Of course we left it too late but failed in some style.

If only Eriksen had started the game or come on earlier. If only Soldado had put away that early chance. If only the ref and his army of assistants had gone to Specsavers. I think Tim's analysis that nobody in Europe would want to play us now was a stretch too far but I applaud the sentiment.

So we are free now to concentrate on qualifying for the Champions league which has been a stretch too far for a while now. Injuries have certainly disrupted our season and we went to Benfica without a recognised centre half in the squad.

In the event Sandro and Fryers did well until Sandro who likes to live on the edge went headlong over and gave away a silly penalty to enable them to foil our win in the dying seconds. The back four did ok especially the much maligned Naughton who has performed creditably for several games.

Timothy favourite Bentalib justified his manager's trust once again and was the pick of the team apart from Chadli. Two goals in quick succession is always going to catch the eye. Late sub Eriksen showed what we had been missing and Harry Kane ran about a bit to good effect.

 Anyone planting their earlies down the allotment missed a treat. And serve them right. It was only fifteen minutes but it was worth the entry fee. Of course if it's prizes that are your main focus there's always the cup for the biggest onion or prize turnip.

I'm looking forward to next season already as Soldado must be too. He let his head drop for the first time after his early miss and he might have been impressed and worried by 20 year old Kane's cameo. Two assists and header on target in the 20 minutes available to him.

The team that started had an average age of 24 and the bench would need identity cards to join in even the subdued celebrations in the Lisbon night spots after the game. 'The Future's Bright' as they say. Oh and that's another reason to follow the boys to the very end of the season and beyond.

Southampton up next at the Lane. An attractive team who include Lallana and Shaw who we might do well to have a look at before they move beyond our reach if they haven't already. Another good performance required and a win would be nice to maintain fifth place.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
For those who missed it, double digging or sorting out last years leftover seed packets here's the comeback. The cameraman obiously thought that Siggy had scored but we know better. Unfortunately Bentaleb set up the equaliser and Sandro wasn't going to stop for anyone. Eriksen asks about the penalty at the other end which they diplomatically didn't show.


spurgatso said...

My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

With the arseholes getting a good whipping at cheatski there's still 4th to play for . The arse are slipping and we hopefully are on the up .....COYS

Anonymous said...

We threw away the season when we gave charge to Sherwood.

Anonymous said...

lets see if we can overhaul a 10pt gap....wouldn't that be nice

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