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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lamela's back

  So much for patient data security.
The Greg Meyer Column.
Saturday 15 March  ... Ry Cooders Birthday.

Lamela's  Back.

 Whichever way you look at it he is never far away from any Spurs fan's thoughts.

 Whether its his return to the Spurs Training Centre at Hotspur Way or the ongoing speculation as to his spinal health, the picture remains as equivocal as some of Tim Sherwood's tactics.

 He has been spotted in Italy, Argentina and in various High Street haberdashery's ( new curtains for his new home finally??). Dead man walking at an earlier presser this week suggested Erik was back and starting his rehab.
 Playing again this season no certainty however. Our pub would wager Sherwood will be gone before Lamela is fit and available for selection.

 Why is his presence or for the more negative among you his absence so bleedin' important. I mean there are six others in that new "club", the Magnificent Seven.
 However more like the "Munificent Seven" thus far. So called given the generous and handsome amount of money lavished on their purchase by Daniel Levy. Some might say misspent but perhaps a little early to say. Ahead of more Lamela news a quick look at the "Seven's" progress.

 Paulinho has hardly won any gold statuettes for his performances. His Brazilian teammate certainly has lived up to his name. Oscar settled and starring for Chelsea. More work on his lines needed by Paul.

 Capoue started in a blaze of glory, suffered injury, and it's been staccato ever since. Out injured at present.

 Chadli surely a squaddie. How he starts for Belgium amazes our pub.

 Chiriches has looked promising but hardly magnificent. Injuries and hangovers have taken their toll. Still out injured. Probably hungover as well.

 Eriksen seems to be transitioning into the Premier League. No Modric but not far behind. Unlike Modric he certainly has goals in him.

 Soldado is another who divides opinion but overall has retained great fan support. Our pub reckon he will come good but maybe not magnificent.

 So what of number seven ( actually wears number eleven in the Premier) Erik Lamela. Surely the jury is very much out just like him. However given all the speculation, gossip, and rumours then it was no surprise when the following missive emerged from cyberspace, portal of original departure point unknown.

 A Letter From Lamela.

Perhaps characterized as jottings from the back of a Spanish Taverna beer coaster it is a little reminiscent of those famous thoughts of a certain Luka Modric. Please excuse the rather hesitant and literal Google translation of Spanish to England.

 Over to you Erik.

No like curtains in new apartment.

 No like Le Coqueney to English lessons. Just getting hang of Spanish English lessons with Andre. Now difficult to comprende Tim, when he talks to me which is not very often. Still Bobby Soldado going well with his lessons. Very dedicated. Three times per week. Still he is a leetle older than me.

 No like when loudmouthed brother Brian puts twitter foot in mouth about Erik.Si he means well but not sure Tim realise is mostly lot of twatter.

 Do like You Tube video that you have all seen. Played very well in it. Working on new one but lack of recent material makes it hard.

 Do like Spurs fans. Most think I will come good. Me too.

 Do hope my back, my leg, whatever it is that Club say I have gets better soon.

 Meanwhile At A Kent Pub.

 However you read the Lamela saga it is generally agreed his Spurs career has been mismanaged. Undoubtedly he has the talent. Perhaps the new manager when he arrives will agree and Erik will blossom.

 Our pubs greatest fear is that if he is let go prematurely then he will certainly become a superstar at that next club

 With our lack of class, our lack of a cutting edge (Ade aside), then in a rapidly disintegrating season he remains a light on the hill.

 Cheers ... hopefully that light makes it to burn brightly at the Lane ... Greg Meyer.     coys.
 Jimmy's Video Spot: 
Just to take your mind off the football the other Magnificent Seven. Tomorrow might not be pretty. A win would put Timothy, the season, the world and life in general into a whole new perspective. Here's hoping. I might just go to the pictures instead. Only joking.


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JimmyG2 said...

Please don't cancel your subscription: we need the money.

spurgatso said...

Got to agree a little light relief necessary,otherwise suicide job,no not really its just being a Spurs supporter

Anonymous said...

Lamella's back...
Sooner we sell cnut the better.
maybe we can get £15m back.

Andre5 said...

I need to have faith in Lamela as he is one of the few bright lights on our horizon. He will return and be awesome with Eriksen and Ade and an internationally renowned manager.
The rest of this season is just a pre-pre-season warm-up.

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