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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spurs rally but remain on life support.

Relax boys.  I'm just clearing my throat.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 Well I didn't see that coming, did you? With more than a little help from our Ukrainian visitors we boldly go into the last 16 of the much maligned Europa cup. Next up Benfica.
 Let's hope they are just as helpful. Hero and then villain Zozulya scored to make it 2-0  straight after half time and then got sent off after an altercation with Vertonghen. to give us an opening.

The further we get the more the arguments in favour of winning silverware rather than coming fourth strengthen. I can't see it myself but hang on to your hats it might become a more and more bumpy ride.

Given a choice I lean towards qualifying for the Champions' League because that's where the money and the prestige are. But you don't get a choice you just get a fixture list and take it one game at a time and see where you end up. A footballing Magical Mystery Tour.

Vertonghen's dramatic response would usually bring forth a lecture on Musings on the decline of standards in public life. But Dnipro were wasting time and throwing themselves about like circus clowns from the kick off.

So even if Jan did make the most of the situation he was certainly butted. Him and Zozulya were at it the whole game but Zozulya cracked first after Verts had pushed into him when both sides were preparing for a free kick.

There's probably a good reason why it wasn't a penalty. Presumably the ball was dead or some such technicality. Anyway we saw a chink of light and grabbed hold of it firmly with both hands. Not as easy as it sounds.

The damage to our reputation of Bale's diving last season and Vertonghen's over reaction which certainly got Zozulya sent off may be justified by many in the circumstances but sometimes you act in haste and repent at leisure.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em may be acceptable as a practical workaday philosophy but it's not exactly the moral high ground. Much more of this and we'll be Chelsea.

Eriksen had given us a lifeline with one of his free kick dippers. The sending off enabled us to build on our hopeful anticipation of an upset by making our task a lot easier. Soldado's nicely taken offside goal gave us some momentum and then Adebayor with Eriksen' and Fryer's help took over.

Both strikers were on hand to finish off Erikson's pass but Ade got there first. His second was as good a goal as I've seen this season. Power, strength and deft control. At least Soldado is not letting it get to him just yet.

Tim will probably treat Ade to an all expenses paid world cruise in the summer and if he doesn't and carry his bags on board too there's no gratitude in the world. Tim saved Ade from football oblivion this season but Ade has certainly breathed life into his manager's fledgling career.

 What does it tell us about tomorrow's game against Cardiff a team in disarray from their owner downwards and hanging onto their Premiership status by a thread. Coaches preach momentum and confidence, making winning a habit and all that.

But at Tottenham there is no knowing whether we will slaughter them, grind out a narrow victory or suffer an ignominious defeat. Bungee jump, downhill slalom or roller coaster choose whichever recreational image suits your mood.

With Eriksen rightly restored to the creative hub and Bentaleb giving way to Sandro, back to almost his beastly best we should dominate and win. A fast start would be nice for a change, an early goal, preferably Soldado and a commanding win is not too much to ask for surely.

The football wasn't all that enterprising on Thursday, Eriksen excepted, and Lloris made a couple of excellent saves to keep us in it. But once Adebayor came to life and Lady Luck smiled down on us we seized the moment.

We were dead and buried at 2-0 down but rose like Dracula from the grave to secure an unlikely victory. The season is still alive, the patient is breathing but on life support for the moment.

 On the Premiership front with Arsenal losing to Stoke it ain't quite over just yet. If we win tomorrow that is. Liverpool look to be out of sight though we have to play them both.

Jimmy's Video Spot: You the Jury.
 Vertonghen 'simulation' as seen on Ukrainian TV. Hmm. Captain Dawson steps in followed by Adebayor who prevents the offender from getting a second red card. Can you get two red cards? The White Hart Lane sniper strikes again. But there was certainly contact.


Cheshuntboy said...

There've been plenty of lows in my fifty-plus years as a Spurs supporter, but reading the mass of blinkered posts and blogs defending Vertonghen's blatant cheating is just about rock-bottom. He clearly went into the area intending to create a red card/penalty incident, pushed Zozulya and fabricated the so-called 'headbutt', and he's a hero for many of my fellow Tottenham fans. At least there can be no more of the stupid and hypocritical snipes at the likes of Terry or Suarez if we're now down in the gutter with the worst of the cheats, divers and 'simulators', but it's not the Spurs I grew up with.

JimmyG2 said...

You're right. Let's hope it's a temporary blip under pressure.

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