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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

There could be trouble ahead for Spurs.

This next stretch could be a bit tricky.
The JimmyG2 Column.
That Bobby Soldado eh, what a tease. I knew he could do it all the time. 'I don't do 'in off me arse senor Timothy. I do it with movement,style and a cool finish.' Even his English is improving as you can see. 

And for the fourth time this season he scored the only goal to win the match. The surge of relief from the crowd, the fans everywhere and the man himself was palpable. A little of the interest in our investment duly paid back. Let the floodgates open.

In fact the slack granted him by our allegedly fickle fans is quite unique in my experience at Spurs. 28 yrs old, £26 million and would rather put the ball anywhere than in the net. He has enjoyed quite exceptional tolerance. Not from everyone obviously.

Recent interviews in Spain emphasize his appreciation for the support of Spurs fans during his goal famine especially on social media. I knew they'd find a good use for it in the end. He has scored at better than 1/2 throughout his career at all levels. We'll have some of that Roberto.

Once again he worked hard, made intelligent runs and accepted Adebayor's cute ball with style and grace. It has to be recorded that this followed a positive breakout from a Cardiff corner by Townsend, possibly his only effective moment in the whole game.

So this week we were on the right side of a one nil result but the performance though not exactly dire left much to be desired. Iin fact the Soldado goal was the only highlight of the game other than a risky 360º turn by Vertonghen on the half way line.

The midfield of Paulinho and Dembele was even more mundane than the full back pairing of Naughton and Fryers. Without Eriksen who was suffering from a back problem there was little evidence of grey cells at work in the centre of the park.

Lennon fizzed a little but was more effective going backwards than forwards. Paulinho seems to be dreaming of Brazil: sun-kissed beaches and scantily clad ladies in the main rather than playing himself into the Brazilian team for the World Cup.

Star man was captain Michael Dawson who threw himself about to good effect at both ends of the pitch. Even his partner Vertonghen was inspired to show a little more involvement. He avoided any running vendettas and deigned to bring the ball out of defence occasionally.

The next stretch looks tricky. We face Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool in the next four games and none of these will park the bus so on the positive side we might find more space to play in. Always look on the bright side....

Cardiff took the bus out of gear but left the engine running but we were never under threat until the very end. If we can get six points from the next four games sharing the points with three of our rivals we will be handily placed for the calmer waters at the end of the season.

We are unlikely to play 442 away to Chelsea so Soldado will almost certainly not start  but I hope he gets some game time. Harry Kane could have saved us ten minutes of tension but was clearly under instructions not to steal Soldado's limelight.

If Sherwood gets fourth and through another round of the Europa will he have done enough to save us the turmoil of another managerial change? I doubt it. Verbal agreements have clearly been signed. As they were under AVB results have been positive but performances disappointing.

Tim has held the fort remarkably well but is only keeping the seat warm for another headline grabbing signing. I doubt he will see out his contract. Levy will not have been pleased with the style of football which is more AVBesque than sexy.

AVB achieved his dreary style by thoughtful and careful design: Timothy by accident and default. Slow starts won't wash against better opponents and we will look to our big players to step up. Ade, Sandro, Eriksen, perhaps Kaboul and of course Bobby S. and Hugo Lloris.

'Every little breeze seems to whisper Lloris' as Chevalier used to sing.
or as we pause for breath before Chelsea:

There may be troubles ahead
but while there's floodlights, and fixtures, and fans and a chance
let's take the field and advance.

Jimmy's Video Spot: Soldado scores.
Well that one seemed to go down pretty well with everyone. Well found by Ade and instinctively finished. He seems to finish well when he doesn't have to think. See his offside Cardiff goal.


Anonymous said...

I dont think tim will see the start of the new season but you cant fault him for enthusiasm effort and ade,s revival. However lets get real liverpool arsenal and chelsea are all better as teams and individually more competent. We might get fifth and another sad story. We need a left back,accomplished centre half instead of dawson, a fit sandro , a right winger that can score ten a season two new strikers,
Could be goodbye to Soldado,Lamela who i really wanted to be a success, lennon who isnt good enough, dembele who promises but never really delivers, and Paulinho and vertonghen who may leave for pastures new as no CPL matches.look forward to another summer of mayhem and spurs linked with every good player but never actually signing them. Baldini and Levy have a lot to answer.

Anonymous said...

I see yet another real true spurs fan spouting off above, thank you Anonymous, so full of real doom gloom and despondency. you have just got rid of half the squad and want a new coach and a load of replacements bought in. Exactly what we did last summer, have you ever heard of stability, gelling and bedding in? obviously not. Yes we need a LB urgently, get one and then leave the squad to perform next season. They will come good. The likes of you will not be satisfied even if the team get fourth place and win the Europa cup, you will still find something to moan about for sure!!!!! PS. I AM ANONYMOUS because its the only way I can sign in, normally other web sites I sign in as Bazza.

JimmyG2 said...

I agree with Bazza. We don't want too much turmoil, Too many new faces and a new manager and we willk set ourselves back for another season. Or two if we hsave the turnover of stafff you suggest.

All Anon. Posters.
If you want to identify yourselves just sign off at the end like what Bazza did.

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