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Monday, 10 March 2014

Tim goes down fighting.

Tim drowning not waving.
The JimmyG2 Column.
They say a drowning man will clutch at any straw and Tim's looked to be drowning not waving in his famous/ notorious Chelsea post match interview. He took aim directly at the players but there is bound to be some collateral damage: Levy; Enic; Baldini to name but three.

He was adrift in a rubber lifeboat with a slow puncture from the start to be honest but after this latest storm he has neither a paddle to steer clear of the rocks of disappointment nor a bucket to bail out the waters of disillusion..

 Is it just me or have we reached a turning point, a moment of truth with the Chelsea shambles? Was it the performance? The result? or Timothy's outspoken and unguarded comments that make this particular setback seem more significant than some others?

Sherwood spoke like a man who realised that his number was up and that if he was going to go down then he was taking a few others with him. His sincerity and anguish were  clear but this public forum was perhaps an ill advised platform to confront his team and by implication his masters.

I think it has sealed his fate. 4th was a pipe dream that ran out of Golden Virginia some weeks ago. But statistically Tim hasn't done badly. Levy may argue however that it is a crucial part of the manager's role to get his players in the right frame of mind for games.

Tim may have provided him with the excuse to terminate his contract at the end of the season, which was clearly the intention all along. Tim has highlighted the attitude of the players rather than the performance which was unorthodox but  effective for the first hour.

Now I don't think managers should be sacked midway through their contracts let alone midway through the season. So Tim should never have been appointed. But now that he has he should be given next season when his contract ends, to complete the job he was appointed to do.

Otherwise we face another season of turmoil and change. Let the current manager and as many of the current squad that are not lured away by money or Champions' League and especially the seven new signings, none of whom started yesterday, attempt to finish the job..

I have no personal gripe with Sherwood unlike many other fans although the support for him seems to have strengthened. I want what's best for Spurs.I'm not fully convinced he knows what he's doing but it's not working out too badly. Yesterdays tactics clearly surprised and  confused everyone including Jose Mourinho.

I don't suppose that either Lennon or Kyle Walker demanded to play out of their comfort zones but neither has the technique or awareness to play the roles they were allotted. However Tim was bold and his thinking well outside the box. Unfortunately so were our players for the most part.

But the manager cannot be held responsible for the individual incompetence of the various players concerned or for  the mistakes of the officials. For almost an hour it worked while Chelsea watched warily and waited.

They could have been 2-0  up within 5 minutes and Lloris could have had a very early bath even before the water was more than lukewarm. But Hazard was honest and tried to score. After that Dawson and the rest of the team settled down and started to make a game of it.

Chelsea were rewarded for their patience  by a colossal error by Vertonghen who dawdled on the ball, slipped and in trying to retrieve the situation made things worse with an aimless back pass seized on by Eto'o who put it through the legs of both Dawson and Lloris.

The game was salvagible at this point until the referee decided that Chelsea needed a hand and gave a penalty and a red card against Kaboul for an innocuous tackle on Eto'o.  Then Dawson was injured and Sandro went to centre half and joined in the fun. He slipped and set up Ba

3-0 down and Chelsea had hardly created anything. Not to be outdone Walker, always game for a laugh attempted to head the ball back to Lloris from 25 yds. He had failed to notice Ba lurking by the goal who made it 4-0. Anybody on this forum fancy a game at centre half?

Hugo's reaction made him a prime candidate for captain even as he was on the phone to his agent with the words, 'I am a world class player get me out of here'. PSG beckons. Cue Sherwood spitting Cockerel feathers and laying into his squad for their lack of fight, attitude, backbone, concern and desire, The ABCD of the Dereliction of Duty.

Yet another debacle which may look different in a fortnight's time. Although with Benfica, Arsenal and Liverpool on the horizon it could look a whole lot worse. Levy, who wasn't there will not like the sound of things and it may force his hand. It just feels different this time.

If I were Tim, suffering as he is, I would resign before the weekend and pass the whole sorry lot back to Levy to sort out, unless he promises to pledge that Sherwood will see out his 18month contract. It's not entirely a mess of Tim's making after all..

Jim's Video Spot:
Here it is in all its video nastiness. Tim misses out on an Oscar nomination but it looks a genuine heartfelt performance which is what he says his players should be putting in. I decided against showing you the highlights of the Horror show. I'm still having nightmares myself.


spurgatso said...

He's got a bit more idea than the previous incumbent,why is he getting so much stick?we are a London club with a London manager who's been with Spurs for a long time,I suppose a lot of its to do with Harry Hatespurs rants because his little porto darling got bulleted,anyway he's trying a few things .If he gives the players a bollocking so what they deserve it.Most of em dont deserve to play for us.We lost to the PL leaders ,Mancity lost to 7th in the Championship arte the baying for Pelliogrini's blood ?COYS

Anonymous said...

In Holland the first thing they teach kids is that the object to Football is to win. It doesn't matter how you look while playing, but that at the end of the day you have more goals then the other team. Would Tim have been happy if we lost only 1-0? My point is, what is the difference. Tim's tantrum was pure genius because instead of talking about poor team selection and poor tactics, he looks like some hero to the idiots who think that the game is about glory.
The guy should be thanking Levy for giving him an opportunity to Manage on of the top Football teams in the world with no experience or even a license. Hell my kids U10 manager has his Master Coach license which is more then Tim has. What does he want Levy to do; come out with a public statement saying that Tim is the greatest coach in the game and we would be mad to even consider someone like Van Gaal to replace him because Tim really cares. Unfortunately, the English press who have been reporting about the management situation at Tottenham love a heroic against the odds character and don't know shit about football. Should Levy have given Tim year contract because he lacks self confidence. Jesus Christ he has no CV. For him saying they should back him to the hilt when he didn't rate someone like Sauraz when we could have signed him at Ajax is insane. Just look at that lineup him put on the field, would you trust him with one of the top teams in the world? Why because he shows fighting spirit, balls.

Brian Draycott said...

Eto’o is just an old man that has to cheat. The Lennon tactic was a good idea but to have Walker literally roaming not knowing where to was not. He is not playing well at all – doesn’t seem to have a brain! On the other hand Naughton has started to play well at RB and deserves to carry on there. Is Kaboul OK for thursday? Are we appealing the RED card? If not what happens sunday?? Vertonghen has looked very disinterested lately - Lloris too at times!


JimmyG2 said...

Brian Draycott.
I don't think it will be he will be out for three Prem. games
We are appealing it though. He's OK for Thursday.
Agree about Naughton and Verts. Lloris is certainly

Strong points well made pissed off. But having appointed him they need to support not u8ndermine him. Appointment of Bloomfield without his knowledge is a case in point.

Its in our DNA I'm afraid. We moan when we are doing quite well. Still punching above our income weight.

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