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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tim not to be sacked.

On Reflection.
The JimmyG2 Column.
We lost the NLD as many feared but not in quite the manner that many expected. We actually went down fighting. To be honest it was more shadow boxing against a team that were content to sit back than hard edged hand to hand combat.

In fact we could and perhaps should have won. Tim at least won the battle of hearts with his own squad if not the battle of footballing minds.

We went one down in under two minutes to a wonder goal by Rosicky who was only only in the starting line-up due to injuries. It was just  his second Premiership goal of the season. Were we down-hearted? We were not. Amazingly we dominated play from then on.

 However it was another showing of that movie we have seen many times before. More shots, more crosses, more corners, more of everything except goals. Arsenal sat on their lead and with the help of our own creative shortcomings saw the game out.

Adebayor put himself about as he always does against Arsenal; Chadli had a golden opportunity to equalise but hit Koscielny on the line; Lloris swept up effectively and made a good stop from Mertesacker; Naughton and Eriksen had decent games.

But Ade was too isolated and Soldado brought on far too late. Eriksen who was our main if not our only hope was inexplicably subbed. Arsenal landed the first punch and then backpedalled for the remaining 14 rounds as we failed to land land a telling blow.

Tim's faith in Bentaleb is touching but his patience with Lennon seems to have been exhausted; Sandro picked up another yellow; Vertonghen's mind is elsewhere; Townsend was more controlled though equally ineffective.

Dan Levy watched on with his usual expressionless poker face and if he is a passionate supporter as alleged he hides it well. I doubt whether this more spirited display will help Tim's future managerial prospects at Spurs. We still lost and for the third game in a row against Arsenal failed to score.

His 'Don't sack me' plea to Levy thinly disguised as a petition for patience was more naked than a Playboy Centre fold or so they tell me. It will ring hollow in the ears of Hoddle and AVB for whom Tim at least sharpened the knife for the stab in the back.

'For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52). Settle for second in command to Louis Van Gaal Tim and learn the trade: or drop down a league or two and do it the hard way.

 For all his many faults though on reflection I don't think he should be sacked. Sacking a manager is so last century. If contracts were more enforceable perhaps greater due dilgence would be applied when appointments are made. Perhaps Tim should never have appointed. But he was.

As Tony Benn, another magnificent lost cause once said '  Making mistakes is how you learn'. However Spurs fans might have prefered Tim to  had done it in his own time rather than in ours.

But we are no worse off now than when Andres Villas Boas was awarded the Order of the Hessian Bag and he might be right that with his six month apprenticeship completed, a  full pre-season and a settled squad including Lamela and an acclimatised Soldado we might push on.

He knows the club and particularly the youngsters and his introduction of Bentaleb has on the whole been a success if a little overdone. There may be more to follow and Kane might start with Bobby tomorrow

The alternative is a punt on a new manager and yet another season of turmoil and transition.Two steps forward three steps back once again. The man who appoints all these failures might want to have a good look at himself though his face will give very little away as usual.

'Mirror mirror on the wall
I can't see anything there at all'

We might hit overdrive and Arsenal and Liverpool might overheat and be stranded on the hard shoulder of the Europa League but it's not the likeliest outcome now is it. We love Spurs on Musings but have followed them for too long to waste too much time on hope.

We have solid achievements and  fine traditions to build on although the foundations might be in need of some reinforcement after all this time. It might be the Architect and the plans that are at fault and not the site foreman and the building contractors.

Tomorrow we go to Benfica trailing 3-1. An early goal, a clean sheet and a Soldado or Harry Kane hat-trick is my hopeful recipe for putting the season back together but we all know what hope does. I'm looking forward to next season already..

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Our moment of hope by our player of hope in the first leg. It's that word again. Live in hope: die in despair.
Cunning diversionary run by Paulinho; cue general jubilation and expectation in the crowd. But not for long.


Anonymous said...

"In fact we could and perhaps should have won"

It really amazes me how deluded we have been as fans this season. When we lost at the beginning of the season to the arse, we were all bullish saying that the nes players hadn't bedded in yet but if we played in a couple of months we would wipe the floor with them. Cut to january in the FA Cup, another defeat, but again we somehow conned ourselves into believing we were 'all over them' and the better team, despite the stats showing our only shot on target came in 88th minute. Cut to Sunday, and again we lose, again barely have a shot on target, but still proclaim we should've won.
3 games, 3 defeats, 270 minutes without a goal.
We're beginning to sound like Del boy - 'This time next year we'll be Champions League!'

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i think your barking mad if you want TimTim to stay in the job. He has no tactical knowledge at all ffs, oooo we raised our game for arsenal, jesus i or you or anybody in the world could do that. He goes on about liverpool and brendan rodgers last year the big differencr between them and us is they were playing football, i cant even comment on what it is we are playing at the minute.
People keep going on about the signings too, these are good players not being managed properly ! do you honestly think we spent all that money on duds ?
they are all internationals playing for sides considerably better than england, yet as the usual story goes they cant make it at spurs and we churn some BS out that he wasnt a spurs player. And when they leave their careers flourish again, its always the same !
We need a Proper Manager

Anonymous said...

We have won our league 4 or 5 years running - i.e. be the best of the rest. In that time, we are the only team to have beaten the monopoly and end 4th twice. Where are the other teams who aspire to this - Everton, Newcastle, Leeds, West Ham, Sunderland, Aston Villa etc. etc. We have ended above Liverpool 4 years running. Levy is simply trying to find the manager who can coach us into the top 4. We cannot do it with huge signings; we cannot do it with huge wages; we cannot do it by keeping our stars - this is football without a sugar daddy (and big stadium). What Levy has achieved is phenomenal - total consistency over 5 years while building an amazing training ground, balancing the books and planning a new stadium. The only way forward quickly is selling to someone with the wealth of Abramovich or Mansour and who would that be and do we want it? I think there is a great coach out there who, given time, can do what Wenger has done for Arsenal which is get in the Champions League every year, but fail to win the league and fail to win a cup (although to fail to win the FA Cup this year would laughable). Even Arsenal with their huge turnover and massive stadium can't realistically compete with Chelsea and Man City. And when you hear Chelsea fans whinging about the wealth of Man City you know the football world has gone completely bonkers. I don't knock Levy for trying to find that amazing manager and unfortunately I think he will carry on looking and carry on sacking because getting into the Champions League now is nigh on impossible with 2 place gone every year. In our hearts we shout and scream about spending money, but unless Joe Lewis gives us the money (which still has to go into the accounts and follow the rules of the City) this is going to happen because we haven't got the money. Modern football is what it is and we have truly entered the Mansour v Abramovich era and we need to get used to it. For me, we need to play glorious attacking football and see where it takes us and if that is winning cups every so often, so be it. If we get a sugar daddy and become A.N. Other Sugar Daddy FC we will lose our soul and be open to the owner leaving at any time so be careful what we wish for. If we can build the stadium without destroying the ability to buy players then who knows. In the meantime there'll be loads of 'we need to buy big' articles. It ain't gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

Disagree that we dominated Arsenal. Much like the Chelsea game, Arse were content to let us have the ball because we weren't doing much with it dangerous areas. We may have had more possession, but it was also about an hour before we got a shot on target. Sterile possession of the ball doesn't = domination.

Disagree that we are not worse off. When AVB left we were only five points off the top four; we are now seven points away, having played three games more than Manchester City in fourth.

Disagree that Tim should stay. He is lacking in experience, qualifications, tactical ability and man-management. Management of THFC is not a work experience program for a novice. While we shouldn’t disrupt the team further by sacking him now, he needs to go at season’s end.

spurgatso said...

Sterile possession of the ball was the whole avb experience,let it all ride till the end of the season and see what happens.If,and its abig one,we qualify for the Europa,please turn it down,its been the ruin of us ,concentrate on League and domestic cups they bring their own rewards.

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