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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Uncertainties at Spurs.

Well Christian certainly saved ours.
The JimmyG2 Column.
So there I was at about 2 pm last Sunday starting to run through in my head the many potential successors to Tim. 2-0 down to Southampton after barely half an hour it looked all up for Timothy. I was quite resigned to losing and not expecting anything much in the second half.

Our man was up in the stands  ( now and again), suited and collared and tied, without even a gilet to throw down in anger and surprisingly clean shaven. All this presumably on Levy's orders to preserve the dignity of his office even as he was being sacked. There are proper ways of doing things.

 I mentally crossed Pochettino off the list for being beaten twice by Tim himself in his brief reign. All over bar the shouting  which was to presumably occur at half time. Why doesn't he shout before the game instead of half way through if it's so effective.

Anyway two careless errors by Naughton, who undid all our good support work for him on Musings in the space of ten minutes. He gifted Rodriguez and then Llalana via Lambert opportunities which they took well. Credit to the lad though he kept his head up for the remainder of the game.

Fortunately Eriksen was to take matters in hand and scored quickly after another right back error beating Klyne and Boruc to a loose ball. This was the shape of things to come though I paid little attention at the time being occupied by thoughts of new managerial appointments.

At this point Lloris made his only telling contribution with a good block from a powerful shot  to at least keep us in the game. Not that I was expecting anything positive to happen. Southampton were sharper and better organised than us and we looked to be starting the final countdown not with a bang but a whimper.

But Eriksen had not completed his days work. He was set up for a tap in after some good work by Soldado on the right. He gave his marker Lovren a subtle Spanish nudge and sped away along the by line holding his cross along the six yard box until Eriksen had made his run.

Dembele, clearly not match fit, had been subbed for Sigurdsson at half time and deep into injury time Gylfi buried a shot from the edge of the area to win the game from a lay off by, you guessed it, that man Christian. He was outstanding followed closely by Soldado who clearly also enjoyed the match.

I ripped my mental list of Tim replacements to shreds and began to ponder once again life under Mr. Timothy Sherwood. Team recover from a poor start again and substitute scores the winner in extra time in a not quite ;five goal thriller'. What's not to admire.

This was the first time we had recovered from 2-0 down to win at home for over 20yrs. Of course we should not be 2-0 down  in the first place bu tit's reassuring to know that we can recover if we have to.

Perhaps Southampton aren't all that good; perhaps Pochettino really can't speak English after all; perhaps Tim is learning at a fast enough rate of knots to save his job; perhaps Liverpool will be so exhausted by their mid week exertions that we will come flying out and be well ahead before Suarez even notices.

As the old 50's hit has it 'Quizás, Quizás, Quizás'. Made famous by Doris Day as 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps' in 1964  just  before The Beatles took over the world and just after Spurs had already done so. Funny how  Doris always had her finger on the pulse of things.

So the uncertainty about the set-up for next season continues. Just when you thought that Tim and Spurs were down and out they bounce back. My money now is on Tim to stay. Why would Daniel be so keen to make him look the part if not.

Not necessarily because he has done enough to earn it but because he's done enough to make keeping him  less destructive than sacking him and starting all over again.

But there are no certainties at Spurs. But at least there are signs that three of our new signings, Eriksen, Soldado and Chadli seem to be making the grade and if any of the remaining four ever get a period of sustained fitness they might make it too. Though probably not this season.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Much as I  love and admire Doris here is a version of  'Perhaps' closer to the Cuban original. Make a good Spurs theme song with the crowd joining in to emphasis the refrain.


Anonymous said...

When did failure to speak proper English become an impediment for being a manager? We have Harry and Strachan as living examples!

Anonymous said...

love the article.

a few years back we were also two goals down to Reading (1-3, then 2-4) and was it Berbatov of Keane who hit four on that sunny day to win the match 6-4?

other notable two-goal deficit overturns :

a) 2-0 at the Emirates and we win 2-3
b) 2-0 at Charlton and we win 4-2 (or was it only 3)?

all in all, a great performance. love the spirit. do we have a chance for 4th place? not holding my breath, but i'll be damned if there isn't hope.


Anonymous said...


TommyHarmer said...

So .... we turn disaster into triumph. Was not AVB sacked for having a defence full of holes but still, generally, winning matches? I'm getting close to giving up on this situation because it's better to stop caring than to go through this kind of agony on a regular basis. My partner is a Liverpool supporter and so I see enough of them. They are great if you allow them to tear away at you with ensuring that midfield is strong, determined and unyielding. Any ideas when that last was? We could get a result here, but not with the kind of stuff we play under Sherwood - a bit like our weather (four seasons in a day).Has anyone noticed how we are less likely now to end our postings with ..... COYS!!

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