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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Future clouds over at Spurs.

Perhaps it's just me.
The JimmyG2 Column
There used to be a football club over there. Join the gang Man.U. What's the point of sacking your manager with four games to go. Well because you can is the simple answer. The point is that the wielding of the power to do so is the point.

Investors and owners have to be assured that eyes, hearts, spreadsheets and minds are firmly fixed on the vital aspect of the game. Success at all or any costs. Reputation and integrity which we and Man.Utd. once possessed have been all but abandoned.

The bottom line is everything. Our greatest achievement under ENIC is not doing a Leeds and going bankrupt. Unfortunately there are no medals or prizes or advances in reputation for just staying afloat.

Amongst the contenders for the Man.Utd is Ancellotti who might be sacked from Real Madrid even if he wins La Liga, the Champions' League as well as the Copa  del Rey. Must be me that's out of step.

Now the Rock of Gibraltar has sunk beneath the waves.  At least they appointed a genuine insider on a four game non-contract with no promise of continuity. To be honest that's more or less what we did with Tim but were not quite so open and honest about it.

Man Utd are rapidly catching us up. That's three managers they will have had in 30 years. It's a slippery slope Manchester people. There will be moans and the gnashing of teeth but no actual panic in the streets. Not this time anyway.

They can't afford to get it wrong again say the pundits. But we've said that for years about Deadpan Daniel and nothing seems to stick. He's not called 'Teflon' for nothing. If cutting corners were an Olympic event they would have struck a personal Gold Medal for him by now.

It's fortunate they didn't sack Sir Alex after 10 months as they might well have done these days. They would never have witnessed his ascendency to the very top of Mount Olympus.

It looks as if we will have to wait until the big boys have rooted through the sacked manager bin bags before we can eat. So much for an early appointment to ensure that we keep our best players. They will be queuing at the exit door by then with Jan and Hugo leading the great  escape.

It's not about the football anymore. We don't have teams: we have corporate brands. Very soon they will dispense with the actual football and play it all on computers and just compare balance sheets. Actually Levy might prefer that.

The football doesn't seem to get his gastric juices going. Is there just a whiff of disillusion on the Musings this time round? Well its been a long time in the making and this seasons shenanigans have somewhat focused our mood.

 The immediate  point of interest for me is whether Harry Kane can make it four in four against Stoke and how many youngsters get bloodied in the next few games. The futures always bright even when the present is shrouded in fog.

Against  Fulham, a team bereft of ideas and quality who are doomed to go down despite changing their manager, we gathered yet another three points, 7 from 9 in the  current run in.

 Eriksen showed some dead ball quality eventually, Rodallega missed an early chance while our new centre half pairing were introducing themselves and Lloris saved a penalty at a crucial moment. The better  he plays the more likely he is to leave unfortunately.

Harry's three in three was the other outstanding moment but they were few and far between. Adebayor's interest flickered and died. Sherwood is going down fighting but some of his comments about the quality of the squad are alienating fans and players alike.

I suspect we will beat Stoke and end up being the nearly men again. It would be interesting to see Kane and Soldado start with Eriksen in behind them but second guessing a manager winging it no matter how successfully is a fool's errand.

Looking forward to the game but I'm not sure why. Sherwood or Moyes is the question of the moment. Even the future is clouding over.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Eriksen provides two pin point free kicks which just beg to be diverted goalwards. Paulinho and Kaboul oblige. The improved Lennon sets up Harry Kane for a third. Meanwhile Sidwell accepts a gift from Fryers then puts a penalty too close to Hugo.


spurgatso said...

If Sherwoods winging it,carry on Tim your doing better than last dickhead,and if the stats are to be believed,better than HR.So lets get another recently sacked EPL big name name manager in ,it saves money buying Xmas cards as you know they wont be here come Xmas.COYS

Cheshuntboy said...

Your comment about playing on computers rather than pitches reminds me of the 'over-achiever' posters, who argue that we're the sixth biggest club by income so anything above sixth is over-achievement (and therefore Levy/ENIC are doing a great job) - why not just have a league table based on turnover, and forget the football if that's what you believe? It's things that buck that gloomy determinism, like Liverpool's campaign this season, or our brief CL glory under Redknapp that keep people like me interested in the game, but it certainly gets more and more difficult to maintain that interest, when you realise just what self-absorbed and mercenary scumbags most modern players are, while the growth of the aggressive internet 'fan' makes expressing an unpopular opinion a thoroughly unpleasant experience, rather than an interesting exchange with like-minded Spurs supporters, as one might naively hope. Oh well, there's always next bloody year!

JimmyG2 said...

He's winging it because he can't do anything else. he hasn't the experience. He's done well pointswise but is seriously disrupting the squad and won't prevent an exodus or attract quality players.

It could be less disruptive to keep him on if we can't get anyone of stature in.Neither way is guarranteed success.

All agreed. I'm sorry to say.Next 'bloody' year indeed.

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