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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Good news: bad news at Spurs.

My second favorite export from Denmark.
The JimmyG2 Column.
The Good News is that we finally gave someone a beating: the Bad News is that it was bottom of the League Sunderland who look certain to go down and apart from a ten minute spell before Eriksen's deserved goal gave up well before the end.

Chiriches and Lloris conspired to give them a helping hand in our usual sloppy way gifting Cattermole the first goal. Once again the dreaded words rang out: 'that's his first goal for his club in over a hundred appearances. Charity thy name is Tottenham.

Last week three of our centre halves auditioned for the role of Fairy Godmother and Kaboul went forward to the regional finals. He was joined this week by the fourth central defender Chiriches. Do we even have a defence coach?

But apart from this generous start we were better, quicker, and keener than of late. Playing for the new manager perhaps or celebrating the much publicised departure of the current one. Tim has refused to return to his old post or act as No 2 to a more experienced man.

Pride cometh before a fall as we know but in this case pride cometh after the fall. A couple of years under Van Gaal or whoever could accelerate his career greatly but even that is a step down too far from the heights of fall guy manager of Spurs for Tim.

Eriksen ran the show again aided (geddit?) by a top class performance by Adebayor. Christian is fast becoming my favourite Danish product beating  pastries and bacon into second and third place. He assisted the first two with whipped crosses and scored the third to give Sunderland little hope of a comeback.

Harry Kane starting his first Premiership game deserves a mention. With a little more sharpness in the box he might have had three but had to settle for a single but important goal that put us ahead.

Chadli started in midfield with  Paulinho and impressed in patches. An unlikely pairing which might not work against better teams or any other teams for that matter. Paulinho has some obvious class but again failed to make any serious impact..

Chiriches is from the 'Give the other team a chance' school but he shows initiative and skill and I can't help but like the boy. Kaboul is never going to be the player we thought he might be I'm afraid.

Lennon continues to disappoint and in the main his legs are too quick for his brain. Townsend who replaced him suffers from the same faults but more so. Siggurdson  came on as a late substitute and demonstrated his happy knack of scoring goals.

But football is a team game and as a team we were greater than the sum of our parts. This is always referred to as the mark of a top manager. Just a little too late I'm afraid Tim.

What Levy will do in the unlikely event of us winning all of our remaining games and qualifying for Champions' League remains to be seen. At least Man.Utd went out tonight so the dreaded finish fourth/Chelsea scenario can't happen.

The next manager stakes are hotting up. No more bets are being taken on Louis Van Gaal but Rafael Benitez has broken from the pack today and there are firm rumours around of his appointment. Not that we ever comment on rumour and speculation.

We can do our own rumination and speculation thank you. We are not quite in the 'Anyone but Tim' camp but have pitched our tent in a nearby field and are watching events carefully through our binoculars.

Million almost up.
 Finally we would like to thank all our readers and subscribers as we approach our millionth visitor. If there were any way of identifying the lucky millionth we would deluge them with goodwill and freebies.

As we can't, Greg and I will celebrate quietly on our own with a precocious Pinot Grigio and a tube of onion and sour cream Pringles. A special cheer to all those that take the trouble to comment. It's nice to know that there are real people out there in Webland.

And as we like to boast; we are not always wrong. Here's to the next million.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
My money is on the abrasive Dutchman with the fearsome reputation. He has walked out of more interviews than anyone in the game. A reputation for strong words opinions and actions seen here conducting training with the Dutch national squad. It probably sounds a lot worse in Dutch.


Lennon said...

The only Spurs blog which I read regularly and which never disappoints.

spurgatso said...

So we only beat Sunderland,Chelsea got beat by Palace .Strange your happy to have an abrasive Dutchman ,who walked out more interviews than anyone in the game ,than an abrasive Londoner.The real Jimmy Greaves would be turning in his grave with someone like you lot using his name.

JimmyG2 said...

Nobody said anything about wanting him but our money is on him being appointed. I think the whole thing will blow up in Dan Levy's face before Xmas unless we are top of the league.

Thankyou. Can I interest you in a Premier Subscription?

Cheshuntboy said...

I just can't see how a 'golden future' can be built round the appointment of a 62 year old manager. Many of Redknapp's critics accused him of not having a long term plan, and seemed to favour AVB as much for his age as his achievements (such as they were!), and now Levy is apparently swinging back towards experience because he's tried everything else, without success. I'm afraid I see LVG as part of ENIC's usual smoke and mirrors policy towards the long-suffering fans - fob them off with a big name (and a stadium announcement) and hope a buyer turns up before the guano collides with the wind turbine (as it surely will, with Levy on the case!).

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I usually think that for someone to turn in their grave they have to be dead. As far as I know, Jimmy Greaves isn't.

JimmyG2 said...

Fair points. No long term with ENIC. In the end it's all about the money.

I wish I'd thought of that.

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