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Friday, 4 April 2014

The Beginning of the End.

Looking forward to next season already.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 I've just moved house and it has taken me all week to find the box where the Musings Archives had been packed. Mrs JimmyG2 shrewdly labelled it 'Keep from JimmyG2 until he's in a better mood'. She seems to think that I take all this football stuff seriously.

Anyway I'm better now and had time to reflect on matters Liverpool and after. We're not ones for kneejerk reactions on Musings, our knees wouldn't take it for a start. We don't do 'ENIC' or even  'Levy' out.  We didn't think that AVB should have been sacked and events are increasingly on our side.

We haven't even indulged ourselves with 'Sherwood out' until now. Tim's behaviour as manager is verging on the bizarre and his comments recently on Hoddle not having managed recently reveal an interesting lack of  awareness of his own situation.

His decision to stay in the stands last Sunday because he felt that he couldn't have influenced the game makes us wonder how he justifies drawing his weekly stipend. But of course he didn't appoint himself and we can't hold him personally responsible  for the imminent collapse of our season.

He started well, the much vaunted new manager bounce, but statistics show that sacking the manager rarely works in the medium and long term. The attendant disruption to every aspect of the club and the team usually undermines any possible positive results from the change.

It's not merely a tactic at Spurs it's more of a  belief system. If Tim is Sacked we will be on our 18th Manager in 30 years with an average stay of around 18 months months. Barely time for the tea lady to discover their favourite biscuits let alone develop a style and philosophy.

That's the new manager not the tea lady you understand. Daniel Levy, he of the Sphinx-like composure even at moments of high drama on the pitch has degree level qualifications in Manager Sacking. His 'nothing to do with me guv' shrug when they don't do enough, quickly enough was his final year special option.

Liverpool marked the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end for Tim and our fading hope of salvaging something from the season. I didn't think we would qualify for the Champions' League but felt we could secure 5th and Europa football next season.

Now we will  most likely to end up in 7th which is where AVB left us. Tim will sacked, which was the cynical plan all along and Louis Van Gaal appointed as agreed. Let the fireworks begin, let the clear-out commence and hold on to your hats. And that includes you Mr. Levy.

At Liverpool everything that could go wrong did go wrong and very early on. All three centre halves conspired in various combinations to gift the game to the current top of the league team. Vertonghen went off injured having set up Kaboul for an early own goal.

He didn't seem to mind much and was replaced by Dawson who put Suarez away with virtually his first touch. Kaboul might have bailed him out but was careless to put it kindly once again. Liverpool have some good players but they didn't have to work too hard to give us a walloping.

You might argue that we did well to keep it down to four. Eriksen was our only bright spark apart from Lloris as usual but even he should not have been beaten along the ground from that distance by Coutinho. Chadli looked vaguely interested from time to time but the rest are best forgotten.

This was a dispirited and largely incompetent performance by an increasingly dispirited team. Several hearts have gone missing and it says something when Adebayor is proving to be one of our keenest performers. Credit Tim for that at least.

So after initial success which threatened to undermine Levy's dastardly plan, Timothy is floundering. The appointment of a serious candidate Ancellotti, Van Gaal, Benitez, De Boer or whoever may prevent an exodus of our better players though I fear some are gone already and not just in their heads.

But the deal needs to be announced quickly. An average stay of less than 2yrs per manager,continually selling your best players and not getting the new stadium built in good time has damaged our reputation and hopes for the future.

Keeping the club from bankruptcy, not doing a Leeds as some fans would have it, is the absolutely barest minimum requirement for any management surely. We deserve more and better. Even a benign looking run in won't save us this season I'm afraid.

The club is in a mess largely resulting from the sacking of AVB, blowing the Bale money on too many foreign players new to the League and the country and appointing a rookie manager for the interim. The cockerels are coming home to roost Mr. Levy.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
 Dead Man Walking and talking in chastened and honest mode or giving the impression of a chastened and honest man. Or perhaps he really does not have clue what he's doing and is making it up as he goes along off the pitch as well as on it.


Anonymous said...

Bringing together so many players who have not played with each other before and expecting them to be a top team is not realistic, just as it is with the England team. Even more unrealistic are the pundits who continually slate them. How many times have I seen Lamela branded a 'flop' when the guy has not had anywhere near a decent chance to prove himself. I suggest we wait to see what happens next season before we start crapping all over the club.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's the end of the beginning...

Actually Jimmy, peeps have been wallowing or arguing about stuff all week.There needs to be a clear direction - are we going to go ahead and expand with what we have at the moment (including Tim) or do we break free once again and just run up another blind(?) alley?

There's a much bigger picture, nay conundrum, that needs resolving before it' a question of Tim or not imo.

spurgatso said...

Dont often disagree with you but avb,you jest.

JimmyG2 said...

It's not so much AVB himself its the theme of instability and turmoil that sacking managers so frequently brings about.
Give a manager a chance, as Man.Utd a club used to stability are doing with Moyes.

2nd Anon.
I agree. Sherwood is a symptom not the cause of our woes.

Anonymous said...

This is all just Spurs being Spurs at the moment ie get a decent team together, everything looks rosy - then kaboom!! Best players want to leave, manager gets sacked for one reason or another and we have to start all over again. Seen it happening for so many years now - not confident there will ever be stability and 'success' at the club on a consistent basis - it's just the Spurs way.

TommyHarmer said...

As we know nothing about who conspired in the transfer decisions over the summer, as AVB has a very big strip and expensive of sticking plaster over his gob, NO ONE can say whose fault it is. I suspect that a few players were AVB's choice, whereas others fell into the Borini/Levy "we couldn't get him; he's something similar' mode. We are unable to throw all the blame on AVB, unable to be clear that Sherwood has the skill or knowledge to do the job. That leaves Levy and Borini to take the blame so, obviously, Borini will eventually go.

Anonymous said...

what doesn't help is we haven't got a settled back 4, we have a bunch of strangers in midfield that don't know what their doing and wingers that don't chip in with any goals nor create any and a strikeforce that cant score top that with a rookie manager a crap useless director of football and impatient board you have a great recipe for disaster!!!

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