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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Tears of a Clown at Tottenham.

At Spurs, laugh and the World laughs at you.
Cry and you are joined by thousands of others.
The JimmyG2 Column.
If it wasn't so funny we'd all be crying. Hadn't even had time to blow the froth off me beer let alone open a bag of scratchings before we were one down on Saturday. 25 seconds before Rose had had his boozle well and truly bammed by Amalfitano.

 Lloris was still stubbing out a Gauloise on the post when he palmed a soft ball out to Vydra who put it back into the net as if scoring against Spurs in the first minute was only to be expected. And the way we are starting games he's not far wrong.

Tim''s game plan this week scheme was to see how far behind we could fall and still win. Well Tim it looks as if giving the opposition a three goal advantage is a goal too far. Stick at two goals down, let's not push our luck. Although Adebayor did manage to under hit a penalty at 2-0.

Brunt returning from a 5 week lay off scored a second with just four minutes on the clock while Spurs were still sorting out their formation and tactics. I always thought that sort of thing was what the pre-match huddle was for.

Another centre half comedy routine between Kaboul and Chiriches let Sessingnon in for a third Fortunately West Brom. scored a fourth but in their own goal this time when Olsson deflected a Lennon cross. Otherwise it could all have been over by the 30 minute mark.

Four goals, a missed penalty, an own goal and still 15 minutes to go until half time. When it came I took the opportunity to practise  my Smokey Robinson  'Tears of a  Clown' karaoke routine for the pub music night later.

You know the one:
 Just like Pagliacci did
I try to keep my sadness hid
Smiling in the public eye
But in my lonely room cry
the tears of a clown
When there's no one around.

It veers between comedy and tragedy at the moment at Spurs.Though the first act veered between pure farce and tragedy. A manager hanging by a thread which many say should be a lot thicker: a club with Champions' League pretensions  scrabbling for a Europa spot which many don't want anyway.

Well friends laugh until you cry or cry until you see the funny side. It all ends up as another season wasted and probably another one to come whoever comes in. The LVG story will run and run. This week he's auditioning at Old Trafford. Perhaps we'll get David Moyes.

Not that he'd touch us with a barge-pole. Rogers and Martinez both apparently turned down the chance to come to Spurs because of the manager sacking antics of our Chairman, eight in 12 years under ENIC's stewardship.

So boys on with the motley whether our performances are comic or tragic, tragi-comedy or comi-tragedy is a matter of opinion. Mine is that we have made ourselves prime candidates for stand -up of the year this season.

The pity is that the margins are so slim at the top level that a couple of wins would have put us right in the mix for top four.Whatever you think of Tim personally and don't write in and tell me please, he hasn't done badly but appointing him was a script with fatal flaws.

 As they say the table doesn't lie and whichever way you play it we have not been good enough in performance although the cast were highly rated in the advance publicity notices.

Credit Tim and the lads particularly Kane and Eriksen once again on a terrific comeback but if we didn't throw ourselves down a deep hole in the first place we wouldn't have to dig ourselves out at the end now would we.

 Lennon had his positive moments too supplying the cross for Harry Kane's second goal in two appearances and inducing the Ollson own goal.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Smokey Robinson and yes the Miracles in 1970. And a miracle is what we need to turn this season into any sort of  success. 1970/71 a good season for Spurs too: League Cup winners over Aston Villa with two goals from Martin Chivers. I'm looking back at the moment as it's too painful to look forward. Great song and performance.

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