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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Almost game over at Spurs.

Are we nearly there yet? 
The JimmyG2 Column.
 The end of the Season? Almost. And this particular destination will come as a relief to many. It seems to have been going on an awful long time. But sacking your manager before Xmas was bound to make this seem like two seasons in one.

Are we going to make our Top Four destination? Probably not though it's not mathematically impossible. (edit) Try again Jim. We can catch Everton for 5th but not Arsenal for 4th. Doh!.Have we a settled team under an established Manager? Nowhere near I'm afraid. The Transition Vision lives on at N17.

So it depends on exactly where 'there' is. In terms of meaningful progress there's little to report. So us fans in the back will have to continue to play 'I Spy' Manager; New Players arriving; Old Players departing until we get a little closer to wherever it is we're going.

'There and back to see how far it is' as mu Gran used to say. This is more a circular tour of  familiar stretches of countryside than an express coach to the high spots. Maybe the next driver will have some better ideas to keep us happy on our journey.

Meanwhile the football goes on, and on and on. Another week, another three points, another away win and according to the statistics and the man himself Tim Sherwood becomes our most successful manager ever in terms of points per game. Fact.

The word is that if Tim had kept his mouth shut and not bigged himself up and slagged off the squad to the embarrassment of all concerned he might well have kept the job, top four or not.  There is certainly a case to be made .

Tim has improved on AVB's finishing position, youngsters have been bloodied and in a sense he is no longer merely a rookie. Obnoxious and embarrassing in a sub Redknapp-lite  kind way he may be but it's a results business not a personality parade.

Of course you might say, ' it was 'only Stoke' and captain Shawcross gave us a helping hand and set his side a good example by getting himself sent off five minutes after half time for a second stupid tackle. Not that it helped us.

It seemed to disrupt whatever game plan we had. . One moment of brilliance from Adebayor and a bullet header by, I kid you not, Danny Rose and that was it more or less it for excitement. Even Christian Eriksen failed to come up to scratch this week.

 Michael Dawson returned with distinction and made several important interventions early on. Our fourteenth clean sheet while Michael has been present. Why Younis gets so much praise and Michael so little is a mystery to me.

 If the rest of the squad showed even a little of Dawson's enthusiasm, determination and a willingness to make the most of their talent the season would not be petering out in such a tedious fashion.

 Lennon, after flickering briefly of late, was awful; Harry Kane didn't even get half  a sniff of his 4 in 4 challenge Apart from Townsend coming on and getting injured and putting himself out of the World Cup there is little else to report. He may be joined on the sidelines by Kyle Walker.

So we are nearly somewhere but not quite where we wanted to be. There's always next season of course; there always is. If Liverpool can rebuild with a little patience and faith then so can we.

Next up away to West Ham on Saturday for the early kick off and Tim can perhaps restore a little dignity with a win and do his cause some more good. Possession is 9/10's of the law so they say. Two more wins and Dan Levy might have a problem.

Jimmy's interesting and possibly significant fact spot. (Old feature revived)
QPR's wage bill was higher than Athletico Madrid's.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Forget the football. The balance sheet is healthy; the new stadium is on its way;  Loius Van Gaal is to be the new coach. Cheer up the Future's bright. Well that was last week and like politics a week is a long time in football.

Then it was Tim or David Moyes; this week it's Tim or Mauricio  Pochettino, or Frank de Boer. Next week? We don't do predictions, especially about the future.


TMWNN said...

Forget next season, and every season till Joe Lewis dies and Levy fu*ks off. They are nothing more than con men and I want them out of our club asap.

spurgatso said...

If you can find someone as financially astute as those two, you wont have a club to be a fan of for long.I also think they might want you out of THEIR club.COYSaT

Anonymous said...

Spurgatso, another bean counter who doesn't value football but knows the value of real-estate.

I'm with TMWNN. Levy and Lewis have made Spurs a real-estate investment company and not a football club. The sooner the go the better, but it's not likely to be any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Alan Sugar shall we u thick morons?

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