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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining at White Hart Lane.

With any luck no more Thursday nights.
The JimmyG2 column.
 The fat lady sang her heart out some weeks ago for most Spurs fans. In fact she ran through several arias and a wide selection of popular classics. However the band plays on and things went from bad to worse at West Ham.

But every cloud has a silver lining and we are now in danger of losing our Europa place to Man. Utd.. That's assuming that you are of the 'No more Thursday Nights' school of thought. Personally I'm with Bill Nick on the subject of Europe.

Losing three times to West Ham in a single season might just be as bad as it gets for Spurs fans. But for Lloris the deficit would have been a lot more.. Please stay Hugo at least you're assured of plenty of action at Spurs.

The dreadful performance, the bizarre starting line-up and strange tactics put the final nail in Tim's coffin. Siggy and Paulinho in midfield with no defensive midfield cover; Sandro as a late substitute with the game already heading down the pan.

To do what exactly?. Help bale out an already sinking ship with an iceberg sized hole below the waterline presumably. Kaboul clearly likes the water hot and the bath to himself and this is one red card that won't get rescinded.

Rose made Downing look world class and Dawson did the same for Carroll, not just in the air where he is pretty effective but on the ground too where it is generally acknowledged he is not. The inept defensive wall for the second just about summed up our season.

Senior International professionals who didn't just allow the ball to pass between them but invited it in and ushered it through. Lloris looked suitably unimpressed. You can see the Great wall of China from outer space. You could see through ours from 10 yards away.

An even more famous Jimmy remarked that 'it's a funny old game' Not in the humorous sense because there has been precious little fun to be had at Spurs this season. It's been a mess since the sacking of AVB.

Injuries and the eccentricities of Tim have put paid to the prospects of the new arrivals apart for Eriksen, who showed up belatedly against W.Ham. Chiriches on for Kaboul at the expense of Kane
showed some willingness and ability to play football.

Lennon ran about a bit but his recent form melted away. At times he makes Andros look world class too which is very difficult to do at the moment.

Well Tim is on his way to be replaced by any one of a dozen candidates. I hope that Daniel appoints early or the speculation and frustration will get completely out of hand. Anyone sensible and experienced should be able to make a decent team out of the squad that we have.

An early appointment of someone of stature might help prevent an unseemly rush for the door. I would be content if nobody left and no-one came in but that is to wish for a stability that always seems to elude us.

I think that Lloris, Vertonghen, and possibly Sandro and Paulinho will leave us in any case. Soldado will go back to Spain if he can so we will need at least one other striker. Nobody will want or can afford Ade but I would persevere with Harry Kane.

If we can get Lamela and Walker fit and back into the squad and keep Eriksen we should survive the turmoil of yet another manager. We have youngsters coming through and another season of transition is fine by me as long as progress is seen to be made.

There is a case to be made for Sherwood but it turned out to be a suitcase with a one way ticket to the lower leagues where he can learn his trade. A cynical appointment by Levy that sold not only the fans short but the new signings too.

A draw will suffice against Villa on Sunday but you wouldn't back us to secure it. The remarkable thing is that amongst all the turmoil we haven't done that badly. Under a better manager we might have done really well. Probably under AVB  as it happens.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Here's Musings tip for a second player to join Eriksen as a success story at Spurs. Vlad Chiriches. A ball playing, heart stopping defender. Actually we think that all those that stay will prove their quality next season.


Anonymous said...

agree with you about Chiriches but this was the transitional period. We want someone in the Redknapp mould not another one season wonder who is picked purely because they are not british

Anonymous said...

avb was shit should never been employed tim got thrown in got to blame levy rednap best manager since bill nick love to know what went wrong there

Unknown said...

I want to see more of Capoue too, he has class all over, if he stays it may help Lloris retain some interest in the club?

Anonymous said...

Any manager who continuely picks and rates,Rose and Naughton,is seriously not up to the job.One does not have to be the greatest manaher of all time,to see,that these two players,are no way near Premership standard.that to me sums up timmy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 23:27 - Who else is he going to pick? We have no other first team LB's as AVB didn't think we needed any more and Walker has been injured so he's had to play Naughton.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled with Sherwood but some people would blame him if they trod in dog's muck!

Anonymous said...

Keep Tim and get rid of the greedy no hopers, how many of this lot would be willing to be paid on the basis of results or their own efforts? Spurs are full of talented players who could care less about the club.

Anonymous said...

I'd send Paulinho (the Brazilian 'luxury' ..the box to box ineffectual 'stroller') on his way, along with Chadli and Sig ..two guys who can't play left wing and ain't gonna give us top four playing in any other position. I'd bring in a top left back to compete with Rose (like Walker, Rose has pace to supplement the PROPER left winger we have to finally bring in, even if both FBs need to improve their judgement and positional play at the back) plus er, well, a top left winger as mentioned, and another playmaker to complement Eriksen. Naughton's OK as 'cover' for Walker (I mean where are you gonna find a better RB who's happy to stick as 2nd choice?) but keep him and Verts out of the LB position! We need some damn pace in this team, and that means balance on the wings, with better crossing, and a bit more help for Eriksen on the creative side. Keep Soldado, Ade and Kane (sure it would be ideal to have another striker ..but if we can CREATE more chances next year, which we surely will, then we'll score more goals ..which is one way of taking the pressure off the defense). Let Sandro and Capoue compete for the ONE DM position, and if Dembele is going to play, play him further forward only with a playmaker alongside him (Eriksen or that one other). It'll be interesting to see how Lamela does next season and where he'll fit in, but if he starts to reflect his £30k fee he can play anywhere as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully Bentaleb will ask a few questions next year (interesting that Timmy played him in vital games, when he wasn't up to it, and rested him when it didn't matter anymore ..normal managers do the reverse). Finally, we must keep Verts, Lloris and others to their contracts and show we REALLY mean business next year.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid somebody would say keep the mighty Daw

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned Lennon, but doesn't that say it all about our molasses-heeled winger.

Cheshuntboy said...

AVB would have done better? 6-0 away to City, 5-0 AT HOME to Liverpool and 3-0 to West Ham! Give me strength!

Anonymous said...

Keep Sherwood.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood is a decent manager. No doubt he can still learn and improve like every other human being on the planet. There are lots of good things about him - brave bold team selections, picks team on merit, brings youth into the side, doesn't allow capitulation or lack of drive (unlike AVB). I would like to see him given a chance to build a team next season. I personally think he'd do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Quality in our squad:
Walker Vertonghen Chriches Fryers Assou Ekotto
Dembele Sigurdsson Eriksen Bentaleb Carroll Townsend
Adebayor Kane

I don't think the rest of the team have shown all-round quality.

Anonymous said...

What happened to coaching and organization our defending is a joke and our spirit non existent I have never been so embarrassed as I have this season

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