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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lamela's back again.

Breakfast's on the table Erik.
Your favorite. The one with the Cockerel on.  
The Greg Meyer Column.
 FA Cup Saturday 2014.

Erik Lamela's Breakfast.

The best selling breakfast cereal in Argentina is Kelloggs. Coincidentally it is likewise in the U.K. So should be no trouble for Erik to acclimatise to early mornings here in North London. Settling has apparently been a real problem. If its not the wrong curtains for the new house, then a change of managers doesn't help.
 Lo and behold an ever present injury becomes a full blown back injury. Specialists here and in Italy called to the case.

We all remember his cameo against Stoke at the Lane and the body language (universal) as he walked off. Not played since.

However perhaps matters generally, apart from breakfast cuisine are settling. We have it from the top of the breakfast table at White Hart Lane.

 "He's back."
Speaking at a Q&A with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust earlier this week Daniel Levy confirmed that our Argentinian wunderkid is back in light training after a complex back injury.

We know he's been doing unofficial light training, walking the dog on the park near his home. So this is really ramping it up.  Cannot have gone unnoticed by our Erik that the disbelieving Mr. Sherwood has also been jogged on by Mr. Levy. Certainly no Lamela fan. More good news .
He even took time out from his recuperation schedule to turn out on the pitch at White Hart Lane. His lap of honour was enthusiastically cheered by our pub going gamers before our end of season celebrations ...

At A Kent Pub.

No regrets here that Tim Sherwood's 6 month contract expired. Certainly his realisation that the break clause was an odds on certainty to be invoked explains some of his cavalier comments on a weekly basis to the press.
Some definitely had a ring of honesty but egos like Vertonghen and our pubs player of the year Hugo Lloris need to be carefully managed. In Hugo's case not so much ego but Gallic concern about a train crash waiting to happen if Tim Deadwood stayed at the wheel.

So off we go on another hunt which seemingly how many times Mr. Levy does it (and its 9 in 13 years or something) he does not seem to get much better at it.

Our lawyer and mine host plonk for Benitez. Understandable from our publican. Hospitality industry. No wonder he is sympatico with the Spanish Waiter.
Still with the way its trending for our soon to be Argentinian superstar Erik then perhaps Mauricio Pochettino originally hailing from downtown Murphy in Argentina will be a nice fit.
 No language barrier between him and Erik.

Although if Daniel Levy has his way then Mauricio will need to speak English pitchside with the press discussing the ongoing Spurs success.

Before settling down to a pint or two over a delicious pub gourmet lunch a word on the FA Cup final. Hull. However unlikely and our mob are planning on watching only up until Arsenal score the first goal.

Cheers ... it would be grand if an ex favourite son of our pub, Tom Huddleston, was on the winning side today ... Greg Meyer.     coys.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Here's four minutes of magic from the boy himself. This was last year at Roma. He's definitely got it. We need a coach now who can release it.


Ken Johnston said...

Just joy...for heaven's sake can we get a manager who can use this wonderful talent...Ken Johnston...

TMWNN said...

Just how many more circles will you lot go round till you wake up to the fact that Spurs, as a football club, is over in its present guise?

Will you continue to fall for the 'next manager will be good' syndrome?

All you're doing is funding ENIC's final pay day. Let's get together and out the real problem.


Spurgatso said...

Sorry cock,when we are languishing mid table under what ever Wundercrap manager brings in you will realise that DSherwood was about ten times better than you think.To think you purport to be Jimmy G2 when you've actuallt got less between the ears than Sherwood.

TMWNN said...

..and one other thing, I'm sick to the back teeth of the likes of Powley and Cloake. These boys are proper Tottenham fans, I'm sure of that. BUT.... Stop it with your sanctimonious considered views that are nothing more than wishy washy clever opinions that are neither here nor there. Spurs right now isn't the football club that you fell in love with and then made money out of by writing your numerous books. Unless you start telling the truth about what a nonsense Spurs has become, you'll have as little creditability as Levy. You two are nothing more than parasites otherwise.

TMWNN said...

...Just one more arrow: Norman Giller, how you idiotically believe that it was the fans who outed your mate, Redknapp, AVB and now Sherwood, defies belief. I know you're a freeloader and no longer pay for the overpriced tickets, but please, get over yourself. Times have changed but you haven't.

TMWNN said...

Jimmy, thank you. Over and out.

EngNor said...

Free,,,eeee E..rik Lamela. COYS!

Cheshuntboy said...

Those goals reminded me of Ricky Lambert more than Lionel Messi - feeble defences and soft goalkeepers. He's got to show a hell of an improvement next year to convince me that he wasn't a stupendous waste of money, even by Baldini/AVB/Levy/Whoever actually bought him's standards.

Cheshuntboy said...

P.S. I see AVB failed to clinch the Russian title that seemed odds-on for Zenit St Petersburg only two or three games ago - a 'one-season wonder' if ever there was one.

Greg Meyer said...

Watched the video again...The boy is a talent!

Anonymous said...

spurs come on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lloris player of the year? behave

JimmyG2 said...

You're always welcome.We like passion on Musings.
And like us you're not always wrong. Not going bankrupt seems to be the limit of ENICS horizons.
But please no ego tripping billionaire crooks. No sugar daddies with dirty money. Please.

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