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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Still Waiting for Levy

What time is Daniel due?
I think Godot's bringing him.
The JimmyG2 Column.
.A Spaniard, a Dutchman and an Argentinian called in 'The Cockerel' on Tottenham High Rd. in response to a Head Chef Required notice pinned to the door.. Stop me if you've already heard it.

The Spaniard has  had many years of successful employment in some of the top establishments throughout Europe. But his habit of constantly rearranging the furniture has clearly annoyed both staff and management alike.

 His prickly temperament has led to a number of confrontations with owners and rivals and he has led a somewhat nomadic career from his early days in Spain, then to England, Italy, England again and currently Italy once more.

His academic and practical qualifications are impressive but his staying power is somewhat limited. In a 20 year career he has had 10 different jobs. Actually this may well make him suitable for the 'The Cockerel' whose high staff turnover is legendary.

His preference for allocating staff separate areas to cover rather than to personally take care of selected clientele  has also been a bone of contention. His somewhat negative and defensive attitude to running the business which smacks of recent failed managers at 'The Cockerel may' also count against him.

The Dutchman, from a well known family within the trade has had a more sparkling, widespread and successful career at a practical level than his Spanish companion but his senior management experience has been much more limited.

 Although it must be said that 'Club Ajax' where he has worked for the best part of five years  has a good reputation as a training and recruitment ground and will look impressive on his CV.

His recent decision to turn down an opportunity of a position in the North West may endear him to the High Road locals.  His fledgling managerial career has been crowned already with many honours but he does not have the width and depth of experience of at least one other candidate.

The Argentinian, has the advantage of the Dutchman in that he has recent experience in the type of  premier establishment for which currently he seeks preferment. He is younger and taller than his rivals.(Wikipedia)

He has had practical work experience in Europe and at the highest levels but again his managerial experience is limited. His preference for promoting junior colleagues may find favour amongst the regulars at 'The Cockerel' as will his more aggressive approach to customer satisfaction.

An inability to speak English has not been seen as an impediment to the careers of at least two recent employees and should not be a major stumbling block in this case.

So mine host Daniel Levy has much to ponder before appointing his 5th manager in 7 years. Experience and success against good pedigree, youth and style.

He runs a tight spreadsheet our Daniel but staff selection has not proved to be his strong suit. Whoever he chooses 'The Cockerel will survive and continue to serve its regulars

But the fare has been a little stodgy of late and there is now promise of a new and exciting chef and a more exotic menu.

 Musings has already nailed its colours to the Pochettino mast on the sound basis of hunch and ITK hints from 'The Grapevine'. But that was weeks ago. We're still waiting Mr. Levy.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Just a nudge Mr. Levy. A compilation of the best and 'sexiest' Argentinian players. We have a soft spot for Argentinians at 'The Cockerel' and I don't mean the beer garden where the sewer collapsed. Not necessarily at Head Chef level though. By the way Mauricio did not make the final cut.

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