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Sunday, 22 June 2014

No news is good news for Spurs

 Firstly, are you or have you ever been an Argentinian?
 Secondly, can you play football?
Actually scrub the second question. Welcome to Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column.
No news is good news. So the good news is there ain't much news. We've sold Livermore to Hull for £6 million which is confirmed and good news in a way if you believe he would never have made it at Spurs  which in my heart of hearts I do.

Decent home grown boy, another O'Hara,, honest but in the final analysis not quite able to take us where we would like to be. With more game time both might have made it. But there's no time for might in these headlong days. It's now or never as the man said.

Dawson was another from the same stable of earnest endeavor whose been around the club for some time. He certainly rescued the Danish for us this season.  Circumstances gave him an extended run but I expect to hear of his departure any day.

With the Defoe money we seem to be accumulating a tidy left back and striker fund. But that's speculation not news friends. Some people especially journalists don't know the difference.

Here on Musings we prefer the facts ma'am, just the facts, despite our title.

But so far no major departures of signings have been announced. Although with the tardiness of the Official Site the whole squad might have already been flogged off and none of us would be any the wiser.

Livermore had been made a Freeman of the City of Hull and run for Mayor before the OS gave any confirmation of his sale. More a site of Archeological Interest than an up to the minute reporting agency.

I'm expecting to walk up the High St. and see a spanking new stadium glinting in the N21 sunshine before any official news leaks out. New Stadium, sunshine whatever are you on Jimmy?  Close season, time to dream.

At the World Cup I note that no Spurs players made the final cut for the England team so share none of the blame for Roy's Boys doing even worse than predicted. Which in the light of the pundit's predictions was quite difficult.

We gave hints of what might have been and could well be in the future against Italy once Gerrard and Rooney shuffle off this mortal footballing coil. Wayne managed a goal at last in his 10th World Cup appearance.

But we fell predictably to defensive lapses which that man Suarez exploited in some style. Roy will be kept on for the European Championship to blood the next generation and then be replaced by some famous foreigner.

Unless of course the papers bay at the moon for an Englishman again. Harry has already missed that bus and Hoddle doesn't have a  return ticket. Who else is there in the 'safe hands, reliable, boring, doomed experienced Hodgson mode?

All suggestions are welcome.

Elsewhere none of our lads bar Hugo have impressed. Paulinho carried on disappointingly where he left off at Spurs; most of our Belgian contingent were dropped for the second game. Tactical ? Not if you saw their first game. Hugo has more than a fair chance of lifting the silverware.

So there you have it: a cunning blend of Musings fact, opinion, hearsay, invention and downright nonsense to get us through to the pre-season apres Brazil football. By then there might be some real news to report, maybe not all good however.

We are being linked with anyone who knew, played with or for Poch or any man and one or two women who has a trace of  Argentinian blood in their veins. Such is life. If and when real news surfaces then we'll be back and probably even before.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
That's our boy. Can't catch or keep his shirt on either. Enjoy him while you can, he could be the first one out the door if he can find his shirt. Oh well another tidy sum for the left back, striker and centre half fund. 


Son of the Cockerel said...

Good blog, with a twist of honesty.
Note to Woy - Interesting to note that many of the sides not yet dismally coming home from the World Cup are less hung up than England in having players in their team who play in the EPL but not for Man U/Citeh/Liverpool. Still, who knows, maybe Wazza will get a good performance to go alongside his solitary WC goal next time round.
As for us; even Her Majesty's Tabloid Press are scraping the barrel for stories. News feeds are silent, twitter has lost its voice, even the Daily Star can't think of any nonsense to make up. Has Poch died? - possibly, Levy been abducted by aliens? - can't rule it out. Have Tottenham lost the will to live and been replaced by a shitty sheet metal fabrication company? Ladbrokes won't give odds.
Keep the faith, and just think; in twelve month's time we may not have won the title, but neither will the goons, and West Ham are nailed on to have been relegated. We've swallowed enough shit this season for the footballing gods to at least give us something pleasant next time round

Anonymous said...

I can't say I saw any hints of what might have been in England's case. Basically they were pathetic. Dull and a yard off the pace most of the time, and tactically naive. Where does the blame lay? Everyone has a share. The FA and Premiership for failing to develop young English players. The players themselves for believing all the media hype that surrounds clubs week in and week out. I did not see one of them that played with real fire and passion, including so called Captain, Stevey G., who may be a good club player but has never really cut it on the World stage. And the Manager Hodgson, who essentially has the job by default. Compare him to Jurgen Klinsman who is changing the face of US soccer. It is like comparing my great Aunt Lil to Lady Gaga. It was really worrying to see that Hodgson does not rate Suarez as World class. Suarez may not be a nice guy that Aunt Lil would certainly not want to take home, but he is one hell of a player and was the best in the Premiership last season. If Hodgson does not recognise top class players then it helps understand his selection of players like Baines, Henderson, Cahill, Johnson etc. Never mind I am sure we will reach our peak for the San Marino game at the Euros.

Anonymous said...

Bentaleb has played well!!!

Anonymous said...

Players should be selected on form and whether they fit the system, not whether they play for liverpool or are wayne rooney...

JimmyG2 said...

Son of the Cockerel.
Written with style sir. Keep the faith indeed. When it can't get worse it can only get better.

1st Anon.
Well there were a few youngsters in the team. Sturridge didn't do bad or Sterling.Henderson was ok but always reminds me of a large dog on it's first sight of sand and sea.
Actually you are spot on. I'm too polite.

Anonymous said...

I keep teasing my wifes generation of 40 Somethings that they, and sadly maybe my two sons (11 & 9) are unlikely ever to witness us lifting the WC ever again, as I have...unless there is a radical overhaul of the game here I just can't see it happening.

Loved the reference to Aunt Lil v. Lady Ga Ga, 1st Anon, made me nearly spit my tea out while reading.

Have to say I've truly enjoyed this WC, relishing the next 8 games and beyond, and very chuffed to see other nations play some cracking entertaining football. Beggars belief that we can't be at the party as well, ah well....

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