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Friday, 18 July 2014

Replacements only policy at Spurs.

'E' is for England.
What about a couple of these Mr. Levy?
The Jimmy G2 Column.
Well it's come round again. That magical moment when the lads return; pre-season is imminent; TV fixtures are out; the cockerel's had a lick of paint and the new manager is leafing through his Panini collection with Levy on fast dial. 

 As I speak no-one has actually left though some are being shown the door and as yet no-one's come in.  Daws is gambling that he called it right last season by refusing to go. In the event he became a key player by default. De fault of injuries mainly.

I lived in Hull for several years and it's not that bad Michael. Honest. Bit part player at Spurs or key man at Hull. Tough decision but it's worth a punt staying with us.

At Musings we like the boy for his spirit, loyalty, attitude and many other things that make a club and a player other than pure football ability. Not the best certainly but it's a close run thing between him and Vertonghen in my view. And Jan may be seduced elsewhere in any case.

Amazing how the surly Belgian gets such rave reviews and Smiler Dawson is barely given the time of day by most fans. Both are pretty slow and gave a similar number of goals away through errors but I know who I'd like to be roped to half way up Everest.

Perhaps Poch. could do with a bit of willingness and stability in the squad. Replacements only would be my advice to the new manager. There's plenty of valuable stuff down the back of the sofa, last years signings for a start.

Rumours are rife of course but we at the Musings have put Newsnow on 'ignore' and trust only declarations, with quotes from the horse's mouth. Sandro to Napoli; Eriksen to Utd; Siggy to Palace (fee agreed apparently) Paulinho to somebody or other in Italy.

You couldn't make it up except they probably just did. It's worse than tedious and kills all the excitement and anticipation of a new season. And there's another 6 weeks of this assuming they continue the nonsense of allowing transfers after the start of the season.

The World Cup passed without much incident as far as Spurs players were concerned. The highlights or lowlights if you prefer were the failure of referees to stop the targeting of Brazil's key player Neymar.

He was finally laid low with a broken bone in his back following one boisterous challenge too many. They said that they didn't want to spoil the spectacle by giving out too many yellow cards. Some false logic there if you ask me. I'd rather see the hackers out than the artists.

And the antics of Tim Krul in the penalty shoot-out against Costa Rica. If there isn't a rule against it there should be. Ungentlemanly conduct? Breach of human rights? Defiance of the Geneva Convention? There must be something.

But then I think that batsmen should walk if they know they're out. So what do I know about the modern world.  But that is exactly why I am and have always been a Tottenham fan.

Germany won it again, but I expect you know that. Deservedly on balance as a collection of individuals and as a team. I followed Argentina, honest Mauricio, after England and Spain went out 

Messi is a very fine player and on balance I'd probably have him at Spurs, but player of the tournament I think not. Neymar was the man for me, a true creative. He had to be stopped and eventually was I'm afraid.

 The beautiful game still exists somewhere in the Spurs DNA., whatever the evidence to the contrary. Which is one reason why I will be sad to see the departure of Siggy, if he goes. A player and a gentleman in the true Spurs mould.

Cultured but perhaps just a little fragile for the current turmoil of life. Bit like me really.

From that England squad I'd certainly take Cahill. The rest are too old, too fat, too obnoxious or just too plain overhyped and expensive.Yes that's you Mr. Rooney.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Some top quality here as another contender for the no.10 spot spends most of his time on the left wing. We like the boy and if he goes this is a fitting  farewell. Eight minutes is a stretch only achieved by showing everything three times.


spurgatso said...

Cahill? I'll keep Dawson thanks.

Anonymous said...

Levy is what is wrong at Spurs. A rigid businessman.No view on the larger scheme of things. He overcooked last season and has under done this one,.He alone is the difference between top and sixth. john jones

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear a real fan, who talks about the player's positive attributes! Thanks

Anonymous said...

After seeing your video, it's said to think that players like Sigi would ever be traded - He's a ton of fun to watch!

JimmyG2 said...

I like the boy Dawson but be reasonable.

john jones.
Trouble is he doesn't stick to the things he actually knows about. ie. cooking the books. Never trust a Chairman who doesn't at least show some pleasure at the actual football.

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