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Friday, 15 August 2014

Captain Hugo Lloris

Losing once to us in a season Timothy is misfortune;
twice is carelessness;  three times is rank incompetence.
The Greg Meyer Column.
 Friday 15 August 2014 .... Bonaparte's Birthday.

Captain Hugo Lloris.
 He captains La France and is Spurs only world class player. Guaranteed to play every game if needed. Not so with the other eligibles on a short list. Before we check the candidates a quick look at the crew he may have under him for this season.
  The window is still slightly ajar as is the exit door. So far our transfer dealings and a general overview of the squad can be classified as follows ...

The "You're Having a Larf " Division.

Danny Rose has been given a new 5 year contract. Five more years to perfect his headless chicken style of defending. Five more years to hone how to hit the first defender with finite precision when crossing the ball.Five more years to excel in the overhit cross, a fall back position when the aforementioned defender is not available to block the ball.
 Perhaps our Argentinian managerial maestro studied at the school of magic. Otherwise a belief in miracles is required whereby Danny comes good.
 Harry Kane seems an enthusiastic likeable young chap, much in the vein of Michael Dawson. Another five years to hone his skills. Granted there is promise in certain departments however these do not include pace, the ability to go past a player or strike fear into the visiting defence. 
Not a realistic barometer but ponder on who is third choice at Chelsea, Man U, etc. Good luck for all our sakes Harry.
 Mr. Invisible(s).
Apart from some spin on the Official Site yesterday our Brazilian import may as well never have left Brazil after his largely invisible offerings in the World Cup. Paulinho has been quoted as saying he is determined to show the Spurs fans his real self. An appearance for Spurs down the track is mooted. Again some Argentinian magic will be needed.
 He may be listed on the squad sheet but thats the only place you will see his name mentioned. Benoit Assou-Ekotto's only likely contribution herein is an irregular jokey twitter exchange with his professed mate Emmanuel.
  The Transfer You Have that isn't a Transfer.

Surely a basic premise dictates when you sign a player this window he plays this season or even goes out on loan after showing his face at Spurs Lodge. Not so !

 DeAndre Yedlin was signed from Seattle Sounders but does not join us until next season. Surely not another Bongani Khumalo. At best you could say he is great long distance cover for the right back position. Mind if Kyle Walker's pelvis continues its present downhill decline then DeAndre might take a long haul Atlantic flight sooner than expected.
 The "Something we couldn't do last year " Division.
Hugo Lloris and a certain sulky Belgian despite tabloidal moves abroad to PSG and Barcelona respectively are still with us. Vertonghen on his day, having taken the prescribed medication, is a classy centre back. Hugo has no temperament issues and is just that. Class. 
Perhaps Christian Eriksen fits here as well. An emerging world class candidate who is here for another season and should blossom even further.

 The Reluctant Tourists.
 Despite the best efforts of Hull City, QPR, and some at the Lane last season's captain, Michael Dawson, is still here. Along with Younes Kaboul both seem to have resisted attempts to be shown the exit door. Kaboul if, and thats a much bigger word than it looks,when fit is good value. Dawson , an honest club man, unfortunately now playing with less and less pace. Unfortunate when you start with none at all.
The  " Really Actually Happened Signings " Club.
Welcome Ben Davies, Michael Vorm and Eric Dier. Quality signings albeit not superstars. On showings to date will fit well with the Pochettino style of play.

 The " Daniel Levy Superstar Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You Signings "  .
A distinguished list which has included notables like the Brazilian Rivaldo. Those names put up intended to assuage the fans appetite for a big name signing. In AVB's case it was Jose Moutinho and Hulk. Alas a last minute difficulty means no signing. Never the fault of our illustrious chairman.
 A common thread here mostly is the difficulty of the actual deal. Third party ownership anyone. Some might cynically opine a reluctance by Daniel to part with sufficient "readies".

 Well seems a foregone again. Mateo Musacchio of Villareal seemed a perfect fit at Centreback. Argentinian as well. Unfortunately seems to have gone down the gurgler a la Moutinho et all.

 The "One That Got Away " Club.
A more realistic signing seemed to be Morgan Schneiderlin of Southampton. Desperate to follow his manager, even went on strike, but seems as though our Chairman is money shy. It's not like we have spent yet you say. Quite right we agree. And so to our final category ...

 The "Reason Our Pub Goes To Football."
Language sorted, back sorted, new manager sorted, then our pub's cult figure is set to entertain, set to score goals and set to move towards that world class status that lurks within his athletic frame.

 Erik Lamela will be like a new signing after featuring for only a handful of games in the first part of last year. His confidence seems to be growing apace. His obvious enjoyment of playing and training with his teamates is apparent all over social media. 
If he fires then along with Adebayour, surely a new Soldado, then certainly the goals will flow. I know optimism abounds here ...
 At A Kent Pub.
 Spurs have no official captain at the moment. Michael Dawson is keeping the armband warm but surely our Hugo deserves it. A leader from the back, world class , no language difficulties and a truly respected icon at White Hart Lane. 
In his role as sweeper keeper he is hardly anchored to his line and in those moments of crisis when a leader is needed he is there. Corners of course. Hang the other candidates. Hugo gets our vote every time.
Given it is Napoleon's birthday what a tremendous time to announce it. I am sure our French following might raise a glass of Beaujolais. I am damn sure our pub will.
Cheers ...  our pub predict four or five this year .... Greg Meyer.    coys.
Jimmy's Video Spot: 
Strikers scoring; defences almost keeping a clean sheet; the lane full of kids at a fiver a throw; the ground lovely in the sunshine. Just like old times. Unbeaten in pre-season. It's a shame we have to move with the times in many ways.
At least we have less than 24 hrs to wait to see if the growing optimism is well founded.
Anyway I call 6th.


Anonymous said...

sorry, thought this was a spurs SUPPORTERS blog, my mistake.......

JimmyG2 said...

It's a spurs supporters blog but with both eyes open and our brains switched on.
Which bits don't you agree with?

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading articles where people really have not grasped simple basics about modern football. Danny Rose has been given a 5 year contract to make sure he has a re-sale value. He will be understudy this season and then go for an absurd fee next - much like Livermore. As for Harry Kane he is much much better than Sheringham at the same age and a very similar player. Now what happened to him, I wonder? He did not have pace and couldn't go past a player. Didn't stop him winning 50 caps and scoring 300 goals. Clive Allen didn't have pace and couldn't go past a player. Didn't stop him scoring 49 goals in a season. Do I need to go on? (Or even Lennon has loads of pace and can go past players; Welbeck has loads of pace and can go past players.) Eric Dier, who no doubt you had never heard of before last week, is a quality signing, but Harry Kane isn't?

Anonymous said...

Great and witty as always, a good read. Cheers

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 23:15
Even Eric Dier's Mum hadn't heard of him before last week.Resale value is more a result of performance than contract. We'll see.

Cheshuntboy said...

I have to say that I'm surprised by Mr Meyer's uncharacteristic realism in this article - he's normally as rose-tinted as they come, but even he seems to have accepted that we're facing into the unknown, depending on a manager whose greatest success was one top half finish with Southampton, and players who let themselves and the club down last year, and who may (or may not) come good this time. What will be will be, and no amount of blind, unthinking 'loyalty' on the part of the 'true' supporters will make a blind bit of difference.

Greg Meyer said...

Thanks Cheshuntboy

Agree often take the optimistic pathway ... but in everyday viewing face the realities of Spurs and life.

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