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Friday, 22 August 2014

Opportunity knocks for Pochettino.

We're definitely going somewhere.
Just not sure where or how far yet.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 Thought I'd give it a couple of weeks before I launched into my definitive analysis of the season so far; our prospects for the future; who should leave; who might come in; how long Mauricio will last; when the new Stadium will be completed and other related Spurs matters.

Actually that's a load of hogwash. Missed the W.Ham game due to family holiday commitments and the Limassol tie as I was on a plane returning from same. Two games missed, two wins. Anyone like to sponsor me not to watch Spurs for a few games? Or a season or two?

But I've read all my fellow bloggers; the Spurs websites; all the papers; and watched the highlights and downloads. Not a patch on watching it live and taking a personal view as the drama unfolds of course. That's what you pay us bloggers for.

We might easily have lost the West Ham game after a harsh sending off for Kyle Naughton. A red card that we didn't even appeal apparently. Noble rolled his penalty wide after scoring his previous ten.

Eric Dier scored the winner in injury time to seal his reputation for at least as long as Danny Rose did after scoring that goal against Arsenal. What he was doing up there to get on the end of a thoughtful ball from Harry Kane not even he can tell you.

But let the record books show that he launched Mauricio's career and expunged some of the ugly memories of last season in one fell swoop at the Bolyn ground. He also put to bed the chance of us bloggers weaving cunning puns around his name. But he's young there's plenty of time.

In Greece we lulled them into a false sense of security before Lamela  and Soldado repaid some of their eye watering fees. Not eye watering for me, it's not my money, well very little of it. Actually it's not DL's money either. The Bale Inheritance funded it and more.

The defending was a shambles for the goal  and another chance saved by Hugo's legs but as long as we score more than we concede, the Tottenham way if you will, then the faithful will go home happy. Actually the faithful rarely go home happy whatever the result.

Lamela is showing signs of class and Soldado's goal was straight out of his Valencia songbook. Eric also set up Kane for the winner. We have talked up all three of them on The Musings and as it says on the tin, 'We are not always wrong'.

So what about our new favourite Argentinian, Mauricio Pochettino? He has been well received on the whole and two wins from two competitive games will do nothing to dampen the enthusiasm. Timely and effective substitutions, beating our second favourite adversary with ten men for an hour, last minute victories,coming from behind away from home.

What's not to admire? And he speaks the lingo better than most of our recent managers. If he can put one over on Harry on Sunday, six from two you might say, he might have convinced a lot more of the waverers. He has a plan but unlike AVB it includes positive football not mere possession.

We have the players for pressing from the front, well we will when Ade is up to speed, but not the defenders for the high line, especially with the other Kyle still worryingly out. Lloris is pretty nippy but he can't be everywhere.

If we had had a more strenuous and purposeful pre-season and not allowed the abacus brigade to walk all over the men in track suits and boots then our new leader might not be having to sort out his best squad as we approach September.

Of course having key players return late from the World Cup and the nonsense of allowing transfers after the season has started always causes some confusion. But so far, so good.

Paulinho has done nothing to re-build  his reputation, Townsend has reverted to one man band mode, Bentaleb still looks decent and Ben Davies is surprisingly no better than Danny Rose. But it's early days and the fixture fixer has been more benign than we might have hoped.

We don't do ITK on Musings unless we're really desperate for material. Which of our players hasn't been linked with a move away?  And which available player out there hasn't been the subject of a Spurs 'swoop'?
We probably still need another centre half especially if Daws goes.

But we have more than enough new players already of whom only Eriksen could be said to be a success and he hasn't exactly shone so far this season. Too many incomers scuppered AVB last season, and Mauricio deserves a little breathing space.

Interesting that Levy couldn't supply AVB with his main objective Moutinho and history repeats itself with the failure to secure Sneiderlin. Did I see the headline 'Schneiderlin done' somewhere?  But there's still a few days to go folks. Watch this space.

Golden Spoon awards: (New feature)
Erik Lamela, Harry Kane, Eric Dier, Mauricio.

Wooden Spoon:
Paulinho scoops the pot so far by all accounts.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
A game not widely available especially if you're 39000 feet up. Three minutes of our latest European adventure starring Erik Lamela who changed the game when he replaced Townsend on 70 minutes with Harry and Roberto in supporting roles.


alwyn said...

good article, Jim.

initial concern over the crazy number of shots WH had against us.

how many last-minute winners did we have last season? i can recall one against Crystal palace.

but overall it's promising - loved Soldado's goal.

JimmyG2 said...

Hi there. Soldado is class and that's the sort of ball he thrived on at Valencia. Would like to see him start today but expect Ade to get the vote. Another W.Ham performance and he will be in Mauricios black book.
If he ain't fit he shouldn't be on the pitch.

alwyn said...

holy shit. that was a bad "welcome home" 4 harry, wasn't it? (But i ain't complaining) :)

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