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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Delivery for Mr. Pochinetto.

Delivery for Mr. Pochinetto
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well it was never going to last was  it? As soon as we faced a half decent side it all went wobbly and Liverpool are more than half decent. Mauricio Pochinetto welcome to White Hart Lane.
 His face in the second half revealed that he now realises exactly what he's taken on. I hope his  wife hid the cat. Did anyone play well today against a slicker faster Liverpool side?

 Eriksen is still stuck in an airport lounge somewhere after his holidays and his set piece kicking is straight out of the Hugo Lloris 'Distribution for Boys' manual.

One or two tried but to little effect. Adebayor and Lamela in particular but they repeatedly  failed to release the ball quickly enough. Chadli and Ade had gilt edged chances at crucial moments. The price of gilts has obviously fallen.

Liverpool roared from the blocks at the start of both halves and the game was virtually over within 50 minutes. Or we played as if it was. There were some serious errors of judgement particularly from Kaboul.

Even Lloris was affected. Moreno dispossessed Townsend on the half way line when Andros took his first touch, then outpaced him over 50 yds and bore down on Hugo who stood Freidalised in the six yard area.

 He left him just enough room to squeeze a shot home for their third. Lloris wrongly supposed that one of defenders, say for example Kaboul, would head him off. There was no sign of Dier at this point or any other of the senior staff either.

Dier is young but should know better than to make such a soft a penalty decision easy for the ref for the second. Capoue was an onlooker for the first goal.  We had plenty of defenders on duty but no sense of urgency or positioning.

A catalogue of errors as they say and each one punished by a lively Liverpool side that look as if they will be challenging once again for the Top four even without the dentist's best friend.

 Capoue, last weeks best thing since sliced bread has quickly gone stale if not mouldy. Chadli can be found  in the same supermarket aisle. Look for the 'Marked down; approaching sell by date' basket. Townsend  could well be in there if you look carefully.

Of course I'm going over the top. Just like last week but in the opposite direction, but you wouldn't want it any other way I'm sure. 'Out of over-reaction cometh forth truth' as it says in the Musing's Dictionary of Quotations..

It's a pity we have to play any actual games at all in many ways. 'Reality is too much for mankind to bear' as some old dusty sage once remarked. He's not wrong as far as Spurs are concerned. Is that the sound of bubbles bursting.

He also remarked that the World ends not with a bang but with a whimper. A pretty apt description of our seasons over most of the past decades. Facing reality is not a sign of depression however. I hope so for Mauricio's sake.

There is work to be done here, though rather more then some might have thought. Not a time then for curling up in a ball by the corner flag. Or even curling up in the corner flag with a ball. Or even.....

There we were after an unbeaten pre-season, progress in the Europa on Thursday, and two Premiership wins busily building trophies in the air. But they were all against inferior opponents which gave us no guide to the travails on Sunday.

Flat track bullies indeed. But we all know that this is inevitably another Year of Transition. I've said sixth all along and I stick by it. Two steps forward, two steps back at best. The best you can say is that the result was not as bad as it might have been and has been lately.

So I'm not downhearted yet. Being slapped in the face by the wet haddock that was Liverpool is just as likely to wake us up as knock us down. Individual errors apart for which no manager can be held responsible the team looked out of sorts.

The pressing was half- hearted in the main and the lack of incisive passing was striking. This was not a team with belief etched on their foreheads. Two more winnable games before Arsenal against whom I would take a draw now if offered.

The transfer window usually brings out the worst in the fans and Daniel Levy but he'll be happy, we made £6million on the window + the Defoe money, £13 million since January. Count them beans Daniel.

 Here's the ACDC (Actual Completed Deals Confirmed.)


Ben Davies
Michel Vorm
Eric Dier
DeAndre Yedlin
Federico Fazio
Benjamin Stambouli


Gylfi Sigurdsson
Jake Livermore
Iago Falque
Michael Dawson
Zeki Fryers

Good window/bad window? Are they better than those they replace? Do they fit the system better? The manager didn't get any of his priorities so Time, the Great Healer, will tell. It might all look better in a month's time or worse of course.

If he's happy then I'm happy. Probably not over the moon at the moment: quad trimmed; some rough diamonds to polish; key players retained. But we have stood still whilst rivals have moved forward.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Here's one we signed earlier and probably the pick. If he settles. Federico Fazio. 27  years old, 6'5'' and Argentinian, obviously. £8-10 million. (That works out at about  £ 1.5 million pounds per foot, or £125,000 an inch) So a bargain in today's terms if he's as good as they say.

The video clearly demonstrates  that he can smile, wink, sit, stand walk and sign his name. More than enough to be going on with . Well you didn't want to see the video of the Liverpool goals did you?


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

All the things Pochettino wants us to do Liverpool are much faster and better at. Still, very early days, though the line between Poch's side's rampant play vs QPR and AVB's stodgy beyond belief side of last season looks wafer thin to me.

I don't have many problems with the outs in the window as Sandro is never far away from a long period on the sidelines and looks unlikely to fulfil his once gargantuan promise. I heart Dawson but it is time for Spurs and him to move on. However, Siggy is Mr busy and Creative at Swansea.

The Swansea pair and Fazio are the only ones I'd seen and Fazio I don't remember from last season's UEFA Cup final. No spotter's badge for me! I think Davies in for Rose and Fazio sight unseen for Kaboul would cheer me up for next week.

Also play one deep lying central midfielder rather than two or give one of them licence to do what Henderson did to us.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I mean that the way Poch has set them up, against good sides, stodgy going nowhere football looks still to be on the menu at the Lane. Why do we never seem as fit or lively as the top sides?

JimmyG2 said...

Davies hasn't impressed yet and Rose has improved.
Poch won't put in a newbie. Europa start probably.
Like the look and sound of Mauricio but thin evidence so far.
Why didn't we keep Sandro if he can pass a medical?
Perhaps he scared the doctor.

Harvey The Hudd said...

Hi JimmyG2
I simply cannot understand why we would ship both Siggy and Holtby out, thereby leaving us with only one truly creative player, Eriksen.
Soldado is still with us so we must now play him and see if he can up his game. Ade doesn't do enough as far as I am concerned. I'd rather see Harry Kane as number two to Soldado, he looks like he really can make it at this level. Lawro is right when he says we just don't have enough of a goal threat in the side.
I'd bite your hand off for 6th at this point, think it'll be more like 8th though.
All the best.

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