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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pochettino to take the fall for Levy.

Well Sir, sure I wouldn't start from here in the first place.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Where do we begin after Sunday. We got beat 4-1 against the champions last week but I took more positives than negatives from the game. There were signs that Mauricio was getting through.

This week the reverse is true. We dominated the first half but didn't create much. Ade's goal barely justified his selection. That Rose, and another home grown, Mason were our best players gives some idea of the lack of quality available.

 Their equaliser within six seconds, six seconds I ask you, of the second half restart was a blow from which we didn't have the resolve to recover. A rookie playing poorly headed their winner and Vertonghen hardly made a challenge.

Pochettino wasn't even back to his seat for their first goal and Dier was somewhere else entirely. Newcastle got a roasting at half time, made substitutions and were out, warmed up and waiting. We were caught stone cold and not for the first time.

'Tardy' as my old headmaster used to say of me doesn't quite have the ring of modernity. Try these: crawling, creeping, dallying, dawdling, dilatory, dillydallying, dragging, lagging, languid, leisurely, sluggish, snail-pacedunhurried.

Well we were one up after all and Newcastle are relegation fodder so what's the hurry. We lack mental and physical pace all over the pitch, Lloris excluded and even he was on the back foot for Ameobi's goal.

This was always going to be a year of transition and I entertained no illusions other than Pochettino bedding in and shaping them up and shipping some out. But with one win in seven in the Premiership and 11th place in the league things become more urgent by the week.

The Premiership table makes grim reading even at this stage. It's not two from eight obviously but all our alleged rivals are above us including Liverpool, Everton and Man. Utd who have all supposed to have made 'disastrous' starts.

We are three above the relegation zone and five below West Ham who are in the last Champions' League spot. We are cast adrift in the dangerous bottom half shallows and my prediction of a six place finish is looking ridiculously optimistic.

We are bungee jumping but someone forget to secure the rope. Whether we blame Daniel Levy, Mauricio, Baldini, Jermaine Jenas or the tea lady is a matter of judgement and opinion. After pre-season and nine games it is hard to blame the coach though he has not helped himself at times.

Appointing Kaboul as captain was probably not wise given his injury record and tendency to errraticism. There are talks of cliques in the dressing room and favourites on the team sheet. This is mainly journo gossip. Spanish speaking players talk to each other in Spanish, shock.

But Poch needs a year or two to implement his plans and genuine efforts made to supply his wants and needs in the transfer window. No more pathetic 'third party' excuses and shortsighted penny pinching.

Adebayor with an upset stomach played ahead of Kane and Soldado both of whom impressed recently. But our problems are more deep seated and go further back than Pochettino's foibles.

Levy has form on a number of counts. Not fixing the roof when the sun was shining as the Tories were fond of saying.. The time to invest was during the Harry Redknapp Champions' league years.

The knives are not out for him yet, just being sharpened in readiness. The mutterings are getting louder, protests are mooted and even elements of the press have turned on him. The teflon coating might just be starting to flake off.

We sold the heart of the team over recent years and any of the team with heart, and failed to replace key players going back to Berbatov. Moreover if you change your manager every six minutes you are building a house without foundations.

We have an unbalanced squad, light on strikers and overloaded with moderate midfielders. We splashed the Bale cash but not prudently.

That Harry Kane has emerged as a serious contender for a starting place and Ryan Mason has joined Bentaleb, injured at the moment, as a regular in midfield is a tribute to our own grown production line and fills me with pride and, fatally, hope.

Rose already first choice has seen off Davies.  Paulinho has slipped quietly beneath the waves. Fazio and Chiriches, have been observed drowning not waving. Capoue after Sunday looks to be floating towards them with a faulty life-belt. 

It calls into doubt the quality of those purchased in the post Bale spending spree and the judgement of those making the calls. Compound that with our third manager in a year and you have the makings of a disaster.

Early days perhaps but even in a season of transition you need to see some firmly based progress. As the country gentleman said; Top four? Well I wouldn't start from here in the first place.We have been treading water whilst others have progressed.

It wouldn't be a problem if Levy didn't have such an itchy trigger finger. Bottom half at Easter and Mauricio will be leaving instructions to his household:  'Don't answer the phone it might be for me'.

Lose tomorrow and,or Sunday and the fans will be out in the kitchen rattling those pots and pans especially the ones with non stick coatings.

However I am confident we will win both. Crisis averted for another week. Don't answer the phone Mauricio if we happen to lose both.

Jimmy's Video Spot. Best viewed on mute;
Well life at Spurs is not all gloom and doom. In the Europa we put five past Asteras in the Harry and Erik show. Lloris was sent off and Harry went in goal. The rest is history as is Harry's goalkeeping career. Laugh before you cry.


Ashley Collie said...

Rival coaches must all be practicing their pep talk, three words a la Sir Alex: "Lads, it's Tottenham!" ;)

Anonymous said...

Is AVB available

Anonymous said...

great article!! But you don't blame levy enough.
Quite right we should have strengthened during Rednapps reign but that would have meant not such a good balance sheet for Louis to see. The board wouldn't be able to draw there own bonuses!.Since then Levy has made mistake after mistake. We cant bale ourselves out(sorry about the Bale pun ) as we have no one to sell for a quick profit to refinance this hopeless team.

Anonymous said...

It was AVB who started the rot by dismantling a once promising team with his 7 new boys - seven in one go - I ask you!
Even if they were all Messi, you'd still want to keep the core of the team and introduce them in gradually.
Poch's trying but after a whole preseason and 8 games and talk of philosophies etc then West Brom, Liverpool, City, and now Newcastle there's no excuses - itcs plain to see, he's just not got it.
But let's waste more money, time and hope - it's traditional!

Anonymous said...

Sadly pochetttino may not be given the time. We are a poor side who will be lucky to finish 8th. We do not have a quality side and if we go to mk dons forget about any progress over the next 4 years
We should cull the people responsible for scouting and sign ings and and hope we are bought over
Remember the crazy signings dembele dempsey strombouli soldado lamela paulinho chiriches and sell lennon townsend and abebayor
We are not strong and just above relegationGood luck mopo!

Cheshuntboy said...

It's unbelievable - there are still people who think AVB is the answer to Spurs' problems! For the umpteen time his one 'good' season was about BALE, BALE, and nothing but BALE, and the wheels came off as soon as Real Madrid produced their chequebook.
As for our current situation, it's weird to find so many of the erstwhile 'give them time, ENIC knows best' brigade now joining those of us who saw years ago that our emperor Daniel was actually stark-bollock naked - when the Levy Lovers ruled most Spurs sites, they had no qualms about abusing dissenters from their rose-tinted viewpoint, and I wonder how they feel when events prove them wrong, yet again.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to see what is happening at Spurs, season after season. I believe that Paulhino would be great up front with Harry Kane or Soldado. Some players are just not strong enough for the Premiership.We sold the fighters and kept the dancers. A dread the seasons end.I predict around 10th place if lucky and forget top 4 that's a joke at the moment.

andrew concerned spurs fan said...

Although it seems doom and gloom levy has done more for thfc than many others. The problem unfortunately for Mr levy is his lack of football knowledge and relying on baldini the person who actually got Mr levy to sign these second rate players.
The current management are a major concern. they have made in my opinion the worst defender in the premiereship captain which has left me BAFFLED. The team lacks organisation and imagination. No manager would make this team play a high pressure pressing game because to few of the players dont understand the basics of pressure support and cover. If we are not relegated, at this point I would see that as success which is an appallingly state of affairs.

andrew a concerned spurs fan said...

Oops poor english to few understand the basics.
We can take heart that Mr Levy wants only the best for spurs. It seems what we really need is a proper football brain working with with Mr levy.

Pete McC said...

Was this the same Redknapp who wanted to get in Joe Cole? or the same one who bought Crouch, Palacios and a host of other players who Levy did well to get anything for and you're seriously suggesting that DL should have trusted him with 100m if he'd stayed for another season or more..Short memories and rose tinted specs seem to be the order of yet another knee-jerking day?

Anonymous said...

Would that would be the same Rednapp who moulded us into the best Spurs side I have seen in 30 years?

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks all.
The anti Levy camp is gaining strength but it won't come to much.
Like they used to say about managers can he take us to the next level or is he more concerned with fattening.
us up for sale.
The bottom line rules:ok?

Pete MCc.
Not a Redknapp fan but the boy done good with a very good squad.
Not suggesting Levy actually gave Harry the money to spend.

Anon. 'We sold the fighters and kept the dancers'
Wish I'd thought of that line. Like it.

Anonymous said...

Great article and have to say that Levy is the main cause of the problems down at Spurs , his total lack of football knowledge, sacking managers and no stability has led to a Manage who is struggling to get his points over to the players, To many dross players were bought and are clearly not strong enough for the EPL,
Our club has once again turned out to the be the laughing stock and Levy and Enic are to blame for the total mismanagement/running of our club. Oh by the way don't expect Levy to offer any sympathy when he sacks MP as once again he will get off scott free,.This has got to the be the worst Spurs team I have seen and until we ship a lot of the dross out and sign some world class players it will only get worse...

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe Levy makes the decision to fire and hire all on his own? Lewis must surely have the biggest say in calling the shots - otherwise Levy would've been gone ages ago....and could explain a few of the bizarrest decisions and the timing of them.

Anonymous said...

ENIC and Levy are not interested in football glory only money. When people say Harry wanted to buy Cole or brought in Nelson and whatsisname for free that was because Levy would not pay for the class we needed, not because Harry didn't know who he wanted.

As far as the core business of THFC is concerned Levy has been a massive, incompetent failure. 11 years to provide new Training Facilities, 14 years to not produce greater capacity at the ground and the same amount of time to drag us back to mediocrity or worse.

I now know what people feel like on the wrong side of a dictatorship, watching something beautiful being destroyed and powerless to do anything other than protest to people with deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 100% Levy out now

Anonymous said...

This is all a little dramatic isn't it. Rather Enic and Levy than that moron Sugar..

Lets keep the support instead of creating witch hunts.. it's this sort of nonsense why we have had so many managers....

JimmyG2 said...

Last anon.
Blame the fans why don't you.Levy, like Harry has done good overall but the time is nigh to move on.
They've lost interest and sight of what the aim is other than to saty solvent.
Another fire door between the fire and Levy's office along with a DOF, yet another new manager, Archway Engineering and whoever.

Finn said...

By and large I agree, however Dier was at fault for both goals as he was caught out with Kaboul, Verts and Rose all dragged across to cover the hole, whilst he was walking back! Oh and words that have roots in erring (such as erratic) are best spelled with only two 'Rs' .... you speled it rong!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that so many are pointing fingers at Levy to Baldini, AVB & Poch, show's we don't really know the cause of our down fall. However we all agree the squad is no where good enough to of kept us at a level where we've been for the last 4-5 seasons. Bale & Moderic gone, not out of choice, but as least we got good money. We all agree that money has been wasted, anyone who says Harry would of wasted it, how could he of done any worse. I'm sure his players though would of played with more passion, commitment and entertaiment. Even the neutrals said they'd enjoy watching a Spurs game. Honest answers, what would you prefer any 2 of Harry's seasons or the last 2 season's & 9 games of what they've been offfering up.? I know what I'd prefer. Recent players and Management have not been of the standard we should of got.

Anonymous said...

The thing i really don't understand is what happened to Benny? was such a reliable LB, surely he would do better than Rose.... don't understand what he did wrong?

Also what was the Wisdom of getting rid of the Beast... we could do with his passion...

Dunk (Previous Anonymous) said...

JimmyG - Blame the fans..?? we are fickle expecting miracles... before the newcastle game - everyone was talking about the good points of city defeat, then how wonderful Lamella is after his wonder goal...

This is just anti ENIC - which is rubbish, look where we were they took us over - if they had pocketed all the bale money i would agree... your calling for the wrong head.
Redders signed his own exit by going out on a limb for the england job, AVB just didn't have a scooby - but i think even with this squad of players we will do well. We just need to support the team and stop the witchunts... it's posts like this why we are a laughing stock... pointing the finger at everyone - it's pathetic

JimmyG2 said...

This is not a witch hunt its an opinion piece about our current problems which largely stem from Levy's penchant for sacking managers before they have a chance to establish themselves.
I wish Levy and the players read The Musings but they don't.Only the fans at the games can have any input into the attitudes of the players and there I would agree
we sometimes let ourselves down. Understandably though at times.
Miracles I think not. 90 minutes+ full attention for upwards of £50,000 PER WEEK. is no miracle normally.
It's one step forward three steps back at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes levy is to blame,He has hired a shed load of poor managers & not learned anything!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Sherwood he spotted the deadwood & was weeding them out, Baldini is a joke when he left Roma they threw a party,

Anonymous said...

Spurs are morphing into a latter-day Newcastle United ,deluded, suffering delusions of grandeur, a laughing stock for every other team in the Premier League.Are you a relegation fodder type club, desperate for three points well mosey on down to White Hart Lane for a free gift?
Are you a Champions League bound team and want to look like world beaters and fancy scoring five or six, well make your way to North London, a warm welcome awaits you?.Fancy getting money for old rope,apply for a job as a Spurs player. Previous experience as a footballer not required.

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