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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spurs closing the gap on City.

And quite hilly too.
The JimmyG2 column.
 Well hello! It seems a long time since my last Confession. Actually it's only 10 days since I last Mused.  There's not a lot of difference between the two at times with Spurs.

I've lost concentration. I'm suffering from football deprivation. I don't count the European qualifiers

All that was put right at lunchtime on Saturday when there was more football than we could cope with including a masterclass from Aguerro. Spurs were definitely the underdogs which is how I prefer it. Less chance of a losing when we we were expected to win.

We've lost our last several against Moneychester City and my hopes were flying so low that they were not only below the radar they were being used for sewer maintenance and exploring several caves discovered below the site of the new Stadium.

It only needs the sighting of a rare orchid or a  bat colony and we could be spending the next decade at MK Dons not just a season. That's just the latest rumour of course which as you know we never comment upon.

What else can I tell you?  Costly research has revealed that football is getting too expensive, but you worked that out for yourselves for nothing.The common man is heading back to the common, or Hackney marshes as they are known locally.

The 38th game nonsense is back on but remember season ticket holders you will be eligible to attend the match in Qatar, Jakarta or wherever. Daniel however will not be funding your travel expenses.

 Not quite like laying on a coach and a couple of crates of brown ale for away games is it?

Game set and match to the prawn sandwich brigade, now known as the Caviar and Champagne Society. It makes sense in Corporate terms. By 2020 all the games could be played abroad which in Corporate terms would make even more sense.

However I digress. It wasn't quite Slaughter House 5: The Sequel against City but we were still well beaten. We gave them a scare at times and there are more positives then negatives from the game apart from the points.

The main ones are the indications that the squad are increasingly buying in to Mauricio's message. Mason demonstrated the effectiveness of the hard presss and set up the opening for the first goal.

 Last time we had over 60% possession and conceded five goals. Logically in some tactical universe it made sense to let them have more of the ball.

If we had only excluded Aguerro from this generosity it might have been closer. You will have observed that the last three beatings are in a descending sequence 6,5,4 so the season after next we should at least get a draw.

 If only the ref... but let's not go down that road. The sending off was wrong and should be successfully appealed. But the foul on Soldado was outside the box.

Lampard was offside and interfering with play by obscuring Lloris's view for the first. He was also throwing himself to the floor before Lamela even arrived for the second goal. But down that particular long long trail trail a winding mental instability lies.

 Soldado had a good game generally, assisting the Eriksen equaliser and setting up Mason but the penalty miss will stick in the memory longer. Actually it was a very good save rather than a miss.

Mason impressed once again with his attacking instincts; Eriksen was stung into a lively performance by the criticism of his national coach; Lloris oozed class but only just pipped Hart for the GOTM award.(Goalkeeper Of The Match award).

I'm not sure that playing a high line against the Champions on their own ground was a wise strategy but on the whole I like his style.Very Spurs. The more circumspect approach which got a draw against Arsenal might have been better in some ways.

Perhaps City had another gear but we will never know as they didn't need it this time. Fazio was an odd choice for such a pressure match but presumably Verts was not ready. He hooked Capoue and Lamela who were struggling so at least we know he watches the games.

We're still all on a learning curve with Mauricio and I am happy to extend him the time and space to develop his ideas with the squad we have now and the incomers of his choice in January. Perhaps even DL is getting bored with sacking managers.

 Whether he will persevere with Bobby Soldier next week remains to be seen. But at least the fella runs about a bit. Expect to see Harry Kane and Ade on Thursday against a weakish Greek side in the Wafer.
(Asteris Tripoli).

I say 'weakish' but beware. They are unbeaten and head the group and have been very successful on their own terms. They have a strong home record but fortunately they are playing the first leg at White Hart Lane.

So the answer to the question which you didn't ask ask 'Are we nearly there yet? Is 'No, but we are heading in the right direction' Please Mr. Levy give the man time to impose his vision on the squad.

 Jimmy's Video Spot:
John McCormack ' There's a long long road awinding'  or the Beatles 'Long and winding road'
Now just let me think a moment. Done.


Anonymous said...

Not sure your watching the same clueless lot as the rest of us. Fazio looks a great defender. Just as rubbish as the rest of defenders we have. Midfield is funny last year bentalb now another no body in Mason.
Lamela shot be shot to put him out of his misery. Erikson average at best. Don't even know half the players anymore. And you think we are on the right tract. It's a joke. We are sinking without a trace yet you rejoice. Passing is woeful. No flair players just euro trash. Should have kept hud liver ohara the least they are English rubbish. God know how they fit all the translators in the dressing room.
Levi is a cunt and so is baldini. Both have taken us back light years. The are sign quality we sign a player no one has herd of . So all in all you should stop smoking crack. Here's a new song for saldardo.
He came from sunny Spain to do fuck all at the lane.
He can fuck off back again

Michael Aston said...

Nonsense Anon..I put down the loss to bad luck... and the team is showing LIFE and ambition...I think you are an Arsenal fan hurting after Hull ...

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
I am not an ENIC or Levy man as you should be able to tell. We burnt the Bale money and the stadium is still years away. But Eriksen is quality. I like Mauricios style and attitude.Soldado is a talented peg in a wrongly shaped hole. It's a long road but I can see the sun poking above the horizon. You have to be an optimist, delusional even, to support Spurs as long as I have.Stick with it and look for the silver linings.

Michael Aston.
Harsh friend, harsh.
One of the many functions of Musings is to allow our comrades to vent. Saves em shooting up/in the Mall.

Anonymous said...

The long balls were a problem as much as the ref was in my opinion.
I thought Soldado looked good on the field and caused problems for ManC. Bobby, PLEASE start scoring!

Anonymous said...

Well Said Michael.... I hate there are fans who are always criticizing... The team played better than I expected... With a set so-called easy matches coming up I am expecting full points which I think we will get easily.

Cheshuntboy said...

I'm somewhere in the middle where the comments are concerned - the morons who automatically accuse anyone critical of anything to do with Spurs of being Arsenal supporters are too stupid to deserve a response, but the first 'Anonymous' is just a little OTT (but only a little!). NOBODY can deny that we've regressed as a club over the past two years - our genuine stars have gone and been replaced by a cast of multi-national misfits, and we're apparently to put our faith in a manager whose sole success was to guide a Southampton team full of unrecognized talents (Schneiderlin anyone? I'd never heard of him until a few months ago!) to one mid-table finish.
The truth is that the dream of the last ten years is over - we had a long run as the 'nearly' men under Jol and Redknapp, but the Liverpool revival and the emergence of City has killed our CL hopes, so let's look forward to battling with Everton, Southampton and the other mid-table perennials for the joys of Europa League qualification, and stop worrying about what's happening above us - it's nothing to do with us anymore. Oh, and qualifying for the CL by winning the EL? Really? We've been comfortably seen off by CL dropouts in the last couple of years, so how are things going to change this time? There's certainly room for improvement, but miracles are something else, certainly with the dead hand of ENIC at the helm.

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