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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Don't pick up the phone Mauricio.

That's Another Fine Mess
you've gotten us into Stanley
Starring Daniel Levy as Stan Laurel.

The JimmyG2 Column
  The fans are stirring themselves up for action.

 Joe Lewis, ENIC, Daniel Levy, Baldini, Chirpy, tea lady, OUT. The last in the list is likely to be the only one to take the fall before Mauricio. Where will it all end?

I'm putting my money on Mauricio getting sacked before ENIC quit. It's Daniel's default setting. 'Trouble at Mill?', sack my latest appointment. That would be four managers in three years Mr.CEO. You're really spoiling us.

Well I'm paid to give you my opinion so here it is. Players, managers and owners are temporary. Fans are forever not just for Xmas. This has been an increasingly disappointing couple of years but it will end without our 'help'.

In fact our 'help' makes the situation worse. Levy will interpret the boos as backing for him to sack yet another manager. The reality is that terrible decisions have been made by Levy/Enic since the sacking of Harry.

 Some would include that too or go back to Martin Jol. Selling the best players, buying the wrong players, hiring and firing managers.

 The squad isn't exactly awful though some are playing well below expectations. It might be quicker to list the one's that aren't. But with the fans backing, even against their better judgment, the manager should be given time and the team supported.

What happens above that is well beyond our pay grade and power to influence. Relax and find things to enjoy, Kane, Mason and Hugo  and/or laugh at: Fazio's clearances, Kaboul's forward runs, Eriksen's free kicks, Danny Rose's sense of urgency, Adebayor's efforts.

They are all there for our entertainment. Some of us can remember much worse periods. 'But that passed and so will this.' (Anglo Saxon proverb)

Blogging for Spurs is essentially a labour of love. Well until recently that is when it has become more a labour of frustration, disappointment and even despair.

 The current haphazardly recruited squad is less than the sum of its parts. Clearly some of that is down to the manager. But a new manager can only play the hand he has been dealt.

 It is true that Pochettino has not played his cards well at times. Fazio ahead of Vertonghen against Stoke. Harry Kane getting his deserved Premiership start, but on his own up front?

Mauricio seems to be under the laboring under the delusion that his 5yr.contract means what it says on the tin. Another delusion is that Tottenham, fans are tolerant, supportive and patient. 10 games into the year of transition and patience is running out.

On the pitch however spirit and application are intermittent. Whatever happened to pressing. Has the new Modric, Christian Eriksen, been got at? Expect to find a cuddly new manager under the Xmas tree if things get much worse.

 Stoke are a team firmly managed that contrive to be more than the sum of its parts. Its sense of purpose and ability to do the simple things, like pass and mark enabled them to beat us with some ease although we had chances.

If Kane's diving header from a neat chip by Chadli had gone in then things might have been different. Chadli disappeared at that point for a massage and a lie down , then popped up later with a stunning consolation goal with ten minutes to go.

Naughton's red card  sealed our fate but when you've got a world class goalkeeper why pick up a red and not give him the chance to do his thing. Not the first of our back four to have the option of the shower room to themselves.

Hopes were briefly raised but it's not nearly enough. Half time changes may look decisive but it's only a reflection of poor initial selections and performances.

Musings mantra has always been 'stability'. Give the man a chance  to get in his player choices and settle the team into his ways. But it only needs Daniel to give him his full backing and then he will know his days are numbered.

Last week we advised him not to pick up the phone in case it was Levy. It could be even worse: it might be Harry with some useful advice or worse still Man.Utd. or Liverpool.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Every cloud as they say. The emergence of Kane and Mason from the Academy with Rose and Townsend is something to enjoy even if only two of them are playing well. If Pochettino stays and I believe he will at least see out the year then the future could be bright.


Anonymous said...

Southampton sold expensive players, such as Adam Lallana for US£25m and bought in far cheaper replacements, such as Graziano Pelle for £8m.

They aren't doing too badly at the moment!

Ashley Collie said...

Get that Saints scout in, if Mitchell is the one finding excellent talent (like Pelle) that MoPo can shape, at a fraction of the cost. Hungry players who want to learn and play with a commitment to the cause. The others, don't let the door hit your arses on the way out!

Anonymous said...

as i read your opening two paragraphs a smile of something between satisfaction and irony crossed my face. when i used to write on your blog with, admittedly perhaps irritating regularity, that the real problem at WHL was Levy and ENIC you used to scold me jimmy. so much so that i gave up in bad temper and left, returning only today out of curiosity. now you have become a convert. well hurrah. but perhaps if people like you had seen sense a year ago we might now be in a better position. anyway they say there is no-one more zealous than the recent convert. so keep it up and who knows we might have a whole new regime if not in person then in attitude at WHL as well as on this site!

Anonymous said...

Really good article ... spot on. Just tell me what is the DOF role all about? Mo was after a centre-back from Villareal but had to settle for bargain basement Fazio. I would prefer Dawson any day of the week ...

JimmyG2 said...

Last Anon.
Never thought we would be pining for the uncertainties of Dawson. Liked the boy. Had a heart.

Anon 01:49
Advance and be recognized friend. It's a fair cop. But as I say it won't get us anywhere. ENIC will go when they are good and ready, when the calf has been well and truly fattened.. The way it's going sometime next century. You're always welcome. We like confrontation at The Musings.

First poster.
Southampton are abit of a high wire act. When the cold winds blow after Xmas they will probably fall off.

Ashley Collie
It's gonna need more than a new scout to save us but it can't do any harm.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it that many are saying that Pocket didn't have much say in this year's summer signings. I don't believe so. I reckon he chose them. If not, then he's a worse idiot than I make him. Hopeless.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Seasons of missed opportunities and mellow unfruitfulness.

Up the Spurs!

JimmyG2 said...

You're wasted on here mate. Mind you so am I.

The weariness, the fever, and the fret
Here, where men sit and hear each other groan.

Didn't realise that Keats was a Spurs supporter.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh heh!

From long ago English Literature classes, Keats was a Romantic though oscillating between strong doubt and optimism. The makings of a Spurs fan?

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