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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kaboul captaincy in the balance?

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Mauricio waits two Premiership seasons for a comeback win and then, like buses, two come along together. Late winners too. The double training which has allegedly upset the senior staff would appear to be working.

We used to be last ten minute bottlers but not these days. If that ain't progress then I'm a Big-Eared Hopping Mouse but not quite as extinct. Three of our last four Premiership goals have been scored with just ten minutes to go.

The delegation led by captain Kaboul and first lieutenant Adabeyor were sent away by 'I'm in charge here Pochettino' with a flea in their ear and were banished from the pitch and the bench into the posh seats.

I can tell you're impressed with all this inside knowledge. So I give due recognition to a trusted friend whose Aunt works in the Winchmore Hill Sainsburys. Till 17 since you ask.
But her next door neighbour is a cleaner at the one at our new stadium site and heard it all from Mrs Pochettino as she did her weekly shop when picking up her husband after double training. Has the ring of truth, no?

I use the term 'new stadium' loosely. Why we didn't offer Archway the steel fabrication contract I will never know.

 If this insurrection gives the manager an excuse to reverse his error on the captaincy then all well and good. Lennon was part of the protest group as our most senior player after the departure of Dawson  but made the bench due to injuries elsewhere.

 He came on as sub, his proper role against tiring opposition, and put in a decent cameo performance. As did Vlad widely tipped to be going to Italy along with Paulinho. He still puts your heart in your mouth but not as frequently as he does at Centre Back.

In fact he did well and was part of our second half surge, engineered by Eriksen who scored and assisted with a delightful free kick which came back off the post to be snapped up by Harry 'always in the right place' Kane.

The width offered by Aaran and Vlad stretched the ten men of Hull and Pochettino got that one right. What the point of Paulinho was I'm not sure. Perhaps a reward for not questioning  his training programme.

My Sainsbury's contacts had nothing to say on this point. I have been banned from two Spurs sites for questioning the accuracy and motivation of alleged  ITK  but I offer these insights in good faith. Please yourselves.

All this followed a doubtful red card for Ramirez for a Beckamesquely petulant foul on Vertonghen. Technically a  correct decision but harsh on Hull. Vertonghen has form for over-reacting but cannot be held culpable here whatever Brucie says.

Livermore scored following some slack defending but my MOM was Michael 'I told you live to regret selling me' Dawson. He had a point to prove and proved it.

In fact Lamela had our only shot on target in the first 50 minute. But give the boys some credit we showed some spirit eventually and dominated possession even when Hull were pressing. Even some of the football as the game went on was pleasing.

Ben Arfa should have put the game out of sight but both Kane and Soldado missed easy chances. Well easy one would have thought for highly paid professionals. I'd miss them for half the money.

Let's not hear any more moaning about referees they need to be wined and dined not abused.The man in black is our friend. Repeat: the man in black is our friend even if he's in a tasteful shade of lilac.

We were one down after a quarter of an hour and though I offered a mild expletive not suitable for a family friendly blog I found the I didn't really care. Not because I thought we would rally and win but because it seemed par for the course lately.

Crisis? Disaster? Bring it on. Without the red card I doubt we would have won and the win papers over the cracks for a bit longer.Actually papering over the cracks is not an easy skill to master.

So we stumble on but we will hopefully find our feet soon and not fall flat on our faces. The Transfer Window looms but I would rather Mauricio slapped this lot into shape than disrupt the squad too much.

Mason played well and I like Soldado and Kane playing off each other. At centre half it's Vertonghen and A.N.Other. Dier needs to be given a go. On Sunday's performance there's not much to choose between Davis and Rose.

And so the pieces slowly, too slowly fall into place. If I were confident that Pochettino would be given time I would be less edgy about our faltering progress.

I wouldn't claim that its all coming together nicely as my builder is fond of saying but if winning when playing poorly is the mark of a top team we are world beaters.

We may be 10th but we are level with Arsenal and 2 points off fourth. If we can get it together by Xmas we have an unexpected chance of achieving something. I'm not sure what.

Jimmy's Video Spot:Kyle Walker.
I know, I know 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. But we have missed his flair and energy. Always capable of a breakdown in football intelligence but also capable of quickening the pulsein a proper Tottenham way. I for one have missed him.  


Anonymous said...

I read the article and agree with most of it- although I understand it was Tesco's not Sainsburys - and would like to add that Gary Mabbutt is a LEGEND

Anonymous said...

What a pile of horse manure. I suppose you should have been a comedian!

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Just been reading about Garry Mabbutt's support for Paul Gascoigne over many years. He is indeed a legend.

Second Anon.
My Grandfather used to follow the milkman's horse up the street with a bucket. One man's horse manure is another man's nutrient rich fertiliser..

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first outlet that seems to ignore Soldado's early shot, which the Hull goalie easily saved. I suppose that the idea of Soldado actually getting a shot on target seems like an hallucination to most Spurs fans and tabloid journalists.
I actually thought that we were the better team throughout, although we were easy to hit on the break again and therefore conceded a couple of clear goal scoring opportunities to Hull in the first half. Livermore's goal was a fluke and is typical of how things are going for us at the moment.
The sending off wasn't soft, as many people claim. It was the correct decision according to the way the laws are currently interpreted. What wasn't correct was the fact that Livermore got to stay on the field after scything down Mason but I suppose that fact wouldn't suit your fairly negative assessment of the team that you are meant to support.
As a long term Spurs supporter, I am getting totally sick of the general negative attitude and comments that pervade most Spurs related websites. I have experienced much worse times than these. There are plenty of football clubs with a loyal fanbase who would love for their club to be performing like Spurs.

JimmyG2 said...

Last Anon Poster.
Worse times. I said as much last time. But my rose tinted glasses are not as powerful as yours. Many would like to be in our position but as to 'performing like us' on the pitch they are welcome.
If I'm half hearted its because we are only performing for half the game most weeks.
Agree about Livermore not being sent off but his goal was no fluke.

Anonymous said...

Worse times? I have watched THFC for 58 years and the last half in Greece and the first 45 of the next match were the WORST football I have ever seen from THFC(and that includes some real thrashings:1-7, 0-7, 2-8 etc). I am now at the stage that when we play so badly I can only laugh to myself and try and yell :COYS!. People whinged about GG but EVERYONE feared us./ Now we are a laughing stock while our once feeder club is still unbeaten. Yes I see ENIC at fault here and Lewis especially.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is a retard.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Spurs for longer - since 1949.

I agree this is by far the worst Tottenham team ever.

No team spirit. No commitment. Mediocre through and through. I watch now in total despair.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Spurs since 1789 and cannot agree with the last poster. This is the worst team anyone has ever seen in any era in any sport or even management trainee day. we are appalling apart from Saint Hugo (god praise his soul) and the players are not moving. they just stand still. they don't score goals. they are bottom of the league with no points. they are already virtually relegated. without lloris we would have already been playing in division2. you mark my words this is the end THIS IS THE END I TELL YOU

Somerset Yido said...

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life It can only get Better COYS

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