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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Turning point reached at Villa.

Half a game half a game, half  game onward.
Into the Valley of probable defeat rode the Academy lads and Erik.
The JimmyG2 Column.
  Well there's a belated turn up. Pochinetto had never won a singe Premiership game from a losing position. Well he has now. Last week we lost a game we should have won. This week we won a game we all but lost.

Supporting Spurs is not for the faint hearted. Last week we were heading for Hell in a Handcart. Or worse plummeting like a stone towards the R Zone. I was beginning to fear for Mauricio's Lilywhite future.

Cue the arrival of the Academy hit squad and our second or is it third favourite Argentinian. If you put Mauricio above Lamela it's fourth. The Erik, Harry and Andros show arrived to back up Danny and Ryan..

What did they bring apart from the enthusiasm of youth? Energy spirit, and commitment and skill enough for the moment. Benteke boiling over was the turning point of the game.

Mason was instrumental and might have been sent off himself. But  on review it was a yellow at most. Both clubs have been charged however with failing to control their players.

The footballing gods were kind and it may be the intervention we need at this moment ten games in. Small events sometimes have big consequences. If it helps the coach and the team focus then it could be a turning point.

But you can't but admire the spirit. Lamela demanded a red card having been whacked earlier by Benteke. Not something I condone. But he's young and hasn't absorbed the message that we are the nice guys.

Too nice you might argue but I prefer it that way. The Chelsea, Man.Utd way of intimidating the officials is detrimental to the game but that's an argument for another day.

There is a line between fiery, nasty and aggressive and playing with spirit, energy and commitment. Aggressive players sometimes relinquish some of their skill or use it as a substitute. Scott Parker struck a good balance.

Soldado, Kane and Kaboul were all prominent in the melee and it was a sad sight in a way but somehow uplifting. It led to the Spurs revival in this game anyway, aided by astute and timely substitutions.

Top Premiership scorer Chadli was on hand again aided by yet another Lamela assist. Townsend and Lamela for that matter were more controlled, fewer stepovers and wild shots. Have they reached a turning point too?

Whether it was the result of coaching or divine revelation involving burning bushes I know not. The former we all hope. Is Mauricio getting through? Or was it the urgency of the situation we were in? Time will tell.

But it felt like something had changed. Mason had been outstanding from the start, Rose less so. When they were joined by another two of our own and another youngster  I wondered if Pochettino had seen the light or a light anyway.

 Harry Kane got the winner from a deflected free kick  having repeatedly told Erik that he wasn't going to give up the ball. So we won and hopefully the coach will draw some obvious conclusions from the game.

Firstly that Ade has had more than enough rope to hang himself. His miss from a delightful Soldado through ball could be another if not the final nail in his coffin.

Although the news that he hasn't traveled for the Europa game tomorrow makes it sound as if he will start on Sunday, unless he's been dropped completely which is unlikely even if justified. Oh well Kane and Soldado tomorrow will have to do for the moment.

Secondly Soldado and Ade is not a match made in heaven. Harry Kane had plenty of time to get in the zone before he was sent on. Thirdly appointing a man hovering on the edge of selection as captain is a hostage to fortune.

I was tempted to suggest that only Academy lads should start in the Premiership bolstered by young foreigners only when necessary. What they lack in expertise and experience they make up for with commitment and pride in the badge.

It would certainly be more involving and possibly more rewarding for the fans than watching expensive signings failing to deliver. It might not deliver top four but sometimes you have to step backand find another way to move forward.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
But for the hand in the face the ref could probably have virtually ignored the whole thing. Certainly not a punch. 15 seconds of hyper-activity that was the start of the Spurs comeback. Still plenty of work to be done so credit the lads.  Don't let the new found spirit get out of control. Let the football do the fighting.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Fazio looks almost as skittish as cap'n Kaboul, sadly.

I'd back a side containing Kane, Mason, Rose, Townsend and Bentaleb (and any other U21 gem in waiting) for the season. Too many of the others do not appear to have even picked up the book let alone gotten on the same page as Poch.

JimmyG2 said...

Agreed. Like your style sir. But we know it won't happen unless we get into very deep water. But even then we'll try to buy our way out. It's the modern way.

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